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  1. My husband is two weeks post op and currently on the clear liquid diet, moving on to full liquids. He has been having an extremely hard time with getting Protein in. We've been looking into alternatives and found protein pills. I understand he is not to have pills but can have chewable. I'm wondering if anyone has had success with any sort of chewable protein pills in this stage of the game. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  2. I'm only half way to goal but I still notice the attention quite a bit. It's the most bizarre feeling. My whole life I wanted to feel good and have that attention and now that I have it, I hate it.
  3. Getting inspired

  4. Everyone has a tipping point. For me, it was several things. This picture kind of helped me in making the decision to get VSG (see below). Needless to say, I've attached an image . I think most of of have seen it. It's a comparison of two women who have undergone a full medical scan. On the left you have a woman who is 250 pounds, on the right, a women who is 120 pounds. I don't know their ages, nor height, which is always a factor, but looking at this picture it's just shocking. When you look at the two scans you quickly see the following on the scan of the obese woman: Her stomach is much larger Her head is larger Her hips are much wider apart Look at the spine at the back of her head Look at how far apart her feet are due to the weight around her tights and knees Her ankles are bent (which could be due to the extra weight) Different brain activity (see two white spots) Lots of undigested food in stomach - Don't know about you guys, but I don't miss it! This picture is motivational to me. If there was a possibility of a third picture of a woman about 250 pounds, that would have been me. I know I close to that 250 pound pic which motivates me to keep going. Anyway, I just thought I'd share the picture as motivation to everyone out there.
  5. sleevediva

    Able to eat an egg?

    Well as you can see SeriouslyChange, everyone really is different. I don't know how much the size of the bougie was (which is a factor) but everyone really is totally different after the surgery.
  6. sleevediva

    alcohol pre surgery?

    I think everyone's diet is a little different. I was told to start my liquid diet 7 days prior to surgery. The surgery was 8 days after my surgery. With that said, I drank for my birthday and the next day I started the diet. My surgeon didn't have a problem with it. But then again, everyone is different, and so is everyone's diet.
  7. sleevediva

    Able to eat an egg?

    I don't recall eating a whole egg at week 3 but I am at week 12 and have for 3 weeks straight every morning scrambled one egg for breakfast. On most days I feel super stuffed on my way to work but by the time I get there I am fine. I always freel like I'm pushing it. I think everyone is a little different though.
  8. sleevediva

    High-Protein Recipe Heaven!

    This is by far one of the best posts I've seen on this site. Thanks for such a resourceful tip. I think we all can benefit. If I could like this post a hundred times, I would.
  9. I just found this article on Buzzfeed and wanted to share. I still enjoy eating what I want, just in much smaller portions. Check out the article, I just love it. http://www.buzzfeed.com/campbellsgo/15-bite-sized-versions-of-your-favorite-foods I just like seeing the small portions. It's adorable.
  10. 5 Signs Weight Loss is Hurting Your Relationship (and What to Do about It) http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/motivation_articles.asp?id=1187
  11. sleevediva

    Bit-Sized Portions Perfect For Sleevers

    Yes, not much nutrition. Although with the upcoming holidays very tiny portions are my way to indulge. This article was too cute to pass up.
  12. Below is a great article on tips and tricks for Acid Reflux. I know many sleevers struggle at one point or another with bouts of acid reflux. I hope this helps! 01. Skip the aerated drinks as well as the caffeine. Opt for herbal tea instead. 02. Have a glass of lukewarm Water every day. 03. Include banana, watermelon and cucumber in your daily diet. Watermelon juice is great for curing acidity. 04. Coconut water is known to soothe the system if you suffer from acidity. 05. Drink a glass of milk – everyday. 06. Have your last meal at least two to three hours before you hit the sack. 07. Keeping long intervals between meals is another cause for acidity. Have small but regular meals. 08. Try to avoid pickles, spicy chutneys, vinegar, etc. 09. Boil some mint leaves in water and have a glass of this after meals. 10. Sucking on a piece of clove is another effective remedy. 11. Jaggery, lemon, banana, almonds and yogurt are all known to give you instant relief from acidity. 12. Excessive smoking and drinking will increase acidity, so cut down. 13. Try chewing gum. The saliva generated helps move food through the esophagus, easing symptoms of heartburn. 14. Ginger aids in digestion. Either buy powdered ginger in capsule forms or add the herb to your recipes. 15. A simple preparation of lemon water with sugar can be sipped on an hour before lunch to reduce uneasiness. 16. Have vegetables like drumsticks, Beans, pumpkin, cabbage, carrot and spring onions. Source: http://www.tips-tricks.net/health/tips-for-cure-acidity-gastric/
  13. sleevediva

    Acid Reflux...tips To Avoid And Conquer

    I wouldn't say all the tips are for sleevers, but then again, not eveyone follows the guidelines. It's more general but I still felt if might be useful for some...kind of like an idiot's guide.
  14. Hello everyone. So I'm going on week 8 post op and today I start solid foods. I don't know how the transition will be from mushies to solids but I do know that I'm not as hung up on eating as I was a couple weeks ago. With that said, I am still worried because in the past the holidays use to mean eating a lot of food and being lazy. This year I plan to stick to my workout regime but as far as food goes, I'm worried I might over indulge. So my question is this, what are some tactics to use in order to not slip up? Does anyone have a advice? I'm looking to stay on the right track.
  15. I know eactly how you feel. I just started week 8 and am down 40.2 pounds. I thought by now I would have lost more but sometimes we need to celebrate the accomplishments that we have made. It was almost two weeks that I went back and forth two pounds and today I finally feel like I'm making progress again. Cheer up and look forward to more progress soon. Hang in there. We can do this.
  16. sleevediva

    3 Months Post Op W/ Pics *before & After*

    Great job. Progress is looking good. Keep it up!
  17. Surgery 9/20 Surgery weight: 268.5 Today's weight: 241.8 Down 26.7 pounds since surgery. Almost at seven weeks.
  18. I find this all fascinating because I have been dealing with acid reflux for the past week. My doc didn't order me to take any meds at all. I've been going through some issues because of it and it sucks.
  19. Dear fat, prepare to die! Love, me <3

  20. I just want to thank you for being brave enough to post this. During the 2nd week post op I caved and chewed on food then spit it out. I knew that the head hunger was getting the best of me and that it would pass. I thought I was the only one.
  21. sleevediva

    Today Is The Day

    Wishing you the best and that your surgery goes well.
  22. Unfortunately they do not have any after hour phone number. This does kind of suck. Other than that I am doing much better. I'm just a little over 5 weeks and have lost 24.5 pounds post op since the since and a total loss of 38 pounds. I'm getting better and better everyday although I still am struggling with energy. I did have a follow up with the doctor last week. I did receive a B12 shot but I don't feel much different. I just need to work on getting back to the gym. I'm thankful that I'm feeling better and not having pain. My incisions are completely sealed, thank goodness.
  23. Today marks the 11th day post op. I had a lapband to sleeve revision on the 20th with complications. The day after my surgery I had emergency surgery due to a hermatoma. I was discharged from the hospital 5 days after surgery once stable. I've been slow moving since getting out but feeling better every day. Today I noticed that the incision where the port was taken out was a little tender compared to usual. This evening I changed my dressing and noticed that I had several dots of blood from my port incision. I wasn't expecting any bleeding. It's been a couple hours and I can tell it hasn't dried, still bleeding a bit. Is this normal? I assumed that with the conversion there is more swelling but I wasn't expecting any bleeding after a while. Should I be concerned? I'm feeling a little more pain there than usual too. I don't have my follow up for another 2 days. Any advice? I'm kinda freaking out.
  24. I'm gearing up for pureed/mushy food phase on Thursday. I think my mind is rattled from being on liquids for so long. I'm looking for mushy protein-rich foods that I can incorporate into my diet. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  25. sleevediva

    Fmla (Medical Leave)

    I was set to take one week off of work. My job required me to take FMLA. I'm glad that I did. I ended being out of work for two weeks due to surgery complications. Better to have the FMLA enacted than worry if more time is needed to take off.

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