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  1. That is cool I had my sleeve done August 28 and i went from 450 to 388 as of 9/18/12 made up my mine to exercise to get it moving. Thank to The Lord i am on the road to better health.
  2. krusher109


    I did also but it is getting better
  3. krusher109

    1 More Week

    Expect weight loss!!!!! Just follow your NUT's plan and you will do good. Congrats
  4. Do what my wife did go to the Salvation Army and buy some of your work cloths while yoyr losing weight it will save you money.
  5. DO IT FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Look here you can do it!!!!!! Lord know it was'nt easy but focus on what is important to you when your stressing pray and ask The Lord to help you through it.
  7. krusher109

    Has Anyone Cheated Pre Op?

    Yeah I cheated but it was little things just to taste it none if it was really overboard and i lost 36 pounds in two weeks.
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    I Need Your Input Please!

    I was 442 pounds my wife 160, my son is 9 years old the straw that broke the camels back was going to Cedar Point and Michigan Adventures and not being able to ride the coasters with my family. I have a whole lot of living that i want to do and 442 was slowing me way down. Had my surgery on 8/28 as of 9/11 i am 393. I am happy when you see the results like your belly shrinking face starting ro slim clothes fitting loose it will make your day.
  9. krusher109

    Oh Yeah!

    Try Boost protein drink
  10. I was sleeved on 8-28 and im down 50 pounds i was 447 before surgery lost 36 on lids gain 13 pounds in the hospital my weight was 408 surgery day when i left the hospital my weight increased to 421 because of the fluids went to my doctor last thursday and was 399. I saw my PCP on 9-11 and was down 6 more pounds 393. In less than 30days.
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    Suddenly Afraid Of My Post-Op Diet

    I had my surgery August 28 i am down 45 pounds so far. I won't be on puree foods until October 4th.My llid deit will total 7 weeks 2 before sugery and 5 weeks post surgery
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    August Sleevers..what Is The Progress

    No food till October 4th for me I am down 50 pounds sugery on 28th
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    Almost 6Months Out..123Lbs Down

    M Bro. I'm happy for you
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    Michigan Sleevers

    I go in for my first weigh in since my surgery. I had lost 41 pounds on the 2 week liquid diet. My surgery was 8/28/12. I thank The Lord that I have not had any problem none.
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    New Pics At Weight Lost Take A Look

    Looking fabulous!!!!!
  16. It was a decision that has changed my life as far as my health is concerned. I put it off for over a year trying to do it on my own and realizing that i could not. My wife and son need me to be around, I didnt want to become a burden to them because i had no control over food. I am 48 and my wife is almost 10 years younger and have a 9 year old. We went to Cedar Point and at 442 pounds not many rides for me to ride so i felt embrassed walking around and not being able to have fun on the rides. This is life a new opportunity for me to get my life back to enjoy my family [ATTACH]4726[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]4727[/ATTACH].
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    Truthful Regrets, Anyone?

    My wife had trouble with after the gastric sleeve, the problem was her gallbladder she labored through for 3 months. She had a feeding tube and spent 29 total days in the hospital. After her gallbladder was remive everthing was good wirh her.
  18. krusher109

    Michigan Sleevers

    I had my sleeve done on the 28th of August