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  1. doxieville

    Costco/Trader Joe Shopping list

    I buy the cooked shrimp platter. (I don't use the cocktail sauce.). Best shrimp around. And salmon w basil pesto butter. Also fresh. Back against the wall next to the meats. I rotate between the two. The salmon is 3 big pieces. I'll usually cook two and freeze the other one- butter and all. The two cooked ones lasts me for several days. costco never uses frozen fish for their prepared meals and you can taste the difference. I also but most of the frozen seafood- the basil lemon talapia is yummy. And the crab cakes! Yum.
  2. Courtney, thanks for posting this!! It is so true, we can't sustain on so few calories. It's just not healthy. Congrats! Enjoy your salad! Judy
  3. doxieville

    Work Out Pants

    I'm a size 18 and want to go work out in the gym. But I have no workout clothes and don't want to stick out like a sore thumb. I don't want to wear any tight spandex like clothes. Can anyone tell me what to wear and where to buy it? Thanks!
  4. doxieville

    Valentines Day Challenge!

    I'm putting my money on TheCurvyJ!! You go girl!!!
  5. doxieville

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    This week starts my 8th week stalled at 198. Congrats to all the losers on here! :-). My time will come.
  6. doxieville


    Me either. We have both here and it's not a temptation to me at all. I even bought the PB2 for a shake and hated it. It's just sitting in my pantry. Cheri, remind me where you are? Judy
  7. doxieville

    Feeling old in my skin today

    Are you pre-soaking the chia seeds? Even w that, the way they work is to soak up liquid from your body. So my suggestion is to up your fluid intake when you have your seeds.
  8. doxieville

    Why am i craving sex

    Really? Ya don't know what you are missing!!
  9. Ok....i'll buy that....sort of. I think some docs go the extreme to be really cautious. Preventing a leak is a lot easier than fixing one. Docs also don't want to get sued. But beyond that, after the surgery we ARE swollen. And it's hard to tell when we are full. And also, our stomachs were just chopped up and staples inserted. So it just makes sense to let our stomachs rest and allow them to heal. That's my 2cents. :-)
  10. doxieville

    Green shake anyone?

    I'd love to get one but just can't justify the cost for just me. I'm going to use my Oster blender (which is pretty good) until i decide if shakes are going to be in my diet forever. Or until my Oster konks out. :-)
  11. Look how beautiful you are! In both pixs!! But now you have a gorgeous jawline!! I agree with Artsong, STUNNING!! I am so gosh darn proud of you!!!
  12. doxieville


    I know!!! I'm rocking and so proud of myself I can barely stand it!!!! Lol!! :-)
  13. HW: 254 CW: 198 (and stalled since Thanksgiving!) GW: 140-150 Goal for Spring: 180 Good luck everyone!
  14. I would suggest adding Miralax to your daily regime. You can divide the dosage between am/pm. It's mellow. Takes about 24 hours to work. Make sure you get in your liquids as miralax absorbs liquids in your body to work. At 4+ months out I still take it on occasion. You won't have lots of bm's so soon post-op but the major complaint is constipation, so if you can prevent it, you'll be ahead of the game. :-) You can also do a search on here. Many people have all kinds of suggestions! Consulting your doc is always a good idea too. Across the board, all docs seems to agree that Miralax is good and safe. Good luck!
  15. doxieville

    Pain Meds

    A doc told you no pain meds? That's bull. I was taking my oxycodone extended release the night after my surgery. And Percocet was approved. You can ask for liquid tylonel w codeine. What do you usually take?
  16. doxieville

    Weight is STUCK!

    Maybe you aren't eating enough? Rotate your Cal intake. A few days higher (1200) a few days lower (600-800.).
  17. doxieville

    Cramps/sour Stomach

    Gosh, sorry Starlite! I was so focused on Lana i didn't realize this was 'your' thread!! YES! I am so glad that you are better!!
  18. doxieville

    Cramps/sour Stomach

    Do you take a stomach reducer? I'm wondering if that might help. Or if you've been dealing w this so long that now you have ulcers? I do think that you should seek medical attention as soon as you can.
  19. doxieville

    Cramps/sour Stomach

    Lana- the metallic taste could be your body in ketosis. Can you up your carb intake? I'm not sure I understand your situation though....have you felt crappy for 2 years? Did something suddenly change? Can you find a bariatric doc that can see you? Have you been having your follow-up bloodwork these past 2 years?
  20. doxieville

    Not losing weight

    8:20pm? And you've only consumes 200 calories? Be careful, you could be sending your body into starvation mode. Your body will also start taking away from your muscle. Your organs, esp your heart, is a muscle and need nutrients to survive. Do you have a nutritionist? You really should be consuming 500-800 calories, 60-100 Protein. Carbs vary depending on how your body uses them. I need to keep mine at 20. Some people can have up to 80 or so. Play around with that, but don't play around w starving yourself for very long. Use this time to learn how to eat and learn forever healthy eating habits. :-)
  21. doxieville


    Glenda, you need pain relief!! Do you have a PCP you can go to? Or even an urgent care? I cannot believe that your surgeon isn't giving you anything!! You need to get on the phone and be persistent!! Call him on off hours and tell his service how much you hurt. Let him be disrupted! Your pain level is just unacceptable.

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