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  1. JustSayMoe

    400 Plus

    You are 100% right BigFrank! People shouldn't always believe everything their doctor's tell them. My surgeon wanted to do a DS on me, which statistically was a better option. I wouldn't have it due to the increased risk and life long issues associated with a DS. You are basically trading obesity for side effects.
  2. JustSayMoe

    11/10/13 Almost 9 months out

    From the album: Before and After

    Weight 218
  3. JustSayMoe

    11/10/13 Almost 9 months out

    Some stats: After Pants Size: 32 or 34 Neck Size: 16 Shirt Size: M or L Before Pants Size: 52 or 54 Neck: 22 Shirt Size: 3XL (tight)
  4. JustSayMoe

    11/20/2013 - 9 month 6 days out

    Some stats: After Pants Size: 32 or 34 Neck Size: 16 Shirt Size: M or L Before Pants Size: 52 or 54 Neck: 22 Shirt Size: 3XL (tight)
  5. JustSayMoe

    Before And After

    213 from max. 191 from preop. In a little more than 9 months. My new cross addiction is working out
  6. JustSayMoe

    Green Chile Pork Crockpot Stew

    I was that way too. I enjoy food and cooking. I'm doing my best to adapt to the new sleeve.
  7. It's been a while. I'm closing in on my goal. I was sleeved on Valentine's day this year. I'm down 213 from the heaviest and around 190 from the preop phase.
  8. JustSayMoe

    Before And After

    How about these? VSG on 2/14/13, preop starting weight 400. Preop (max) 430: 1.2 pounds from goal:
  9. JustSayMoe

    400 Plus

    I'm not in your area, but I started right at 400. My max weight was about 430. I'm 216 now and ounces from my goal.
  10. Eventually things will get back to normal. It's common to have the "two cats fighting" noises coming from your gut for a while. Once you heal and your body gets used to the sleeve things will be pretty much like before.
  11. JustSayMoe

    5 Days Out & I Can Gulp Water!

    No big deal. It just means your sleeve isn't over swollen. I was the same way. Once you hit the solids things will change and change quickly. :-)
  12. JustSayMoe

    Before and After

  13. JustSayMoe

    10/10/13 - Nearly 7 months out

    From the album: Before and After

    Weight 229
  14. JustSayMoe

    Phsyc. Evaluation?

    Don't sweat it. I found the eval to be a very positive experience (other than the annoying paperwork). I have an established rapport with a respected professional. A shoulder to lean on if needed in the future.
  15. JustSayMoe

    I Am In A Tall For 3 Weeks !

    Hang in there. Keep that measurement tape around. I found that I would lose inches and pounds some weeks. Other weeks I would lose one or the other but not both. The scale isn't the only way to measure success. Stalls happen all of the time. Just keep hammering away, and you will break out.
  16. "Super" diabetic (Type 1 and Type 2 at the same time) 175-200 units of Novolog daily via pump before surgery at 400+ pounds. Now 30-35 units a day at 215 pounds.
  17. JustSayMoe

    Weight gain

    Your weight will move up and down all of the time. There are a number of things that cause this. It's perfectly normal. Remember you are still healing and adjusting to the new you.
  18. JustSayMoe

    tummy NSV

    That's awesome!
  19. The pants are 32" inseam casual pants. Shorts and jeans are various brands. I live in 75025 and work near DFW airport can ship if you want to pay shipping costs.
  20. Nope. I think I may have some 38s and maybe a 40 or 2. I'm into 32 and 34 inch waistlines now.
  21. JustSayMoe

    Attention February 2013 Sleeve Buddies!

    I'm forunate that in Texas the weight isn't printed on driver's licenses. I do get strange looks when people check my ID. I look like a completely different person.

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