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    Surgery halted at the 11th hour----I don't know when I ever been this angry. My surgery is scheduled for this Monday, the 8th. Yesterday I called my GP's office to inquire about my bp medication and if it can be crushed. ( I had forgotten about this med). I have an awesome GP, he saved my life before and may have just done it again.My PA went to the GP to discuss this when he saw I had just had a procedure last Monday and all hell broke loose. In 2009 I had a blod clot on my brian, the most painfull experience of my life-that is why I did not fear WLS. I figured it would be a breeze compared to clots on the brain. I was in ICU for 4 days and found out I had a genetic blood clot disorder---I was very lucky to be alive. I have been on coumadin for the past three years. Now for the shocker. This past Monday I had a Greenfield filter placed in me. This filter is to prevent a pulminary embolisn. The procedure was approved for $14,000 ( Doc had requested $20,000 of which I am repsonsible for $2800.00). My GP did not receive anything from the Vascular surgeon, so I thought I was clear ( Now I have to tell you I mostly see the PA in his office so this is my fault). Come to find out this filter will do nothing to prevent clots on the brain ( i had not really thought about it just firgured the vascular surgeon and the WLS knew what they werre doing). My primary was livid. Called the surgery off until he gets a full explanation of what it going on. In other words, these doctors did not have a plan after my surgery to prevent clots from forming on my brain. along with that, they were not going to put me back on coumadin until a few days later. My GP said to me, you could have stroked on the table. A lot of this is my own fault, I just assumed that my GP had been informed all the way. I love my PA, it was not his fault --we just firgured all was good. So, bottom line, my GP did not know I wa going for surgery Monday, found out and went to review the notes. Not one correspondence from the WLS or Vascular guy. My doc called me at 7 pm last night. He had spoken to a neurologist I had seen after the clot, has a call into another neurologist that I have chosen, waiting to hear from vascular guy. He will not allow me to have the surgery unless the neurologists say it it OK. Needless to say, I have lost all faith in the system and my WLS doc. It is his job to know exactly what kind of clots I was at risk for. I received the call as my best friend was walking in the door. After I hung up she asked how I felt. I said GRATEFUL and I am, however, this morning I am so angry that even if I get approved I don't know if I will go through with it. \ Thanks for letting me vent.
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    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    Thank you. Good luck to you and thanks for the encouragement.
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    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    Hi I am 54 years old, married and a Financial Advisor. I am having surgery October 8, 2012. I am six days in on the 10 liquid diet. I am down 14 and looking forward to another 86. I live in Farmington, Connecticut and Darren Tishler is performing my surgery. I am psyched!
  4. Ji Jaclyn I was so happy to see this forum. I am brand new to this site and start my pre-op diet on Friday. I am going out for sushi tonight and proably again on Thursday. I have been wondering the same thing, as you, for months. I never thought I would be taking this route, however, I am really am happy that I am. I will tell you I know of a few women who also loved sushi and were fine with it post-op, although the rice did not work for them. I eat mostly sashimi so I really dont care about the rice. I plan on posting here again once I start eating food again. Thanks for starting this forum.

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