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    Joisey01 reacted to Thyckness718 for a blog entry, Bye Bye 27Lbs, I Sure Won't Be Missing You!   
    So, I went to my first pre op doctor's appt today and am excited to say that I am down 27lbs so far. The down side is that she wants me to stay on the liquid diet for one more week because she says that she does a very tight sleeve. But overall she said I am doing good and I really do feel great!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Joisey01 reacted to KS Fort Worth for a blog entry, No Longer A "surgery Patient"   
    Had my second post surgical appointment last Friday, down 20 pounds since surgery. I feel blessed that I have had ZERO complications. Dr. Kim's assistant said my risk of leaks or other complications was practically zero now, and that I was no longer a surgery patient, but was instead just a weight loss patient. I am very thankful to have been given this opportunity. I'm thankful for all the support I got from VST, as well as from my wife and family. I am looking forward to being a normal weight, for the first time in my life!
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    Joisey01 reacted to tmorgan813 for a blog entry, Dancing Queen Scares The Neighbors   
    As always, I have made my neighbors wonder how I ever got out of the mental institute. At least this time, I didn't flash some poor, unexpecting man my boobs...though he really did seem to enjoy that. No, today I did that thing that we all do sometimes when we are working out. I forgot I was in public. Not only was I in public, it was 7am and there were TONS of people out walking (their dogs or themselves).
    Before I went on my 2mile walk (yes, two miles...thank you...thank you...thank you...you can hold your applause now LOL) I decided to add some old CDs that I had found to my phone so that I would have something different to listen to as I walked. Great idea right? This would help motivate me, get me moving a little faster, and help keep me walking more than I have been. Well, that's all true. EXCEPT one thing....I forgot how much I enjoyed some of these tunes. So, not only was I singing along as I walked (I tried to stop when I saw someone coming), I was also doing that upper body dance thing with my arms....you know the one right? It's when you start moving your arms and bobbing up and down?! But, that wasn't the worst part, the worst was when I decided to get my legs involved. Apparently, I didn't think putting one foot in front of the other was good enough. Nope, I thought it would be neat to do a little side step ever once and a while....as well as some some back and forth foot work. This wouldn't have been too bad except I got caught BIG time. Not just by the person in front in me walking their dog, but also by the man driving behind me. I have no idea how long either one was there. The BEST part of the whole thing was watching the man walking directly toward me get the look on his face as to say, "what is wrong with her" and ever so slowly cross the road for no other reason to get away from me. And yes, I made sure to say, "Hello" as I passed. I thought about stopping and petting the dog, but I didn't want to be sprayed with mace. LOL
    After being caught twice in a matter of seconds, I decided that I should stop my dancing and focus on walking. That was all well and good until "Brown Eyed Girl" came on. Something took over and I was unable to control myself. The words came pouring out of my mouth and my arms and shoulders started going. That is until I noticed an older woman walking her dog and another man attempting to control his dog. It was barking and attempting to break away in an attempt to get to me...and it didn't appear that he wanted to give me lovings. Apparently dogs are not very fond of my singing ability. Damn, and I was planing on auditioning for the Voice next year....LOL.
    Now that I am home, safe and sound. I have decided that going for my walk in the morning is not the best idea. I think I will leave the walking to the afternoon or evening when there are less people out there to scare. I mean come on, I've got to maintain some type of normalcy....or at least pretend to. Now excuse me as I go turn up Price and dance around the house like the Dancing Queen I (think) am.
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    Joisey01 reacted to @DomLorenVSG for a blog entry, First Blog Entry... 6 Days Post Op!   
    Drum roll please.... I'm 6 days post op, weighed in for surgery on Friday at 216 lbs, and according to my brand new scale I purchased yesterday, I am 206 lbs! That's -10 lbs in 6 days. Holy smokes. Today is also my first day back at work and I'm feeling pretty good, I have a desk job which helps a lot, and I'm really trying to remind myself to sip every 2 or 3 minutes. I already made the mistake of trying to multitask and walk and drink at the same time in the hallways and I doubled over with chest pain because I took a huge gulp- I don't want to scare my coworkers thinking I'm having a heart attack. Lol. I'm definitly going to go home at lunch and lay down for an hour and just do nothing so that I pace myself and give my tummy some down time as well. Last night I helped coach a little for my club sport, then afterwards we all went to grab a bite to eat, I sat there with my Powerade as they all ate huge amounts of food, and I was almost perplexed- I had NO hunger what so over. It all smelled good, but I had ZERO temptation or desire to eat anything. They all kept saying they felt bad I wasn't eating, and I just chuckled and said don't worry about it because I DON'T WANT ANY! It was so AWESOME!
    So over all I'm doing great. Incesions are bit sore, but compared to a week ago I feel like a rockstar. Dr. Alvarez cleared me to swim 15 days post op and the count down is on! Once I get to full liquids on Monday and get protein shakes in my diet I know I'm going to be ready to start working out (in moderation). No regrets. At all. While I know this will be a long journey, I feel like I'm finally taking steps forward NOT backwards. I look forward to weighing myself rather than dreading it! Yay!
    I was sleeved Friday, August 17th, 2012 and I plan to do my weekly/monthly blog updates on Fridays to keep track a little bit more accurately. But 6 days post op this is what I got:
    Height: 5'9
    HW: 216
    CW: 206
    1st GW: 169
    2nd GW: 145
    3rd GW: 135

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