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    Goal weight

    I had first set 160 (started at 278) before surgery. After surgery I set 145 (my weight when I got married). That came and went and now I KNOW it can't be any lower 128 - 132. I already feel a little "gaunt" looking in my face. I am trying to build muscle and of course the saggy skin makes it hard to really see how things are. I want muscle and I am working out mostly weight training now but struggle with the idea of gaining weight, even though I think I would look better than I do now. I like how I look but would like to look a bit "curvier". I have been getting the "You're not going to lose any more weight are you?" Comments and that isn't a good thing, in my opinion. I am 5'3 1/2" by the way.
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    Woo-hoo! Keep on celebrating your good health! Way to go!
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    Long term physical considerations

    This is a very interesting topic. I have noticed when I walk for long periods of time I get a lot of pain in my shoulders. I couldn't figure out why, and now I think it is because I am slouched over, my shoulders are curving in. I second pilates and yoga. I know there are specific exercises to help with posture, as well. I didn't think this was a big deal, but I am beginning to see it now. Also my tailbone kills me all.the.time. I do transcription and sit at my desk for hours and hours at a time. I can literally feel the bone right under my skin. I sit on a "donut" and it still kills. Trying to strengthen my glutes with the hopes it will help. Glute bridges, single leg dead lift, squats.
  4. This article says that those who have cosmetic surgery after massive weight loss tend to keep the weight off longer/better. The study said those who lost the weight but did not have body contouring surgery gained back an average of 50 pounds. Those who DID have body contouring surgery only gained back an average of 13 pounds. http://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/after-huge-weight-loss-sagging-skin-remains-n44481 I have been contemplating plastics and this goes down in the pro's column for me.
  5. suejersey

    100 lbs gone!

    Best feeling ever! Enjoy and keep up the great work!!
  6. suejersey

    Am I FAT? Please tell me.

    No you are not fat! You are a human being Now, if you want to "tone" things up you do need to do some exercise. How about strength training (you can do that even with a bad knee). In the last three months I have only lost 13 pounds but I am more and more happy with how my body looks because of the exercise that I am doing. I am at goal, in maintenance but now am focused on being fit and STRONG! Maybe that is where you are conflicted. At a certain point losing weight will NOT look good, because you're not just losing fat, you're losing muscle and we can look shriveled up or flabby skinny. But have a defined physique (not necessarily muscle-y) may cause us to put on a few pounds, but we will LOOK smaller and tighter and firmer and BE STRONGER. Strong is so empowering. Losing the weight has been so wonderful for me, it has given me my life back, but being STRONG is invigorating, it makes me feel like I can conquer my day, my problems, be adventurous, be confident. You are not fat. You are beautiful. You have worked hard towards your goals. Remember your body is your vehicle, take care of it, strenghten it and appreciate all the hard work it does for you! Oh, and by the way, BMI is a horrible, disgusting thing that is unrealistic for women (not sure about men). If I weighed 120 pounds I would look like I just got out of the hospital after being in a coma. It is unrealistic and unhealthy to make women think in those terms. Look at your lean body mass and work on increasing muscle, that is a much better "number" or indicator to look at.
  7. sorry hit the wrong button
  8. I drink Snapple Diet Green Tea (instant packets) every day because I love the taste, but don't know if it would count as "Green Tea" for weight loss. Plain Water is to "heavy" to me and I use one packet in 3 cups of water. So I usually have two a day. Love the stuff! food menu: this has changed somewhat over time - I can eat more now (probably double the calories) At 600 calories I would say my day looked like: Protein shake or coffee with protein powder 1 cheese stick 1 ounce of lunch meat 1 ounce of beef Jerky or chobani Greek yogurt 2 ounces of protein (chicken mostly) one tablespoon vegetable 1 cheese stick or half Protein Bar (also eggs were in the mix most days - 1 egg) Very, very simple eating during the first year for me. For dinner whatever I made for my family I would eat the protein of it but only 2 ounces or so or 1/4 - 1/2 cup if measured that way. Now I try to follow a low carb diet and am experimenting with different grains and gluten free stuff for baking. Use xylitol or splenda versus sugar for baked goods. I love Quest Protein Bars for a dessert or snack. If you check out Pinterest low carb you will find lots of great recipes. I am constantly trying new things. I don't worry about fat I look at low carb and then high protein for recipes. menu now at 17 months: Coffee with Protein powder (I am bad about eating breakfast) protein bar or yogurt, or beef jerky or 2 ounces lunch meat Leftovers or low carb tortilla made into pizza or 1 cheese stick and an ounce of turkey pepperoni or cold cuts most days chobani or other high protein snack, occasional tortilla chips with Greek yogurt dip or hummus (sometimes I need that crunch!) Dinner whatever I am making for my family but now I can have 3 - 4 ounces of protein and 2 - 3 tablespoons of veggie protein bar or yogurt (usually something more sweet) I still stay away from Pasta, potatoes, rice, bread as much as possible. Drink 64 ounces each day. Get about 1200 calories per day. Definitely check out Pinterest for recipes (I have one board called Bariatric Resources where I pin recipes I want to try). World According to Eggface and Bariatric Foodie are great blogs for recipes and such. Good luck! You'll do great! One last thing, don't be impatient. Continue living your life and making good choices and enjoy the new life that you are building. At the beginning it does feel sort of like wow, this seems kind of slow to me, but before you know it you will look at your loss and be like, wow, how did that happen so fast. Don't wait to live when the weight comes off, live while it is coming off! It took me about 14 months to lose the 140 pounds - so average that out to ten pounds a month, so enjoy new victories along way, there will be lots of them!
  9. sorry hit the wrong button
  10. I do follow the rules. I find them empowering and give me guidance. I track in MFP I exercise 4 days per week I drink 64 ounces of Water per day (2 cups being coffee with my Protein powder in the morning) I eat protein first, veggie second and if I have a starch it is about 1/4 cup. I don't eat much bread, potato, Pasta. (I use low carb alternatives for bread to make wraps, pizza, et cetera) No soda I do eat some sweets (I need a piece of chocolate every few days) I love Quest Protein Bars and have one every day! For me I don't feel tracking is a chore but is actually a reward for me and helps me stay on track. I hope to continue doing it long term. Exercise has become a challenge that I enjoy and relieves stress and makes me feel powerful and strong - I hope it will continue that way for the rest of my life.
  11. suejersey

    How long do you wait to drink after eating?

    I don't really worry about if I drank before I eat, but I wait 30 minutes (approximately) after I eat to drink. If I am super thirsty I will take a couple sips, but otherwise wait 30 minutes after eating.
  12. suejersey

    Loud Stomach

    I am noticing it more now (17 months out) than I did in the first year. Very strange!
  13. suejersey

    Vets help. I am losing my hair

    Biotin, biotin, biotin. It seems to help a bit, at least in my case. You must take your Vitamins (from someone who has started to slack off on the vitamins) it is so important. Seems that at three years out and starting to lose hair, that perhaps you should see your doctor to make sure there isn't something else going on - when did you have your blood work checked last? Good luck! Losing hair is very upsetting, I totally understand. Try the biotin!
  14. suejersey

    The sleeve has made me a snacker.

    I eat 5 to 6 "meals" per day. I think it is a great way to eat. I never feel deprived because since I eat small amounts I know I will eat again in 2 to 3 hours so I will get to enjoy something then. I have my coffee with Protein powder for breakfast Snack - usually a Quest bar or an 2 ounces cold cuts or beef Jerky lunch - protein leftovers from dinner the night before or cold cuts, low carb tortilla with cheese, Greek yogurt with 1/4 shredded wheat biscuit, cheese and turkey pepperoni Snack - same as morning snack choices - if I make some type of low carb/high protein treat I may have that. Dinner - whatever protein the family is having and vegetable Snack - usually a Greek yogurt, quest bar or something sweet that is low carb/high protein (that fits my macros for the day) I usually eat about 1,200 calories per day and hope to get up to about 1,500 per day - am either at maintenance or losing slowly (a couple pounds per month) I think eating small high protein meals is good and doable and as long as you aren't gaining, don't stress! If you start gaining then you need to re-evaluate your eating plan.
  15. suejersey

    Vet pals, I need new snack ideas!

    almonds, roasted edamame, turkey pepperoni, cold cuts, Quest Protein bar. I got a yummy recipe for like a cottage cheese kind of custard that I like to make. I make Cookies with extra protein and stevia, oatmeal with some Protein powder or Peanut Butter.
  16. It took me easily 50 pounds before I got even a, "Are you losing weight?" It was a little discouraging but when it started it was like bam, everyone noticed. I would say around 65 to 75 pounds it was constant for a while. I would say it was about seven months out. Now I have lost a total of 136 pounds and I still get an occasional compliment but it's settled down. (Thank God!) LOL But it definitely takes a while. Enjoy the journey!
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    December 2013

  18. suejersey

    December 2013

  19. I have to kill the carb monster, first. Can't wait to get back to normal around here! Then my goal this year is to set my bounce range and maintain. I would also like to add some more muscle and strengthen my core.
  20. suejersey

    Christmas time IS harder as a vet

    At goal and trying to figure out maintenance now - 14 months out. I have been okay - actually still losing but feeling a bit stressed, anxious, worried, overwhelmed and concerned about being able to maintain and being able to enjoy the holidays. Last year I had a sliver of cake and that was totally rewarding. This year I have had Cookies, candy, cake - smaller amounts that pre-surgery but it scares me and I am sad that I can't enjoy it without being guilty. I have worked hard to get here and am afraid that I will lose control and gain it all back. Since I don't have any experience yet at maintaining I don't know how this is all going to affect me, but I have to say I want to get back to "normal" and be done with the holidays! Missing the gym today because of work doesn't help, either! Only made it two days last week and I should cut myself a break that this time of year is crazy but instead am beating myself up and obsessing that I will be exhausted at the gym and quit that too. Not liking how I feel right now. Worrying, worrying.
  21. Diet pills? No way. That is crazy. Are you exercising? I joined the gym at about 7 months and my weight loss as continued to be pretty study. I started at 278 am now 142 - 14 months out. If you aren't exercising vigorously and getting enough calories that definitely could be it. At 10 months I was about 800 to 900 calories per day and exercising 4 days per week for an hour. You may need to up your calories. I know it is scary to think of adding calories but it definitely is necessary and you WILL still lose. Enjoy the journey while you are at it and remember this is for a lifetime so going slow is okay. ' Good luck, and you CAN and WILL do it!!
  22. I used Miralax about 2 - 3 days per week and now I am using a stool softener whenever things slow down. I am 14 months out and definitely my BM's are still not regular.
  23. suejersey

    My Doctor Wants Me To Eat More!

    I have 5 to 6 meals and Snacks per day. That is the way that I have been able to get my Protein and calories in. Up to about 6 months I was at 600 calories, by eight months 800 calories and now at 14 months I am between 1000 and 1200. I use Protein powder in my coffee in the morning but all the rest of my protein comes from food and I hate between 100 and 120 grams per day. For the first six months I only walked for exercise At about 7 months I started going to the gym and I go 4 days per week - burning between 300 - 600 calories at each visit. Just wanted to give you an idea of my progression. Hope it is helpful.