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  1. 1footinfrontoftheother

    Just Inspiration :)

    So I just wanted to give inspiration to those who are fresh out of surgery. Tuesday the 27th is my 6 month mark post-op and I am down 95.7 lbs!! I got discouraged and some what depressed, because I could only eat 1 or 2 bites and would hurt for the longest time, but it all works out & you find your happy balance. Best Wishes to everyone!!
  2. 1footinfrontoftheother

    Protein Shakes Help Please

    Also, if you have a muscle max around you they have a product called muscle egg which taste alot like chocolate milk... It's 100% pasteurized egg whites and cocoa mixed up ready for you to our and drink. You refrigerate it. 8oz= 25g protein!
  3. 1footinfrontoftheother


    I went to Dr Barker and his NUT Dr Thompson told me last week Spinach Salad is much better for you then the normal Lettuce Salad, which is fine with me because I love Spinach Salads! He told me you can have it whenever your ready for it and your stomach can handle it. I have had two salads this week with no problems. Remind you I'm only on my 6th week and eat 2-3 bites at a time, but it was very tasty with no side effects!
  4. Btw Congrats on the weight loss
  5. My Dr. has been involved with testings/studies involving "Can soda stretch your sleeve" and they said No it does not. Their main concern is all the artificial sweeteners and it striking a sweet craving that gets out of control. They obviously don't want you to have it, but if you choose to have it they recommend pouring it over ice and letting it flatten out some first. Maybe if your craving is really bad do like they suggested with the Slurpee/Icee or take only one or two sips to get it to go away, but you still be in control! Best wishes!
  6. 1footinfrontoftheother

    Lump Or Ball Feeling

    Hi, I am 1 week post op today (20.1 lbs down woo hoo) the past 2 days I have been experiencing a lump or ball like feeling when swallowing... The best I can explain is it feels like its about at the bottom of my chest bone, and it goes away after about 3-5 seconds. Anyone have this issue, what helped it, & when does it go away?
  7. 1footinfrontoftheother

    Soft Foods

    Just thought I would see if anyone has any suggestions for soft foods, other than mashed potatoes, sf pudding, mashed beans, unsweetened applesauce??
  8. Hi everyone, my Dr added Non Fat, Low in Sugar Yogurt... My problem is I can not find any, can anyone reccomend where I can find such a thing
  9. 1footinfrontoftheother

    Non Fat, Low In Sugar Yogurt

    Sorry I left the word FROZEN out he added Non Fat, Low in Sugar Frozen Yogurt to the items I can have.
  10. 1footinfrontoftheother

    August Sleevers..what Is The Progress

    I was sleeved August 27th by Dr Barker! 1. Today is my 1st day of "Full liquids" I am struggling to eat because nothing taste good to me, I have no hunger so I have to force myself to have anything other thank Water. I fear becoming deficient in nutrients, but I'm doing my best. I never made it to pick up more Protein last week so I didn't start my protein today. 2. I have a lump or ball feeling around the end of my chest sometimes when I swallow, has a little but of pain sometimes but nothing unbareable and it only last 3-5 seconds. Other than that I have now pain, or anything.... My energy level is kinda blah but I do have a 9 month old daughter & 4 year old son to keep me plenty busy 3. Today is 1 week post op and I'm down 20.1 pounds started at 260.1 and I am now 240 Best luck to everyone!!
  11. 1footinfrontoftheother

    Hard Candy?

    I use Dr Barker from Barker Bariatrics and he says it is okay to have a piece of sugar free hard candy if needed but only one!
  12. 1footinfrontoftheother

    Has Anyone Tried Zero Carb Isopure?

    I tried the nectar protein, and found to really like it, it's doesn't have the "protein kick" I found that isopure has. Nectar also has fruit or sweer flavors!! My husband likes the Lean Body Protein, which I have tasted and to me is to sweet.... Not sure if it's a zero carb protein though.
  13. 1footinfrontoftheother

    Lump Or Ball Feeling

    Thanks everyone for your helpful information!
  14. 1footinfrontoftheother


    Also, I'm not to the soft foods yet, but my Dr suggest: unsweetened apple sauce, sugar free puddings, mashed sweet potatoes, puréed fruits and vegetables, low fat, low sugar yogurt such as Dannon light n fit or Greek yogurt, hoot cooked cereals such as oatmeal, grits, malt-o-meal, mashed Beans, non or low fat cottage cheese Hope that helps some
  15. 1footinfrontoftheother


    My lifeline during this stage, because I needed flavor so bad, was cooking red beans (pinto beans) in the crock pot and straining the juice!!