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  1. I started my pre-op early as well...at 4 weeks prior to surgery. Two protein drinks and one low cal meal a day (under 300 cals). Last two days prior to surgery was liquid only...and by morning of surgery I had lost twenty pounds.
  2. AStephenson

    Wtf! Greasy Hair

    My hair is extra greasy at the roots, and skin is extra dry! Aside from my face that is...hello pimples!! UGH...I'm 43
  3. I am thankful that most of my walrus neck is gone! Also first noticed it in my ankles/calves and forearms/shoulders. Now my hips/butt and back are going, going! Two weeks out today ...
  4. Two weeks out today and I am looking forward to my soft food phase (1 more week!!) I'll try some baked fish, green beans, oatmeal with cinnamon applesauce, pears...and CHEESE!
  5. AStephenson

    What's going on?

    Hey tt...sounds like you may not be ready for that tuna yet. When food is too dense/dry apparently it's painful and can actually give you a "stuck" feeling, followed by your body's response of secreting more saliva/mucous in an attempt to get it "unstuck".....not speaking from experience, I'm still on full liquids after my surgery, only from what I've read here on the boards.
  6. My daughter ordered room service from the marriott while we were there...she liked just about everything they brought...except for some "spaghetti" she got one nite..said it tasted like ear wax! LOL
  7. AStephenson

    Hiccups much?

    I was just wondering this...10 days out and hiccups quite frequently, was hoping it was normal. I'm still on liquids...
  8. AStephenson

    period delays after surgery?

    I had surgery on 2/18 and am now about a week late for mine...I've read wildly varying posts on menstrual cycles post surgery. One gal hasn't had one for 3 mos..another has had one for 9 weeks straight!! I'm not going to worry about it too much personally, it'll come when it comes, once my hormones have settled down a bit.
  9. AStephenson

    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    5'1 here...started pre-op diet on 1/15, surgery 2/18 and as of this morning I am down 30 lbs...really starting to notice changes in my body!
  10. I noticed that around one of my incisions..I thought maybe the trocar was a bit tight on that one, just guessing though, it is very different looking from the others for sure. I'm 10 days out and it's starting to look a little better...
  11. This could be my story! My midsection has been rumbling horribly (and emitting noxious fumes! LOL) since my first introduction of protein drinks/broth after surgery. It's really bothersome as I worry about all the extra gas putting too much pressure on my new tummy! I think I'm going to try some egg protein powder instead of whey isolate and see if that makes any difference.
  12. DANG!! Guess I missed out on this deal!
  13. I think I'm in the same boat with you. I noticed some problems when consuming protein powder drinks prior to surgery but by the next day they were gone. I am post op 5 days and since having some protein (a RTD shake and unjury chicken soup) yesterday I am still a riot of gas! Most uncomfortable. I am considering an alternate protein choice, not as good as using whey isolate I know, but better than avoiding it altogether to avoid this feeling.
  14. AStephenson

    Flights to Mexico

    Important news to know....(and I didn't!) If you are going to be staying at the Marriott in Tijuana do not schedule a flight that puts you there much before 3PM. My daughter and I arrived shortly before noon and we had to wait 3 hours (after 5 hours fly time and 2 hours of layover time) before we could check into our room!!
  15. Hello everyone...just found this article on Bariatric times' web site, thought it was interesting and was furiously taking notes. If you are like me and have thin, fine hair to begin with...you are probably worried about the dreaded hair loss!! Thought I would share... http://bariatrictimes.com/hair-loss-among-bariatric-surgery-patients/
  16. Four days for me Diamondeyed!! I'm getting anxious, just want to be on the other side!
  17. AStephenson

    SW airlines special!

    oh man! Figures they would have a special AFTER I bought my tickets!
  18. AStephenson

    Tijuana...here I come!

    Well wishes....keep us updated when you feel up to it!
  19. Please keep in mind that you shouldn't try to take any narcotics IN or OUT of Mexico!! Even if they are prescription, and your name is on it...wouldn't take the chance!
  20. AStephenson

    Two Weeks to be exact!

    I'm almost there too! Remember when it was 3 months?? LOL
  21. I had a D.O. tell me years ago (upon learning that I worked for a veterinarian) that he had applied for vet school...but wasn't smart enough! His own words....
  22. I think if you follow the recipe as described, then cut it into six servings it will have the nutritional value posted. If you cut it into smaller servings it would have even less calories. Best I can guess..volume wise there is a little over 20 oz. in the whole casserole (don't know how many oz. for an egg) so if you wanted a 1 oz serving you'd have to cut it into 20 pcs.
  23. Great plan and excellent change of perspective!