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  1. Every year my hospital (Siani Hospital of Baltimore) hosts a Protein party for people that either had or are thinking of having bariatric surgery. We have vendors show up to answer questions and hand out free sample of their product. This is being held on Thursday March 20th 6-7:30pm. We also have door prizes. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  2. Hello, my surgery was Jan. 21st 2013. I started out weighing 360lbs and wearing 4xl shirts and size 44-46 waist pants. In the last 9 months I have lost 140lbs and now weigh 220lbs and wear xl shirt and down to a size 32-34 waist pants. Here is before and now pictures since a picture might help you more.
  3. Here is the link to the unjury Cheese. http://www.unjury.com/store/protein/high-protein/mac-n-cheese/proteind-cheese-sauce
  4. TapSnap

    high protein snacks?

    Not sure how far out you are but my go to snacks are quest bars, mixed nuts, or ostrim sticks (protein packed slim jim).
  5. TapSnap

    Sleeve or bypass

    Everyone is different. So one person might lose more than another or lose faster or slower than someone else. If you are willing to put the time in and do the work you can lose 100lbs with the sleeve no problem. I am 9 months out and have lost 140lbs so far. But I started at 360lbs so I had more to lose. I also work out 5-6 times a week. Lie said it comes down to what best is for you and how much you will work to get to where you want to be. Just do as much research before you decide. I started with thinking I wanted the band and started everything just to drop out and wait almost 2 years before coming back to have the sleeve surgery. I was mentally ready for the surgery and want to do more research before hand. This is a great site to ask questions and learn.
  6. TapSnap

    cold all the time

    After losing a lot of weight I am cold more than I was before. I dont have that extra person to keep me warm. Before surgery I would have 3 fans going when I was sleeping. now I have one fan on low setting and that is getting to be to much and might have to start adding more blankets.
  7. TapSnap

    No weight loss - 8 days post op

    Well in the hospital they pump you full of water. That could be one reason. Dont stress up just yet your body is healing. You just had major surgery and put a lot of stress on your body. Give it time to heal and stay on track with your diet.
  8. Hey, I am 9 months out and have been on a stall for about a month and a half. But in that time I have droped a shirt size and pants size. So yes I am not loosing weight per say I am shrinking. I am also lifting and working out so it might be the growth in muscle making it seem I am not losing weight but really I a losing fat and gaining muscle. Stalls are normal. Your body does it because its change and adjusting. Also you need to get back on track go back to the basics. get the Protein and Water in and small meals every 3-4 hours. If you can get a workout in when you can. got to change things up. Hang in there
  9. TapSnap

    Beef Jerky anyone?

    I ate Ostrim sticks for awhile 2-4 months after surgery. It was enough to fill me up and has 14g of Protein and only 100cal. http://www.protos-inc.com/ My Nut recommends them to other patients as well after I brought them up to her.
  10. TapSnap


    For every 8oz of liquid (milk, water) add 2 tablespoons of PB2. 2 tablespoons is one serving of PB2. I add it to my chocolate Protein drinks every morning. I think the best part of the PB2 in shakes is the lumps of PB2 you get. But if you don't like the lumps you can get a shaker bottle with the little wire ball. That seems to help break down the lumps. Also I use it to make icing for my protein cupcakes I make. If you want to check the recipe at here is the link: http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/95285-protein-cupcakes-with-pb2-icing/page__hl__%2Bprotein+%2Bcupcakes
  11. Ok I don't have any apps that I us to keep track of what I eat but if you are looking for a runnin app. Zmbies, Run 5k or Zombies, Run full app is a great app. Its a story while you run and it motivates you by having zombies chase you. You can hear them groanng and breathing as they get closer to you. The k version will train you to do a 5k in 8 weeks. 3 runs a week. I am now on the full version. Sorry I know this doesn't help you with your question but you said you were slacking and getting out and moving will help as well.
  12. TapSnap

    What do you watch on Netflix?

    From what I hear Jan or Feb. But I heard she will be sent to a new prison after what happened at the end of season 1. I guess she is getting more time in jail. But that is just hearsay from people in chat rooms and forums. But there is a few unanswered questions from season 1 they need to take care of before they ship her off to a new prison if that happens.
  13. TapSnap

    Headed to gnc today

    If you go to GNC Quest Bars are always a good choice. They have tons of flavors and each bar is 20g of Protein. If you like pumpkin The GNC Lean shakes has a new pumpkin spice pre made Protein Drink. Can't wait to try it. But mostly the only thing I get from GNC is Quest bars.
  14. Its different for everyone, but I lost a lot of weight really fast in the first 6 months. After that it has slowed down to a pound or 2 a week. I been on a stall for a month now with no weight loss. I am 8 months out by the way. I started at 360lbs and down to 221lbs.
  15. TapSnap

    Liquids day 1 sucks

    I give respect to any and all that do a pre surgery liquid diet. I was one of the lucky ones that didnt have to do one. Hang in there.
  16. TapSnap

    Happy Halloween!

    I have to say that is a awesome surgery date. Good luck.
  17. Nowhere in my post said it wasn't hard for me. Nowhere in my post did it say I did not go some where for help when I did struggle. The people that gave me the straight up truth of the matter hit me more then the people that see everything in rainbows and unicorns. It is hard. I never said it was easy. I struggled less than most because I came into this knowing what I was getting into and told myself its this or it nothing. I failed at many things I have done. I don't have the option at failing at this. Many people jump into surgery without doing research. They then think they can do whatever they want and lose weight. Again if you don't like my opinion just skip over it and give your own opinion to the poster. No need to start a forum war over someones opinion.
  18. I am not attacking anyone with my posts. It is cut and dry for me. People have the right not to like my opinion and I won't lose sleep over it. If I didn't care about what people do after surgery I wouldn't post. Some people respond different to different opinions . My self and a few others I have met respond better to a cut and dry answer. The honest truth of what you are doing wrong. If I had a problem and someone said it was alright and I don't get any backlash from doing it I am and most people will do it again. We see this in children all the time. If they get away with doing something with little to no backlash they will do it again and push the issue more and more till they get back lash. This is basic human nature. "It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission." - Grave Hopper So people will go out of their way to do what they want and then ask for forgiveness after the fact. I see this in the forums over and over. Day after day people come here saying they haven't lost weight or they are doing something wrong. Well own up to it and fix it. You know you shouldn't do it but you continue to do it. When do you stop relying on others? I stopped relying on others when I realized it was my problem and not theirs. We made ourselves fat over many of years of bad habits. You can't blame this on anyone else but ourselves. There are many reasons each of us have for getting surgery. But for me surgery was my last option after years of doing everything else from pills to meal plans to starving myself. In my head this is my last chance if I fail I will die young. I have choose to follow everything by the letter where I can. I will not change how I post. It might not help this poster or even 80% of the people on this forums. But for the people it does help I will continue to do so. Thank you, John
  19. If you know you shouldnt be eating something but you still eat it? You are doing it to yourself. If you cant help from not eating junk food and things you shouldnt what are people on the internet going to do? Say its ok when its not?
  20. Trying to add another coupon to the list but for some reason it wont let me edit my first post. So going to put it here for now 3 coupons for $1 off Body Fortress products (Wal-Mart brand) http://www.bodyfortress.com
  21. This one is already on the list. But thank you for trying to add to the list. It has helped a lot of people so far
  22. Added: http://www.bbvitamins.com/Welcome.aspx www.gotein.com/sampls_pack.html www.fitness-connection.com Thanks sylvynn
  23. Wow thats awesome. they sent you a lot of Protein Water.
  24. Mine did this for almost 3 weeks. They thought was a clot and and tests done and was all clear. They said it could've just been a side effect from the anesthesia. I had the same thing with my right hand it was numb for about a week. I would talk to your doctor
  25. TapSnap

    Why eat out?

    I love eating out. One meal turns into 3-4 meals. I am 7 months out

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