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    Welcome To Rock ... Wall

    Thank you
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    Saying Goodbye To This Forum...

    Much success to you. Blessings to you.
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    When Can You Start Bike Riding?

    That sounds awsome. I'm not bike commuter...yet, but that is on my post surgical list of things I would like to do. If it takes around 25-30 minuets on the bus from home I wonder how long it would be on a bike? And interestingly enough it is relatively a straight shot to work (bus doesn't make that many turns). Kinda like the distance from the US Capital to the White House -- straight up and down Pennsylvania Ave. As a TOTAL beginner bike rider (real soon) what would be your list of things to get - the must haves as well as "ok I want this too". I know the Helmet...but.... take it from there Oh yeah, I'm post op 3 months plus.
  4. CoolBreeze

    Shrimp - What Else Can You Fix With It?

    Not too fond of the chilies but I would fix this one, thanks for sharing
  5. I have fixed shrimp every way I know or think I know and it hasn't hit that spot. If anyone has shrimp dishes (other than salad) I'm opened to suggestions... Please share those shrimp recipes :wub:
  6. CoolBreeze

    Shrimp - What Else Can You Fix With It?

    God is so Amazing, So Wonderful... I hung out Sunday with a friend of mine who was getting rid of some things and donating others to good will. I told her I needed a rug for my apt. and low & behold she had one for me that she was about to thro out. And not only that, she gave me a CROCK POT, YES! Now I can fix all those recipes I've been seeing here that called for a crock pot. Friends like my friend (and the ones here), are a gifts from heaven above. I kept saying I was gonna buy a crock pot and the Good Lord said hold on wait a minuet....He provided me with one. KEEP THOSE - CROCK POT - RECIPES COMIN'
  7. CoolBreeze

    Working Out At Home

    Now that's what I'm talking bout....I'm lovin the beach volleyball (and go gurl, lovin the swimsuit ...even got the young whipper snapper starring) I can't wait!! Keep up the great work.
  8. CoolBreeze

    Exercise Goal For The Week

    I truly know the feeling...kinda slacked off a bit myself last week (vacation) Didn't do too much and I'm not proud of it... (beginning to not like vacations...sorta lol). I am to blame for letting it take me out my game (no one but me). Heck, I can't even blame it on TOM anymore (she been gone about 3 yrs now). I really do need to kick it in high gear and maintain.
  9. OUTSTANDING! FABULOUS!! INSPIRATIONAL!! indeed. God is truly Amazing.
  10. CoolBreeze

    The Best Thing About Riding In The Country...

    That's a good feeling. Can't wait til I get to experience it.
  11. CoolBreeze

    Protein Pancakes

    How many to a serving? 1, 2? 3?
  12. CoolBreeze

    Rice Cakes

    I have a weakness for chips..especially Kettle cooked chips. So I have been trying to find a substitute (and a nutritional one) to take the place of ma Kettle. So, has anyone eaten or tried Rice Cakes and if so how are they? I tried one many moons ago but it was horrible not to mention DRY. Why are they so dry? Any other suggestions you may have as to what to eat that won't add so much fat yet satify a craving for the 'bad' thing to eat, by all means you can tell me. All suggestions welcomed. What can take the place of Hostess cupcakes, twinkies, etc etc (Now I am not eating all of these things, I'm just trying to find a taste like them but w/o all the cal, fat, carbs and sugar). Thanks in advance for your input
  13. CoolBreeze

    Shirataki Noodles

    You might find this interesting. This is where I got info on the Shirataki Noodle. Yep its got a smell which is the reason you rince them thoroughly. This is but a fraction of what the link below will give you. I have not tried them - yet- but intend to. Hope this helps you. Shirataki noodles were originally developed in Asia, but they have recently come to the attention of people around the world. Because these noodles are almost totally a beneficial type of Fiber, they have almost no "bad" carbohydrates. There are some indications that they may have other health benefits as well. How Shirataki Noodles Are Made: Shirataki comes from the root of a plant (Amorphophallus Konjac, or a few other closely-related species) grown in various parts of Asia, and given many names in different places, including Konnyaku potato (or just konnyaku), konjac, konjaku, elephant yam (although as far as I can tell, they are not related to any other plant commonly called “yam”), and others. The fiber is also known as glucomannan. Benefits of Shirataki Noodles: There is some evidence that glucomannan, when tested as a powdered supplement, can play a role in blood sugar control, as well as improve cholesterol control and weight loss (see this report). It also contributes to fiber intake and can be a substitute for starchy noodles. Tofu Shirataki Noodles: Shirataki noodles tend to be a bit “rubbery.” Although this can be somewhat reduced by a short period of boiling, one food developer found that adding tofu to the shirataki produced a “tamer” texture. It also adds a bit of Protein and carbohydrate (1 gram protein and 3 grams carbohydrate per serving). This product is a little easier to find, at least in my area, than plain shirataki noodles. How to Use Them: <p>Shirataki noodles are great in Asian noodle dishes, but people have used them in lots of other ways. Finalists in a recipe contest used them in Desserts, salads and patties. More Recipes: Pasta With chicken and Roasted Red Pepper Sauce Quick Chicken Alfredo with Shirataki Noodles Pasta salad with Tomatoes and Basil Turkey Tetrazinni How They Are Packaged: Shirataki noodles come "wet" - packed in liquid. They are ready to eat out of the package. I usually just rinse them under hot Water, cut them up a few times with kitchen shears, and add them to the dish I'm cooking. http://lowcarbdiets....atakinoodle.htm
  14. CoolBreeze

    Weight Watchers Smart Ones

    I've noticed that too, I wonder why? It's not just deviled eggs its hardboiled as well..which I like so that's a plus.
  15. CoolBreeze

    Weight Watchers Smart Ones

    Have you considered veggie burgers and the MorningStar Farms line of product? High in protein meatless line of goodies (in my opinion), another consideration is all
  16. sleep APNEA UPDATE... Went to my primary on Monday to check the numbers for diabetes and blood pressure. And got results back this morning. Here they are...couldn't have asked for better results Glucose 132; A1C 6.3; Diabetes under excellent control: don't need to restart meds. Bless the name of Jesus! My lipids: Cholesterol 166; (normal range less than 200); HDL cholesterol 56 (normal range greater than 40). LDL cholesterol 91; (Normal range less than 100). Triglycerides 95 (normal range less than 150). Doc wants me to reduce the Fat in my diet...(take it to around 20g or less a day - that's right around where my WLS doc wants it too, which is about 5g a meal (minus the 'snacking), sure hope the food still taste good. Hey numbers like these (that are foreign to me) I'll do it to bring the them down even more. Well - I still have Sleep Apnea but NOT as bad as I did Pre-Op so my Pulmonary doctor is encouraged that as more time passes I could be off (completely) the c-pap by early next year...YES! I still snore but not like I use to (whew). I don't frequent the bathroom like I use to go like EVERY 90 minuets. She would like it if I did not go at all during sleeping time - not too sure about that Doc, not with all the liquids (a half gallon) we drink in a day. THE JOURNEY CONTIUES...
  17. CoolBreeze

    Vegan Or Vegetarian?

    Appreciate the clarification. I figured there was a name (since there's a name for just about everything) but couldn't come up with it....I don't put myself in a catagory (cuz that's how I roll ). I am .... ME :ph34r:
  18. CoolBreeze

    The Journey Continues

  19. CoolBreeze

    The Journey Continues

    From the album: The Journey Continues

    At my doctor's office (10/8/12). It was a very good morning
  20. Good for you!!! Onederful! I'm on the way there and can't wait. Keeeeeeeeep Goooooooing :wub:
  21. CoolBreeze

    Vegan Or Vegetarian?

    I'm not what catagory I would be put in but (or if there is one) I don't eat meat (beef, pork, veal, lamb etc.). I do eat chicken (thighs or wings), turkey (deli sliced or packaged), fish (talapia, wai, cod, haddoc), egg whites. I do feel a difference since starting this particular diet about 7 months ago. And getting in the protein hasn't been a problem...so far . I had to find a way to incorporate protein from foods since I just can not tolerate most protein drinks - except for musle milk, I find I can drink that one. I usually drink it when I'm at work as a lunch sub about 2x a week.
  22. CoolBreeze

    DC/MD/VA sleevers

    I'm in Washington, DC and was Sleeved at Washington Hosp Center by Dr. John Brebbia on June 26, 2012... feel free to add me if you want.
  23. CoolBreeze

    Funny Nsv

    OutStanding!! I feel silly asking but is nsv stand for?
  24. CoolBreeze

    Adding Some Structured Exercise

    What are the "new rules to lifting"? I'm doing the About.com 3 weeks to a 30-minute running... I'm going at the pace I can, (which I know it'll be more than 3 weeks for me) and it's a walk/jog/run (not in that order all the time). But it's fun. You can do it.