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    Calgary People?

    I see a lot of people from Edmonton on this site, are there any Calgary people?
  2. I am so frustrated right now. Today makes 3 weeks since I had the surgery and I have only lost 8 lbs!!! I have been eating less carbs, walking more, and eating more protein. What in the heck is going on? I lost more weight than this just eating around 1800 calories a day before I even started the pre-op diet! Is it always going to be like this? Was it even worth it?
  3. I am not sure why, but it seems as though since I have been on a stall I have been avoiding talking about my surgery at all. I feel like a failure, like this was the last avenue for weight loss and I have messed this up as well. I have not been back to the clinic to see the surgeon since the surgery and have not been in to see the nutritionist either. Before the surgery I was able to eat far more than I do now, so I know that the surgery was successful in limiting my food intake, although it was not as much as I would have liked. I would have preferred having about half of the volume capabilities as I currently have. I take full responsibility for not making the correct food choices and choosing to eat unhealthy items such as zebra cakes and Popsicle and things that I can eat without filling me up very much and are packed full of sugars. Before the surgery, I would have chosen an extra entree as opposed to anything sweet. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes before the surgery as well, but for some reason after the surgery I have craved sweets like cakes and Cookies, things I never would have wanted before. Those that know about me getting the surgery were very praising after I first got it and when the stall started at first they would ask me how it was going, but now they kind of don't mention it, which I am grateful for because it would make it even worse knowing that I was disappointing them as well. I honestly do not know where to go from here anymore, if I should even bother working on dieting anymore, or if should just continue with sticking at the weight I am. I am scared that eventually I will start packing on the pounds again. My lowest since the surgery was 303 and right now I am at 310. I dunno, I just feel lost....
  4. kelliecalgary

    1 year out....6 months of stall

    Thank you everyone! I had my biopsy on my jaw bone a few days ago and am just able to start eating semi-solid foods again. Surprisingly still haven't lost any more weight other than 1 lb. but I am making far better food choices now. I don't know if I will ever be fully able to never eat another cookie again, but at least I can make it a rare occurrence as opposed to an every day thing. I am eating more broiled chicken and veggies, and less take out. I know that this is something that I have to do for myself and not count on the sleeve to do it for me. Thank you again everyone. It felt good to open up about what I was dealing with.
  5. kelliecalgary

    1 year out....6 months of stall

    Thank you, well most of you....... I have long dealt with depression and anxiety and at times my anxiety got so bad after the sleeve that I could not leave the house let alone go to see the NUT or support group. I called and left a message for the NUT yesterday and am sure they will call me back tomorrow. I know what it is that I need to do, and I have known all along. I know that I am lucky to have had the surgery and it is up to me to make the right decisions and make the sleeve work for me, by working to do the right thing by myself. I think I put too much stock in the surgery being the thing that fixed my weight problem instead of reminding myself that it is only a tool, no more. I need to start writing down what I eat everyday as well as identify why I am eating it(head hunger, heart hunger, or tummy hunger) and making better food choices that are low in fat and sugar and high in Protein. Btw 920AMY I was not asking for a pity party, more reaching out after having hidden myself and my issues for so long. I thought what the forums were for, to be able to reach out to others that may be dealing with the same thing you are. You have no idea what people here might going through both with weight loss and other issues. I have been dealing with fertility issues, being put on fertility meds and recently had to get taken off because I am going in this next week for surgery to do a biopsy on something the doctors believe could be cancerous. I would suggest taking others feelings into consideration the next time you decide to judge others on this site with you negative comments and instead try to be uplifting and helpful. I am not asking you to sugar coat things, but I definitely believe that your message would be far more effective if you would work on the delivery.
  6. kelliecalgary

    9 Months Progress Photo/-172 LBS

    can you please let us know what a normal day of your food diary would be now?
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    From the album: kelliecalgary

  9. I am about 6 months out and from the beginning my restriction has not been there like it should. I have thought from the get go that not enough of my stomach was removed or that the bougie they used was too big. I am now considering talking to the doctor about getting the band in ADDITION to my sleeve. Does anyone know anything about this? Anyone been through it?
  10. kelliecalgary

    Depressed, I Need Your Support

    I have been struggling with depression and anxiety since I became a teenager. Before the surgery I thought that I had everything in check and that I would make it on the other side of surgery with no trouble. Everything was going well until about 3 weeks out when I felt like my whole life had stopped or something. I fell into a really deep depression, not bathing for days on end, I would drive somewhere and not be able to make myself go in. I stopped going to my doctor's appointments, and still have not been to a follow up with my surgeon. Finally after talking to my family physician, who I have to say is the best doctor in the world, she increased my dosage of medication and I can slowly start to see a difference. She said that sometimes after surgery, the medication does not stay in the stomach long enough to be effective so it is common to need an increase of medication. I really hope that you are able to find some sort of relief for this, it sucks that taking such a big step in life to make things better, has not worked out the way you had hoped. Getting things in order is important so that you can move on with your progress. Good luck and keep us updated.
  11. kelliecalgary

    Always So Tired!

    I have tried increasing my antidepressants (doctor approved), using a CPAP, getting all my protein and water intake, getting plenty of sleep and I am still ALWAYS tired. I get 8 hrs of sleep at night, and even get a 3-4 hour nap during the day. Has anyone else experienced this? What have yall done about it?
  12. kelliecalgary

    Always So Tired!

    I was sleeved July 9th, 2012
  13. kelliecalgary

    Back To Basic

    Curious as well what the 5 day reset is.
  14. can we get an idea of what your daily diet and exercise is? I am just over 3 months out and have only lost about 40 lbs....so whatever you are doing is what I need to copy. I will follow it to the letter, just show me the light!
  15. kelliecalgary

    "wls Is Not What God Intended..."

    I don't think that humans were intended to have fast food on every corner and advertising constantly thrown in our faces for foods that I am sure we were never supposed to have eat on a daily basis. WLS is a way for us to adapt our bodies to live healthier lives in the surroundings that we currently live in. If you can lose weight with diet and exercise go for it. I could take it off, but not keep it off. How someone else feels about it is on them. I did not go through WLS because of vanity but rather for my health. Had I been in a car accident and needed to have my leg cut off to save my life, I do not think that I would think twice about it. How is it any different? I needed to lose part of my stomach to save my life. Just my view on it
  16. kelliecalgary

    Feeling Really Down

    I feel your pain. I have been on Effexor for almost 2 years now and thought that I had everything under control. About a week after surgery I felt like a switch had been flipped and all the sudden my world came crashing down around me. I have not been back to the clinic, I have not gone to any of my support group meetings. I finally went and saw my family doctor last week and got an increase of my medication but I still feel a bit hopeless. I too have a daughter, she is 6 and she can see that I am not my normal self. I have heard from the doctor that sometimes after a sleeve that your body does not break down the anti-depressant the way it used to and there for needs to be adjusted. I hope that you find something that works for you.
  17. kelliecalgary

    Vaginal Bleeding

    3 months post-op and even being back on birth control my cycle is still a bit out of whack. I have heard it can take a while for you to get back to regular. Good luck
  18. I live off of fat free greek yogurt and deviled eggs made with fat free mayo
  19. same here. I was told that your stomach can no longer break down the calcium carbonate and you will benefit from it therefor we sleevers must take the calcium citrate from now on, apparently for the rest of our lives. I find it to be a LOT more expensive here, so that is a downfall but just something that I suppose we have to deal with.
  20. kelliecalgary

    Almost 6Months Out..123Lbs Down

    Was that your highest weight or the weight on the day of surgery. Could you give an idea of what your daily menu is as well as your physical activity so I can copy your plan!!
  21. I am currently in Canada, and I feel the weather changing already here. I love the cool nights and changing of the leaves. But along with all these lovely things comes the anxiety of possibly going back home to Texas for Thanksgiving. I have not seen my family in almost 2 years and they do not know about me having WLS 2 months ago. If I do go back home I know that they are going to be wondering what is going on with me if I don't eat as much as I usually do at Thanksgiving. Also I am worried about not being able to control myself around that sort of buffet of my favorites. I am seriously considering just not going home this year and maybe wait until next year when I am farther out from my surgery and stronger in dealing with my cravings. Any advice how yall have dealt with the holidays?
  22. kelliecalgary

    Birthday Meal Ideas?

    Every Saturday we have dinner at my in-laws. Every time somebody has a birthday my father-in-law will make whatever you want for dinner and dessert, and that is what everyone will eat. My birthday is in a few weeks, and normally I have my menu planned out a year in advance, but this year I am struggling. I really don't know what to request for my meal, or my birthday dessert. I want to request something that I can enjoy as well as everyone else, but don't want to sacrifice my sleeve for their happiness either. Any ideas? Menu suggestions?
  23. kelliecalgary

    Anyone Else In The 350+ Pre-Op Weight Range?

    I am always excited to see other people in here that were close to my weight on this site. I was 420 at my heaviest and at the beginning of the year I was 412. Right now I am sitting at right around 345. I am so excited to see where I will be one year out, and I wish everyone on here the best in their weight loss journey.
  24. kelliecalgary

    The Card?

    I have heard of this, but more often in the Lap-band surgery. I have heard of them using it to order off the children's menu as well as getting the kid's rate at a buffet instead of having to pay full price. I have not gotten one from my surgeon, but it would come in handy some times, although I don't know if I would feel comfortable letting every server know about my surgical history.
  25. kelliecalgary

    How Did You Feel The Day Of Surgery?

    I felt fine the first day....the second, third and fourth sucked though.....

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