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  1. lauriehicks

    Advice Needed

    I took 4 weeks off.problems with dehydration and gas pains.I also wanted to stay away from am the food at work..and get into an exercise habit before I went back.worked out better for me...
  2. I have friends that smoke after the bypass.Did not effect the weight loss.. Be carefull though ..hehe.just make sure you have healthy munchies handy...make sure you are far out from surgery date.I am guessing that the smoke will cause gassss.no one likes gas pains...
  3. Maybe dehydration.Be sure to keep sipping your water...
  4. I remember the first week barely..walk ing around seemed to help the gas pain and the norco they sent me home with.If you are burping that sounds like a good thing! Hang out by yourself and it will be fine! Good luck!
  5. lauriehicks


    I do not have any problems with popcorn. I Do chew very well and spit out the hard parts...good luck!
  6. lauriehicks

    Post Op September Sleevers, Roll Call

    I am still waiting on my disability check also. I called Disability. they said they thought i went back to work already. had to fix my paperwork. since i had 60 or so hours of sick time they have to wait for the form to go to kaiser and come back. really frustrating....:{ Last few days getting easier to eat. surgery 9/24. egg salad sandwich and potato salad goes down easy. use nonfat mayo.
  7. lauriehicks

    Post Op September Sleevers, Roll Call

    I am on week 3 from surgery 9/24/12. I am doing good I think. During surgery my surgeon noticed something on my gallbladder so he removed my gallbladder too.I guess we really do not need it. Once in hospital room. I had a hard time with weakness. Trying to get walking in was hard. Had to have transfusion. I stayed 2 nights. Kinda hard when your family wants you home. Since then I am just trying to figure out the food/water/vitamins. I have now gone to the gym dizzy or not for 4 days in a row. Feeling better every day!Down 30lbs since the start of this process. I can't wait to feel good enough to try on clothes.
  8. lauriehicks

    Enjoying The Little Things

    happy for you!sounds like a great day!
  9. lauriehicks

    Where Did The Excitement Go?

    wow you have been through a lot. Hang in there! Remember to take one day at a time and muscle weighs more than fat...
  10. lauriehicks

    Symptoms Anybody Have Any Of These

    I wish they would have hooked me up. dizzy and weak for days. My doctor called me after my lab work and said to get drinking or go to er. I got drinking and still working on it. i can get fluids and food in though.. go to er
  11. lauriehicks

    Time Flies !

    You look awesome. An inspiration for me. I am on week 2.
  12. lauriehicks

    91 Pounds Down!

    I am truly Happy for you. I was sleeved 9/24/12.. started orientation at 273 and now 246. I am a slow loser. Just Happy to be Losing. You look great!
  13. lauriehicks

    Tomorrow...tomorrow....i Will Be Sleeved!

    Congrats!Good luck!you can do this!
  14. lauriehicks

    Surgery Tomorrow!1100Am

    I have been waiting awhile you would think I wouldn't be nervous. My journey starts tomorrow. I hope it goes well!!
  15. lauriehicks


    size of mm when they say you can have pills
  16. The time goes by fast.. They are trying to prepare you for surgery. I have mine tomorrow at 1100am at Kaiser
  17. Good Luck! I also have surgery tomorrow at 1100am.
  18. I am very excited for you!You will do great! I am right behind you on monday! I start my liquids tomorrow!!!
  19. DVR for taping shows will help that commercial thing. I haven't watched commercials in a long time.. You seem like you are doing great!
  20. lauriehicks

    Home From Surgery

    Thanks for your information. My surgery is monday... I am ecited and scarred. You did make me feel a little better. Good luck on your journey! Keep us posted..
  21. lauriehicks

    Oct Sleevers

    I am hoping for end of sept early august. dr grinberg in ssc california. i have done all testing just need nurse appt and pre op appt..
  22. lauriehicks

    Why Me?

    Hang in there!!Keep us posted
  23. lauriehicks

    I Have My Date!

    Congrats! I just finished with my psychologist appt today and was cleared. I am also excited. I should be getting my surgery in October also... Good Luck!
  24. lauriehicks

    Who Are You?

    Hi! My name is Laurie . I am married with 2 boys. I work at Kaiser and Sell homes on the side. I am ready to do this surgery. i think... I will meet with the psychologist in the am. hopefully he will clear me to do the last pre op appts get surgery date etc..I am nervous about surgery and excited at the same time...

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