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  1. Linda 66

    Any March 19 sleevers?

    Update for me-I was looking through these posts and saw that on May17th I was complaining about my weight not moving (I've posted since then just didn't remember to update) May 17th I was 227.4 and two days ago I was 213. On August 9th (I believe?) I got on the scale and I think I was 221/222. I got real serious and started using myfitnesspal so in about 3wks I lost around 10 lbs. but believeeeeeeeee me, it's from being strict and dieting, it's not from restriction. But, I'm glad the scale is moving in the right direction now. I hope you all are doing well and are happy!
  2. Linda 66

    March Sleevers Where are You

    Tim, please add me I'm Linda Red Colton Fargie on Facebook. Thank you! I sent you a message but I can't figure out the message/emails in this site. Thanks so much!
  3. Linda 66

    Depressed, disappointed, regretful...

    1st day post op I was puking up blood, had to stay extra days after that because has no desire to eat or drink. Once I got home still totally out of it and actually had MAJOR head spins/dizziness. By week 3 started to have more energy and actually ate. Give it alil time. You're still brand new and nervous. Best wishes to you!
  4. Linda 66

    March Sleevers Where are You

    Hi Tim Yes I use FB. If I'm added to the group will it show up on my newsfeed or anything like that?? I didn't tell anyone I was sleeved, lots of judging people. Linda Red Colton Fargie
  5. Linda 66

    March Sleevers Where are You

    How's march 19th sleevers been doing? It's been reallllllll quiet! How's the stats?
  6. Linda 66

    Any March 19 sleevers?

    How's march 19th sleevers been doing? It's been reallllllll quiet! How's the stats?
  7. Linda 66

    Injury but cant take ibuprophen

    Wow I wasn't aware (or didn't pay attention) that sleepers weren't allowed to take Advil, I take Advil whenever I have a headache. It doesn't bother/upset my stomach. Why is it a no-no??
  8. Linda 66


    I dead drinking about a 6-8 wks after which most definitely answers the question,WHY have I only lost 40 lbs or so since 3/19/13. Try not to drink, It's all empty calories (wine for me)
  9. If you're ready for sex, feel up to it then have some...or lots enjoy!!!
  10. The alcohol/wine won't hurt your sleeve but it will sabotage your weight loss. I have the same issue...I love my wine and could easily drink a bottle myself. The past few weeks I've been drinking every wkend between graduations and parties and I either stay the same or put on a pound or two. It really will screw up the loss...it has for me. I now have to really think about where and when I will indulge in my wine it can't be a every wkend kind of thing. BTW, prior to surgery I'd have to drink a few glasses to get a buzz NOW I'm buzzing while drinking my first glass. Good luck to you...and I hope I can't control myself too. I didn't have this surgery for nothing.
  11. Linda 66

    6 months out!

    You look fantastic~keep up the success!
  12. I had the lapband for 7 yrs. I lost all my weight looked great and then found out it slipped. I had to have it removed and 3 yrs later gained all my weight back and now have the sleeve (10 wks) from my experience, I can eat more now and go out to eat with friends and family. When I had the band going out to eat was a waste of money because I'd eat a few bites, excuse myself and then puke out the food. Good luck with your choice!
  13. Good for you girl~ you look fab*u*lous!! Congrats!
  14. Linda 66

    Any March 19 sleevers?

    Thank you DeeJack. I'm trying to stay positive
  15. Linda 66

    Any March 19 sleevers?

    3/19- For me this is way too slow. I'm seriously disappointed with the loss ESPECIALLY because I am STOPPING MYSELF not the sleeve stopping me from eating. At certain times I do feel full, BUT that fullness passes within an hour. And I do wait to drink after eating. I have an appt this wk with my NUT and surgeon but I know they will not make a big deal out of it. Last night I went to the movies and I could have eaten the whole bucket of popcorn smh. And though I lost 37 lbs, after surgery I wasn't able to eat for 3 weeks ( previous surgery experience, anesthesia makes me not eat for weeks) and lost 20 something lbs then. I am happy for everyone here that are doing well.
  16. Linda 66

    Feeling Like a Failure

    Ughhhhh... This is my own nightmare!! I wish you strength and success! I wish everyone on these boards would just wish each other *success* instead if judging. This isn't as (for lack of a better word) *easy* as we thought it would be. The *restriction* isn't as great as some hoped it would be. I really do wish you (as well other's and myself) success!
  17. Linda 66

    Who is this girl?

    And I say to this..."God bless you and congratulations because if ur staring at ur self in the mirror, ur happy with what you see". If you weren't happy, you would avoid those mirrors! Continued success you you!!
  18. Linda 66

    Any March 19 sleevers?

    Hi, I'm fat (still) lol! Lets see, 3/19 here too. Day of surgery 262 today got on scale 227.4 . I go through my stalls too I know We all wish we were at goal already...in time Here's to everyone's success!
  19. Sleeved 3/19/13 I know everyone is different, I reason these boards about people puking almost everyday or how they can't eat this or that. I'm almost 2 months post op and I can eat everything I've attempted...salad, raw veggies like carrots, a whole slice of pizza (not the crust) at a party. I don't have to sip sip sip I can drink like I used to pre surgery. I have to be completely honest here, I feel like I'm actually on a diet not that I had surgery because I have to control myself not to go for another 1/2 slice of pizza ** btw, I'm not a pizza person but I know I'd be capable of eating more than a slice if I wanted to*** I feel like its diet control not surgery control. I hope I'm explaining myself well. Also, I often feel hungry especially in bed at night. I spoke to my nut last month and she thinks I'm doing well, but I read others on here and I'm like...how come I can eat? I know some may say..."hey don't complain", but this makes me think as months move on it'll be easier still for me to indulge. I wanted the restriction....I don't think I really have enough. Also, just so you are aware, I had the lapband for 7 yrs and lost all my weight (gained it back after it slipped and had it removed) so believe me, I know what restriction feels like and how crappy it feels to take "one bite too many" I used to puke a few times a day and to be honest I welcomed it...bulimic?? Please let me know...is anyone else like me or am I screwed? Thank you for your help!
  20. Even though I do stop myself from over eating (like a diet) I could eat more but decide against it. I do get this feeling of...I think I had my limit for stomach size so I stop. Let me give you a for instance...I used to be able to eat 2 veggie burgers with cheese, pickles and onions on a bun and some potatoes salad cole slaw on the side. Now I eat ALMOST, 3/4 a whole veggie burger with the same stuff on it but on 1 slice of multi grain toast or a wrap ( better choice than a bun, hey I'm trying lol) I don't eat the salads with it anymore...well once in awhile I'll take a bite, but mostly not. Now, I wouldn't think other people sleeved the same time as I was could eat this same amount. It sounds like they are taking 2 bites and done. If I'm hungry or as a snack I'll eat a few almonds or a string cheese. It doesn't fill me, but I think my body may need it instead of me picking at other things. BTW, the question you asked me about the pizza...prior to sleeve I would eat 2 slices maybe another half if I was hungry, but now it's a slice and I stop...I could probably eat a few more bites if I wasn't being good
  21. You're not alone. With the band you definitely knew...uh ohhhh, this is gonna be a bad one! I'm losing here but like I said, I'm dieting. I ate small boneless skinless chicken breast last night and I made myself stop (didn't eat my roast potatoes or string beans) because I didn't want to overdo it. I felt like I ate enough at the time but 1 1/2 hrs later, I felt hunger again smh.
  22. I feel hungry often and it's not head hunger. I'm actually hungry now. Like I said before, I'm really not a pizza person but prior to surgery I would eat 2 slices of plain (cheese) pizza. I always under eat my sleeve because I'm sure I could over eat easily, that's why I feeli like I'm dieting
  23. The same dr that did my band did my sleeve. Very experienced respected surgeon in NYC. I had my band removed and had the sleeve 3 years later. I'm going to ask my surgeon when I see him this month if he was "conservative about my stomach size". That'll really upset me cause he never said anything about that.
  24. I'm sorry that you're having complications. I can't offer you advice but I do hope things get better for you.
  25. Linda 66

    Any March 19 sleevers?

    3/19...I at a whole slice of pizza yesterday, minus the crust. Isn't that a lot to be able to eat? Can any of you 3/19 sleevers do that? I eat salad, carrots. I reallllllly believe that I'd be able to eat anything I wanted. 3/4 of a black bean veggie burger...which is bout 3 oz. I think that's a lot . Though I'm comparing this to what I was able to eat when I had the lapband. When I was banded, I would maybe get in a bite or two of anything at one sitting. What are you 3/19 sleevers able to eat? Also, I can eat get full off of let's say the 2/4 veggie burger then 1 1/2 hrs later I will feel hungry again. I always grab for a sting cheese of a handful of almonds. Please share. Btw, DeeJack, you look fantastic, good work!!