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  1. sunshyneqtie

    ADHD Meds And VSG

    I do not believe everyone responds to meds the same. I know that if I take this "long acting" stimulant at 9AM, I am napping by 3:00 if I don't take a second dose. I think if I was getting anything from the second part that is supposed to break down in the intestines, I wouldn't be falling asleep on the way home from work. I can take it twice a day an still get 8 hours of sleep. I do not feel like I am on too much stimulant in the slightest. Also, there have been no studies on the sleeve and how it breaks medicines down. Also, some meds react differently depending in the acidity level in the stomach at the time the medication is taken. No one I talked to had info on how that would affect any ADD meds. If the pharmacists you know have this info, they should write a paper I think since all the pharmacists and physicians I've talked to are clueless about it. As it seems to have less effect if I take it with food in my stomach or on an empty one. That being said, I can tell when it's not in my system anymore. I feel different. I have a harder time following my partners conversation and am easily distracted by noises or the TV while I am interacting with my kids.
  2. sunshyneqtie

    ADHD Meds And VSG

    I just tried the two meds so far. Only on 50mg twice a day, so overall not that high of a dose. I skip meds 1 day each week as I have found that I can't easily wake up in the night when it's out of my system, so I don't take it on the days I am on call over night. I heard somewhere before that after 3 months, one should try a different type of medication for a month so to counteract any resistance to the first medication. It's seems like most people just stay on the first medication though from what I'm seeing.
  3. sunshyneqtie

    ADHD Meds And VSG

    If the meds stayed in my system all day, I would not need to take it twice a day. I also can't take muscle relaxers anymore. 20 minutes and they are out of my system like I hadn't taken them. They don't even have a chance to do anything. Have you already had surgery, or no? I'm surprised to see someone on here who has had surgery be surprised about how meds react now.
  4. sunshyneqtie

    ADHD Meds And VSG

    I was put on vivance twice a day. Would love one more short acting dose of Ritalin so I could stay awake on the bus on the way home. I'm pretty much tired all the time. Won't be going back til March to reeval meds.
  5. I use opurity calcium citrate chewables. Only side effect is if I don't eat something after, my mouth tastes like a penny.
  6. Am trying to figure out ADHD meds after the surgery. Has anyone attempted the Extended release options, or just accepted that it won't work after VSG? I've not had a good experience so far with Ritalin. Once it kicks in, I feel normal for about four hours then I crash and it feels like my symptoms are magnified. I take my second dose two hours later and feel normal for four hours then crash. Then my partner has to practically kick me out of bed in the AM. My doc wanted to put me in the patch, but I react badly to adhesive. Oi! I have found things that say XR are OK for the sleeve, but not for bypass. Just wondering if anyone has tried it.
  7. sunshyneqtie

    November 5Th Sleevers?

    Happy 1 year Sleeviversary everyone!
  8. sunshyneqtie

    Soft gels?

    Good. This makes things so much easier!
  9. sunshyneqtie

    Soft gels?

    I've been taking some things at soft gels. Recently, my surgeon posted info saying people with bypass don't get anything from the use of soft gels and needed to only take vCaps or tablet forms. Has anyone heard if this is the same for sleeved patients? I was just diagnosed with ADHD and I is recommended to take fish oil, but they are all soft gels.
  10. sunshyneqtie

    "Good" Fast Food?

    Taco time's Regular chicken taco salad light. Only 174 cal. It's my go to when not at home. Also, red robin's chicken on a stick from the kids menu.
  11. sunshyneqtie

    Cellucor C4

    Has anyone tried Cellucor C4 pre workout?
  12. sunshyneqtie

    Running with a pannus.... Ugh.

    I found an awesome one from Bali. Unfortunately i bought 5 in size large, 2 in med. now the mediums are too big and they are not holding things in the way I would like. Wish I could find a small, but they are a discontinued item.
  13. sunshyneqtie

    November 5Th Sleevers?

    Thank you! Always nice to hear
  14. sunshyneqtie

    November 5Th Sleevers?

    The one of me with three others. That is my son last year at graduation. The other ones are mine too. I had him when I was just barely 18. I didn't have my second Til 32. I'm 38 now.
  15. sunshyneqtie

    November 5Th Sleevers?

    Happy 7months yesterday! Down 95 lbs wooHoo!

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