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  1. I was in the hospital today for my asthma that was thought to be exacerbated by bronchitis, but no its pneumonia any way I'm 3 years post op has anyone ever had elevated D-Dimer? Had a CT scan it was not a pulmonary embolism
  2. jstachic

    Blood work D Dimer ?

    To this day I do not know why it was high or that I have ever had it tested again , I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpfull
  3. I started 30 mg of Vyvanse on Monday I have to say I feel very well, day 1 headache day 2 had a bit of trouble sleeping I have more energy, no trembling or shakes or rapid heart beat, a bit thirsty but that is good thing for me, it will help with my lack of Water intake, bad taste in my mouth not dry just yuck. but not hungry at all had to force myself to eat something. the bad tast in my mouth could also be from the Protein drinks, have not binged in 3 days yay me
  4. I was able and doc said it was OK to take pills after surgery,as long as there not to big, and able to swallow with little sips of water, if taking pill scares you sometimes there is a liquid form for medications
  5. jstachic

    Depression and withdraw.

    I hope you do not mind , but my daughter and myself were on effexor , I had horrible withdrawals,weight gain gave my daughter headache, and weight gain the Dr put her on fetzima she did very well on that drug with minimal wright gain
  6. Are you using Iron dextrin? I have just started my infusions,.takes about 3 hours for me but everyone else about an hour ,my hematologist wanted me in twice a week,b it I only go once week, it will continue for 6 weeks then a full blood panel to see if my numbers improve,a and I feel crappy after the infusions Sent from my LGLK430 using the BariatricPal App
  7. jstachic

    Anemia despite high dosages of iron

    I have started infusions, I hope I can try to help the % is the total Iron in the red blood cells and the ferritin is the Protein that stores extra iron and b12 helps make red blood cells so it's very important to keep them both normal, however I am no longer able and will have to get infusions for life, unfortunately for me my levels and back up supply are practically depleted, my hematologist is being very aggressive in my treatments Sent from my LGLK430 using the BariatricPal App
  8. jstachic

    Let's Talk about Iron

    I am 9months post op from bariatric surgery #3 subtotal gastrectomy with RNY gastrojejunostomy, I have started Iron infusions 3weeks ago, my hematologist strongly suggested I come in twice a week for 6weeks but I am only going once a week, it's takes about 3 hours from the time I walk in to when I leave, and I feel like crap after, and I also have to give myself B 12 injections once every 2 weeks, my suggestion to anyone who starts showing signs of anemia or B12 deficiency should take it seriously and see a hematologist, better to treat it early then what I'm going through, Sent from my LGLK430 using the BariatricPal App
  9. I'm not a year out yet, from my revision, I have had all 3 Bariatric surgeries, in the last 11 years, do to complications, I am now anemic and was told that I will need an iron infusion and I also give myself a b12 shot every 2 weeks, how did you feel after the infusion ?
  10. I had my gallbladder out yesterday, I am no longer in pain from the stones and most of my symptoms are gone, The only discomfort is from the incisions,
  11. jstachic

    3/21/16 surgery buddies

    Gallbladder was removed yesterday. I feel good with only slight discomfort in the incision sights,
  12. jstachic

    3/21/16 surgery buddies

    Hi All , how is everyone doing? I had to get a ultrasound of my gallbladder , suffering from nausea,vomiting, chest pain,pale colored stool My surgeon said to call his office when I had the ultrasound, So I did I didnt think they would have results so fast but 15 minutes later I got a call back, have an appointment Thursday to discuss options, so yea I have gall stones
  13. Its not the coffee or tea the Drs dont want you to have its the caffeine. It is a diuretic. Your first month is all about sipping on Water and Protein. Caffeine could dehydrate you in the early stages of surgery hope this helps and no its not forever Sent from my LGLK430 using the BariatricPal App
  14. I went 12 days after surgery, I tried almost everything,but I may have had a tiny blockage, I became nauseous at the same time, first day normal 2nd day not so normal more liquid than solid , but that may have been from the stool softener and whatever else I took to help me go, my nurse said as long as I wasn't in pain that it will happen and I'll be ok
  15. Our stomach and intestines are healing and angry , I do have very bad burning in the am , unfortunately this is normal , and I am on Pepcid for at least 6 months to a year, I'm 2 weeks post RNY , I was also sleeved and was also given antacids after that surgery
  16. jstachic

    Using the bathroom

    Miralax or smooth move tea seam to be a big hit on a few of the forums
  17. I never crushed any of my pills
  18. jstachic

    Trouble with the pipes

    Finally, slight discomfort gas pain prior, but I also got so nauseated, did not vomit, but finally had a B/M
  19. Depending on what you are eating 2 to 4 oz
  20. Remember everyones Dr has different rules for when to start a new stage, I was allowed purée the day I got home. Also the food we are to start eating is supposed to be protein, but yes the liquid does feel better on the new tummy, we are all relearning how to introduce food to our new tummy, take it nice and slow, stick with what does work and feels right for you
  21. jstachic

    3/21/16 surgery buddies

    My dr's office does things s bit different then others, were able to have purée the day we come home, but I didn't do that till week 2, yogurt, cottage cheese, I did try the egg few bites and it was fine,
  22. jstachic

    Trouble with the pipes

    I'm also going through the same thing , but I don't think I'm in any discomfort from it , I did take some miralax today,
  23. jstachic

    3/21/16 surgery buddies

    Did not try the egg today
  24. jstachic

    3/21/16 surgery buddies

    So glad to be able to sleep on my sides again
  25. jstachic

    3/21/16 surgery buddies

    I haven't been that tired, take chewable vitamins , I took my pain meds as needed, my sipping has slowed down bad on my part, I have not ran into any problems with yogurt or cottage cheese, the only 2 things I have tried so far I'm going to try egg tomorrow puréed with tiny bit of mayo ,