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  1. I was sleeved in 2012, I am also having problems about a year 1/2 ago i had and endo and told I had a touch of diverticulitis, and this year I was told IBD, and there is no cure for that, I had a swallow test today, won't see new bariatric dr till March 3rd , pain and tenderness muscle spasm but I jst thought it was from the IBD, oh the diverticulitis and IBD were diagnosed by two different GI dr's
  2. hello all had my swallow test this morning radiologist Dr didn't want to take a chance with barium, had an allergic reaction in the past, so I had to use something else starts with a G I think but I call it rocket fuel it is real nasty stuff. he said I do have acid reflux. will find out more soon my appointment with bariatric Dr is March 3rd
  3. I was recently diagnosed with BED binge eating disorder and requested to be put on Vyvanse
  4. jstachic

    Appetite suppressants (prescribed) 2 years out...

    I'm doing ok , my insurance has decided that it will cover the vyvanse, started taking it again last week, 2lbs down, as for the upper GI had to be rescheduled do to an allergic reaction to barium, that wi be done on Thursday the 11 th, thank you for checking up on me
  5. jstachic

    Blood work D Dimer ?

    I had the CT in the hospital , when the blood test came back, didn't see PE but pneumonia
  6. jstachic

    Appetite suppressants (prescribed) 2 years out...

    Up date , insurance is now going to cover the vyvanse , hmmmm must have asked the correct questions
  7. jstachic

    Blood work D Dimer ?

    No out come,my Dr said there was no need to do any further testing,
  8. Ok so I didn't have my test, do to medication allergy, I have to be pre medicated and in the hospital, ho hum, I'm 3 years out
  9. jstachic

    Appetite suppressants (prescribed) 2 years out...

    Started talking with my insurance company about my denial for vyvanse, I want to know who makes that call, and why would I have to see another Dr for three months, ridiculous I say, we shall see what happens in the meantime I'm going for my swallow test in the am, something the new bariatric dr wants before he sees me as a new patient
  10. Going for my swallow test in the morning see what's going on with my sleeve
  11. jstachic

    Blood work D Dimer ?

    My primary Doc was not concerned about the elevation he said the rest of the blood work was good
  12. my husband and I were both career/volunteers for over 25 years in Nassau and Suffolk county s NY. I have never heard of a volunteer having to do a physical agility test ever...your profile says your from Poughkeepsiyou , NY ,not sure how its don there but sound like B.S to me there is no pass fail to be a volunteer...that being said please do not do any heavy lifting this soon after your surgery as an EMT you should know this. let yourself heal first then you can stress yourself out over the wonders of becoming a volly....sarcasm ......it is a lot of stress and political B.S....when you are ready a personal trainer would be the way to go
  13. I developed and infection and became septic , had to have surgery to clean out incision sight, I was not closed I was packed, had to heal from inside out , nurse came to house everyday to unpack and repack hole in abdomen ... Hmmm about 6 months of discomfort
  14. yes this happen to me at the larger incision sight .but my very first question is do you have a fever?
  15. Insurance wants me to see shrink for 3 months for medication approval, guess my GP word isn't good enough
  16. I have pneumonia now, and im sure all the antibiotics and steroids are not helping your new stomach,as im sure in a few days i will have the same stomach issue,get well soon it will pass
  17. jstachic

    Night Eating Syndrome

    I was on seroquel I know your pain but im very surprised about the reaction to benadryl , I also know the insomnia its almost 230am in my part I should be sleeping and not thinking about walking to the kitchen to graze
  18. jstachic

    Help and support needed!

    I remember my first cream Soup was split pea,I was so scared to eat it but that was long ago, stay with yogurts, lot of sugar free Jello,farina cream of wheat,cottage cheese scrambled eggs.this is what is getting me back on track and I am 3 weeks from starting over and have stalled, and gained a pound but i was in the hospital for a few hours with a big bag a saline 1000ML and now on lots of bad medications for a sleever, try to put your self on a eating schedule , hope this helped a bit
  19. jstachic

    I've been bad

    I know what you are going through, and don't trust your self when you say its just this one time,It can become a habit in Jst one day, and take 3 weeks to break it.grab an old picture of yourself put it in the kitchen.
  20. jstachic

    Juice drinks....

    3 years out still can not drink orange juice or tomato soup
  21. jstachic

    Dizzy- 5 weeks out

    Sound like it could also be a vasovagal response, something stressing you, even passing gas can cause it, I would keep a written log of everything you were doing right before it happens, keep a watch on try to keep track of time make sure your not passing out and haven't noticed, get a blood test
  22. jstachic

    Dizzy- 5 weeks out

    this has also happen to me I have a very normal B/P 110/70 but if I do not get in enough Fluid It drops I have gone as low as 60/40, causing the symptoms. not fun,what the Dr had mentioned is orthostatic hypotension,
  23. jstachic


    I would be more worried if you weren't scared, Just take deep breaths and remember you just have to lay there, Dr,s and nurses do all the work,what is your biggest fear? I have had a few surgeries in my life and can walk you through. even the bad stuff that has happen to me, and I m still here .
  24. Vyvanse 30mg, and the only side affects I'm having is a headache ,dry mouth, I am able to sleep again
  25. jstachic

    Appetite suppressants (prescribed) 2 years out...

    I am 3 years pos-op my gained 30 lbs,Dr prescribed vyvance FDA approved for BED binge eating disorder, I needed extra help and I am not ashamed, and yes it is helping down 6 lbs in 2 weeks.