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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    what a darling baby
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    my nutritionist told me yesterday that I could have small portions of carbs once I am 6-8 months out...she discouraged me, though, for things like the pasta and bread (I am Italian and love them, too), because they can trigger cravings again and definitely stall any further weight loss...I am hoping that months of healthier eating will put an end to my carb cravings, but I can't imagine never having pasta or a piece of bread again
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    I was having trouble with the idea of having surgery. I then started to think about food as an addiction. I asked myself whether or not a drug addict or an alcoholic who had the option to have surgery would do it, and whether or not their choice to do so would be frowned upon. This helped me with my decision to get the sleeve. This is a GREAT post. Thanks!

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