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    September 21, 2012

    From the album: Before

  2. Joisey01

    Vegan Or Vegetarian?

    Here's an add-on to this.....I was sleeved on September 20th. That's all of 19 days. I'm on full liquids. I know my sleeve is ready for the pureed stage. Here's the kicker.... I'm scared to death to eat meat. I 'think' the fear is the POSSIBLE pain I will have after eating it. I have had not one complication from surgery. Not a lick of nausea. I have had no issues whatsoever eating after being sleeved. I'm not sure where this irrational fear of eating meat is coming from. Has anyone encountered this?
  3. My 19 year old son hasn't seen me since I had surgery two weeks ago. He came by for a visit while I was working in the kitchen today and said, "You look skinny, Mom." I was like WOW! It even brought tears to my eyes.....It's the simple things.
  4. Joisey01

    Calcium Citrate...

    My doc says 1200 - 1800 mgs a day. Depending on the mgs per two or three times a day.
  5. Joisey01

    Free Coupons

    Send me a message with your info and I'll get them in the mail to you tomorrow!
  6. Joisey01

    Being Called Fat!

    One classy lady.
  7. Joisey01

    North Richland Hills, Tx

    I'm from Euless. Dr. D. Kim is my surgeon (Sleeved 9/20). I believe the fitness center is this link. http://www.yellowbook.com/profile/all-american-family-fitness_1863950976.html?classId=4327
  8. Joisey01

    Protein Shakes

    Yes. It is the only shake I use.
  9. Joisey01

    Surgery In 2 Days

    If we loved closer, I would so take you and pick you up. I would take care of your pups. I know you will do well. Don't panic. You'll do GREAT! Will be thinking of you. Can't wait to hear an update!
  10. To me the greasy look to it would be the culprit. I'm only 10 days out, but have found that just the smell of things tend to turn my stomach such as french fries and fried chicken strips. I didn't eat it, but watched my husband. Just the smell started to piss my sleeve off. Hopefully that's a good indication that I won't be eating that stuff. I'm sorry you were so disappointed in something you were so looking forward to!
  11. Joisey01

    Real Foods

    YAY YOU!!!!!! One bite at a time! Good luck!
  12. Joisey01

    Sleeved 9/11

    WOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Way to go, Nutzie!!! Congratulations! It's all downhill from here! Remember, one day at a time! YAY YOU!!!!!
  13. Joisey01

    Bubble Guts

    Bubble Guts. Good description. I'm 6 days out. The best way I can explain what I feel in my stomach is as if I'm pregnant and am feeling the baby moving. It's not a delicate type of movement. I can FEEL my stomach moving. Rumbling and grumbling? Yes. I have NEVER felt my stomach move. It doesn't hurt. It's just very odd when it happens. At times it even feels like a contraction. Very, very odd.
  14. Joisey01


    I sure ticked off my sleeve this morning. coffee. Decaf. Oh my. I won't be doing that again any time soon. I went right back to Water and my sleeve was happy again. Slow and easy.
  15. Joisey01

    In 24 Hours......

    Thank you, Giselle! I am very much looking forward to his expert hands doing a great sleeve for me! I'm glad your surgery went off without a hitch! I love these success stories! I will be one of them!
  16. Joisey01

    In 24 Hours......

    Ok. You sat directly in front of me, then. The back of your couch was to the admission desks?
  17. Joisey01

    In 24 Hours......

    I am a patient of Dr. Kim, Scorpio. I did have my EGD done in Trophy Club last Friday morning as well! I just got a call from TC telling me to be there at 05:00 for a 07:00-07:30 surgery instead of an 08:30 arrival. If you see me tomorrow morning, introduce yourself. We can walk the halls together as we pass gas and get our bearings! Good luck to you tomorrow!
  18. Joisey01

    Crying This Morning

    What a NSV! Congratulations and keep up the fantastic work!
  19. Joisey01

    Post Surgery Cooking Show?

    You go!!! I'd be VERY interested! Count on me!
  20. I've posted already that I had my EGD on Friday. It all went well. Today............ My phone rings......It's the hospital where I had the procedure and where I'll have the surgery on Thursday. Me: Hello? Her: Hi Mrs. Joisey. This is Trish from the hospital. How are you? Me: I'm fine. How are you? (My mind is racing wondering if I forgot an appointment or something for tomorrow and this was a reminder call.) Her: I'm glad to hear that. I was calling to check on you and see how you are after having the EGD on Friday. Me: What? Are you asking me that? Her: Yes. Are you ok? Me: Yes, I'm fine. I'm just nearly speechless. I don't recall EVER having a follow-up welfare call. Her: *she chuckles* So, are you ok after the EGD on Friday? Me: Uhhhh, yes!! I don't even have a sore throat. I cannot thank you enough for calling to ask!! Her: *she's sure she's called a nutcase and hesitates for a long time*.....Ok, Mrs. Joisey, you have a good evening! Me: YOU, TOO!!! THANK YOU!!!!! I'm still flabbergasted!! I hope this means that my experience will be top notch!! Yep. It's the little things in life that make a BIG difference.
  21. Well, for me, the stress test was probably the toughest. It wasn't impossible, but it was tough. If it were easy, I wouldn't need VSG, right? I can only tell you what I experienced. My doc had the bicycle. I was really hoping for the treadmill since I've been walking on a treadmill already for quite some time. Bicycles are not my friend. I pushed and pushed and pushed myself to get through it. I was GLAD it was over. I think I might have even cursed a word or two when I got off the bike. Just remember it's one test out of many. YOU CAN DO IT! I'll be thinking of you and saying a few prayers that your anxieties will subside. Try going into it with a positive attitude knowing that you will be having surgery soon. Good luck!
  22. Joisey01

    Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

    Tomorrow will be awesome! I am saying good thoughts for you! Congratulations!!! You will do GREAT! Good Luck!
  23. I had my EGD this morning. The final step before being sleeved next Thursday. All went extremely well this morning. No problems at all. Cleared for surgery. Not sure what juice they used on me today, but it was pretty potent. I came home and slept it off for 5 hours. Still feeling sluggish, but doing very well. Six days to go. The liquid diet has allowed me to drop a total of 15 pounds. Another 15 would be wonderful, but I'd be ok with another 10. Let's get this party started!
  24. Joisey01


    If it was easy, everyone would do it!

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