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  1. alisonsim

    7 months 12 days

    I am almost 8 months out and would like to know how much people can eat also cause now I am able to eat more and it makes me nervous!
  2. I have 2 black labs. A boy Casey, he is 2 and a girl Ellie Mae she is going to be 2 this month.
  3. I lost about 61lbs and counting ( I havent been able to weigh myself in a couple weeks cause my scale broke). But anyway my boobs feel and look like to me that they deflated I was a 42ddd. Now I dont know what I am I guess I should get measured.
  4. alisonsim

    Quest pasta

    Has anyone tried the new pasta from the people that make Quest bars???
  5. alisonsim

    Quest pasta

    Calories-10 Total fat-0 Carb-3 Fiber-3 Protien-0 There really isnt any nutrional value. I did order a package. I'll see what they are like.
  6. Especially the people at work who I didnt tell I was having surgery. I feel embarrased when they mention how much weight I lost. Then they follow it with how much did you lose? I dont want to tell them. I dont mind telling the few friends and family how much I lost. I still feel embarrased when they call me skinny or you look good. I have so much more to lose. I am FAR from skinny!
  7. alisonsim

    CT sleevers

    Hi I am from Ct also. Was sleeved at Midstate on 2/19/13. So I am kinda new too. Down 42lbs. Goodluck with everything!
  8. alisonsim

    February Sleevers

    Sleeved 2/19 down 42lbs. Drinking the water ok but should be exercising more.
  9. alisonsim

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    Mine is alisonsim. Thanks
  10. alisonsim

    Do You Drink Coffee, How Much Weight Have You Lost?

    I am 2 months out and drink a cup of coffee everyday with light or fat free cream. I seam to be losing weight steadily.
  11. alisonsim

    Connecticut Sleevers?

    Ha thats ok. I love Dr Benbrahim. Nice to meet you.
  12. alisonsim

    Connecticut Sleevers?

    Hello. I am from wallingford. I had my sleeve done by Dr. Benbrahim in Meriden on feb 19. Down 35 lbs. My nutrionist says I am a slow loser. I thought it was pretty good. Ha. Feeling good with no regrets or complications. Nice to see people from CT!
  13. I would like to see what other people eat too just to get diffrent ideas. MY name on myfitnesspal is alisonsim. Add me please
  14. Hi. I was sleeved Feb.19. In the hospital 2 days no complications. Went back to work in a week. Everythig seems to be going well. I have lost 26lbs. I am a very impatient person and want this to happen like yesturday. I know it takes time though. I have been overweight for most of my adult life. I love this site. Everyone has great advice and when I am feeling like this is going to take forever I read everyones post and I seem to be where I should be. I do get hungry especially at night (I work nights) at around 9pm. I just drink my crystal light and suck it up. Well I guess I am done. Just wanted to introduce myself.
  15. Good advice Spacedust about shifting my schedule to later. I think I will try that!
  16. I am on solid foods. I just dont know if I should be eating that late.