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  1. MrsM

    Cream O Wheat

    Hi everyone! I'm on my second week of liquids which means for me I can have things like milk, pudding, and cream o wheat! Since I always had brown sugar before on it, any other topping ideas that will work? I have the little individual packs that say to use 2/3 cup liquid so I will use my milk!
  2. He is wonderful! Very good doctor and really cares. Good luck!
  3. Hi everyone- I have not been on the boards in awhile. I had surgery on November 12th and my starting weight was 250...today, I am 213. Although this of course is better than nothing, I am so disappointed in how I have let bad habits sneak back into my life. I find as soon as I am upset about something, I go for food..and I pushed the envelope alot since surgery to see what I could get away with, and so with that, I know there's alot I can actually eat and not get sick on that isn't exactly healthy. I know this rubs many of you the wrong way..trust me, I am upset at MYSELF for allowing this to happen. Surgery was not easy..and I started with such high hopes. I had a feeling I would be one of those that had trouble sticking to the rules, and I was right. My surgeon seemed disappointed in my weight loss at my 3 month visit, and reiterated that it is just a tool. I know this is true...I think I really just didn't want to have to work at all and truly did see this like a miracle way to lose weight! Lazy I know. I also had some physical issues (sciatica with my back and some foot issues) that made exercising difficult (I still have them) and that also made me lose my focus I think, since I had such high hopes of feeling better after surgery from the weight loss. In any case, I am def remotivated. I am only not quite 4 months out and know I can still lose if I quit screwing up and REFOCUS. So I'm doing it. And I wrote all this in the hopes that it will keep me accountable. Thanks for reading and if any of you were stupid like me but got out of it in time to make a difference, I'd love to hear from you. Also, I am very curious at 4 months what most meals are looking like for most of you folks? Thanks..............
  4. MrsM

    Lost my way

    Oh I am quite sure I would have gained had I not done the surgery...so true! I was gaining each week! (Peri-menopausal here...fun times!!) Good luck to you as well!
  5. MrsM

    Lost my way

    Thank you all so much...I appreciate not getting the lecture but instead some support. I really really appreciate it!!!! I'm gonna do it!!!
  6. Wow congrats! Can you share what you are eating most days? Are you exercising? Your starting weight is very close to mine but I'm not in the 100's yet (20 more to go!)
  7. I am wondering...the people who have done well with losing alot..is it that you are not eating carbs (or very few?) I have a feeling this is my bigger problem because ever since I slowly added them back in, my weight loss has slowed. But very hard to completely give them up!
  8. Nov 12th and only down 28 (25 were the lst month!) I have not exercised much and wondering if this is the reason? Another problem is I can eat ANYTHING it seems! (as long as it's a small amount in one sitting). Going on a long walk today!
  9. Is it normal to have a 4 WEEK stall so early on? I have weighed the same for the past 4 weeks give or take a pound. I will be real honest and admit I have indulged a bit for the holidays but honestly, my calorie count is SO low..I can't believe I still have not lost weight even with the indulging, compared to how I used to eat. I know I will do better come the new year but has anyone else had such a long stall so early in the game?
  10. Just for those times I don't have a shake with me! Need to keep one in my purse..anyone have any recommendations?
  11. And actually, you may be the perfect candidate for making homemade ones like the one suggested! May go down better for you!
  12. To be honest, I haven't tried em yet but I'm certain I won't have issues. Not one thing has made me throw up other than a piece of pizza (that I ate wayyyyy too fast)..the next time it went down fine. Just eat super S L O W and get one with little to no sugar.
  13. And you are SO right! I want to take advantage of this time or what a waste!!!! Thanks Amazon
  14. I appreciate all the advice..thanks. I know I have heard of stalls...like for 2 weeks or even 3...but 4 weeks seems crazy to me! I do think I am losing inches...my jeans are sooo loose in the legs especially which is cool! Thanks all...I guess I thought I'd be down more by now and like I said, haven't seen too many stalled this long. 2 more days is the new year and all this junky food will finally be out of my house too! Should help I hope!
  15. I just bought 4 to try from GNC because I really wasn't sure what flavor I would like! Thanks guys.
  16. And I am DOWN 25 lbs! Never before my sleeve could I have lost 25 lbs in one month! The sleeve has been so much better than I had anticipated and I am so happy that I went forward with my decision to do it!! People have started finally noticing that I have lost some weight too! Yay for the sleeve! How is everyone else doing with their weight loss?
  17. I def cheated and mine wasn't even all liquid..it was liquid breakfast and lunch and a low carb dinner. Don't beat yourself up over it..what's done is done. Just really try to be mindful from here on out. Getting used to just liquids beforehand is def helpful I will say that, even aside from the liver issue, as you won't be able to eat regular food for quite awhile. It'll give you a great idea of what to expect, however, you won't be even remotely as hungry after your sleeve so the liquids will work out way better after your sleeve than pre-op! Pre op to me was WAY harder cuz you still have an appetite!!! Good luck!
  18. MrsM

    Instead of pizza

    I did this this past friday...It was VERY filling and yummy I had one tiny bite of the bottom but found I really did not need more than that!
  19. Love it! Your starting weight is close to mine and similar goal too! You look great!!! Congrats!!
  20. MrsM

    Instead of pizza

    I love pizza too and my family orders it every friday night! That has been the hardest for me to give up. How bad would it be to just eat the top off of one slice of pepperoni? Seems to me the cheese and pepperoni together might add up to 1/4 cup and if you skipped the crust and only had one slice...would it be ok? I know it's not lowfat cheese but my guess is if a slice of pizza is roughly 500 calories..eating just the topping off of one would only be maybe 300 calories? Any thoughts?
  21. Feels pretty good!! Honestly though, for as little as I eat now, I feel like i should be at goal already haha! How is everyone else doing?
  22. I am on week three and on pureed, but I have been eating soft foods and just chewing really really well. I have had no issues yet at all. I have wanted chips, crackers, popcorn (salty crunchy stuff!!) but haven't let myself do it cuz I know I will keep doing it. So the only thing I have been focusing on is learning how to eat meat again. It's protein and I know I didn't get fat from it before! And it's filling! I've done well with chicken and ground beef (chewed very very well)...gonna try pork next!
  23. MrsM


    I would not worry! It'll happen! Are you drinking enough water? I have heard that if you aren't, it will hold your weight loss back. Also, if you don't get enough calories in believe it or not! Drink a ton of water today (over the 64 oz if possible) and weigh yourself tomorrow! Also, if you are constipated, that could also be a reason. The water helps that too, or if need be, take something!

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