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  1. This question has been rolling around in my head for months. I've mentioned it once, but the thread was more interested in flaming IggyChic than having a real discussion. So here goes: Do the veterans on here think that the sleeve is a good way to prevent obesity? Let's take away the danger part of it, let's say if it was 100% safe. (Just go with that idea for this question; we all know that no surgery can ever be 100% safe.) From what I've been reading, I'd say it is NOT a good way to prevent obesity. It seems like the only thing that the sleeve is good for is relearning how and what to eat, and it does a great job of that. But if someone hasn't conquered their issues during the 'restriction stage' then how can this surgery help them in the long run? I love my sleeve. I am in a 7 week stall and pre-sleeve I would have given up by now and regained the weight. I am so pleased with 4oz and I'm full! I am comforted in knowing that when this stall breaks, the weight will drop off. With that thought, I'm not saying 'screw it, i may as well pig out.' And at 5 months out, I can pig out. I was one of those people who would only eat once a day. Now I can't do that because I get that empty feeling. The sleeve has taught me HOW to eat. So for me, if I weren't conquering my food demons, I think this sleeve would be pretty worthless. I could easily graze on fattening & sugary foods all day and gain weight. I am not bringing this up to judge people, or to start ANY arguments. In fact, if anyone flames me or this topic, I would ask that the thread gets shut down. I just want honest answers from veterans, and I hope that this is a safe environment to discuss this topic. Thank you, Judy
  2. doxieville

    Anyone Use The Wii?

    I'm going to give it a try. Anyone use it?
  3. doxieville

    Costco/Trader Joe Shopping list

    I buy the cooked shrimp platter. (I don't use the cocktail sauce.). Best shrimp around. And salmon w basil pesto butter. Also fresh. Back against the wall next to the meats. I rotate between the two. The salmon is 3 big pieces. I'll usually cook two and freeze the other one- butter and all. The two cooked ones lasts me for several days. costco never uses frozen fish for their prepared meals and you can taste the difference. I also but most of the frozen seafood- the basil lemon talapia is yummy. And the crab cakes! Yum.
  4. doxieville

    How Did You Celebrate Getting to Goal?

    I'm going to learn how to scuba dive when I get to goal! Already have started a scuba diving fund. Will probably be in 2014 since I'm a slow slow loser, but that doesn't matter. I am absolutely enjoying my transformation along the way and am enjoying my life. Plastic surgery....maybe, maybe not.
  5. Courtney, thanks for posting this!! It is so true, we can't sustain on so few calories. It's just not healthy. Congrats! Enjoy your salad! Judy
  6. doxieville

    Stuggling, need help with head hunger!

    I get a lot of prepared healthy foods. costco has some really nice healthy shrimp platters. Any store does really. I go to the store & get a rotisserie chicken, container of cut up veggies, salmon w pesto butter ready to be baked....different items that require less than 5 minute prep time.
  7. doxieville

    Stuggling, need help with head hunger!

    I agree 100% w Butter. I was having head hunger at 6 months out. I found myself munching more. Then I realized I WAS really hungrier. I've upped my fats to 60-75 and I'm back to losing again.
  8. I tried to tell people over and over again that we are all individuals. I felt like I was talking to a brick wall. I guess shame on me for giving up on trying to help people who wanted help. But really, my weight loss is all about ME. Just like 'your' (as the collective you) weight loss is all about you. As it should be! We all lose differently. And if people have higher BMI's generally they will lose weight quicker in the beginning; but not always. The point is we are all unique. So this comparison has got to stop. It really doesn't help anyone and I think does significant emotionally damage to some people. Judy
  9. Oh, and one more IMPORTANT item: I feel that because I am losing slowly, or not at all at times, that it has allowed me to focus on HOW to eat for MY body. Not anyone else's. Mine. What makes me feel good. I have had the time to adjust and work out how I can eat healthy (90/10) for the rest of my life. No more fad/crash diets for me ever again!!
  10. My story is like many of you on here. I've lost 59 pounds. Still have 40-50 to go. I was sleeved 8/21/2012. I lost about 25 pounds pre-op and the rest postop. So yep, that's slow. I was in a 9 week stall after Thanksgiving. Lost a few pounds and back to about a 5 week stall. Honestly, at this point, i've stopped stressing. I do weigh myself almost daily because it holds me accountable. But that doesn't work for everyone. I do log what I eat and focus on low carbs/high fat & Protein. I feel better than I have in years. The weight will come off at it's own darn pace. I've accepted it and my surgeon better accept it when I see him in a few weeks. At almost exactly 6 months I realized I could eat more. I can now eat 2 eggs for Breakfast instead of one. I like this because it means that I don't have to eat as often. And it sure as hell isn't ANYTHING close to the quantity I could eat pre-sleeve. I stopped posting on VST a few months ago. I found myself getting WAAAY too adjitaded with all the competition, comparisons, etc. I've just started reading at the Veterans forum. If I start feeling that panicky 'i'm not losing fast enough' again, I probably will go back into hiding for my own sanity. Cheri & Sweetums are right- there is no 'end' date. Patience. Tolerance. Acceptance. And work the sleeve.
  11. doxieville

    August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?

    Look at you!! Even your wrists and ankles are smaller!
  12. doxieville

    So scared...

    Hi Pammie, This is a serious operation. You should be somewhat anxious, but it does sound like you are more anxious than most. My suggestion would be to go seek counseling. I don't know what your situation is, but many insurance companies pay for counseling. You need to find a way to manage this anxiety. Good luck, Judy
  13. doxieville

    anyone have a neck lift?

    You look great!! I love your cute nose too!!! (Even though that wasn't part of your surgery.) Congrats!!
  14. doxieville

    9 month update

    Holy smokes! You look amazing. Actually, you don't even look like the same person!! Love the cat!!
  15. WTG, OTR!! Ya just woke up the baby!! :-) I find it amusing how irritated people have gotten w this post. So what if people want to post? As long as they aren't bashing others (which many have! W a cast iron skillet!) Just unsubscribe if the thread annoys you. :-) I do have to admit, that threads like this has made the search option harder. Last year when we searched for a topic, we'd get solid info. Now there's a lot of gobbledegook to wade thru making it harder to search. And that's a shame.
  16. doxieville

    Valentines Day Challenge!

    I finally started losing. Went into a stall as soon as I signed up for this challenge!! Lol!! Maybe i jinxed myself!!
  17. I stalled out in Nov but it seems to be going again. Today's weight: 197. I'm .5 shy of halfway to goal.
  18. A little humor for tonights side show. :-)
  19. I have a cup of hot choc too!! W whipped cream. So yummy.
  20. doxieville

    Depressed a bit

    We need a new forum: 'The Party is HERE! Clothing Optional!' That'll keep the fudiduddies out. All of is sitting around in our wrinkled birthday suits.
  21. doxieville

    Depressed a bit

    Sounds like OTR has another pitstop to make during his roadtrips. Think you can handle him Sel?
  22. doxieville

    Depressed a bit

    Frye's man is a cutie.....