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  1. I am losing about 1 to 2lbs per day and wondering if this is how it's suppossed to be? I have been eatting alot of Beans, fish and cottage cheese..any suggestions for easy food with good flavor! lol Also my husband and I are going to Hawaii at the end of the month with a couple friends and I want to do everything I can to get the most weight off....suggestions; I have to beable to do scub diving. Here's to Hawaii in a month!
  2. I did go through the "normal" stall however it picked back up about 2 weeks ago. Still trying to figure out what i can and can not eat however the sweets dont really bother me anymore; but when i do want something I get a slush from Sonic! LOL How are you doing with things?
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    July 21 2012

    From the album: 1 Month After

    Normally dont like taking pictures but I didnt mind today.
  4. Billie

    1 Month After

    Losing inches and weight, feeling great!
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    July 26 2012

    From the album: 1 Month After

    Out on a motorcycle ride with my husband and was able to ride alot longer than before!
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    October 2011

    From the album: Before

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    May 2011

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    March 2011

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  10. I am at the same point in my journey as you are right now. I have Dr Hoen with the same surgery date as you; July 2nd! This liquid diet has been very hard. I have found that the sugar free Jello and beef/chicken broth has been my savior when I truly feel I need to eat. I do better at work where I can just sit at my desk vs being home with the family where food is everywhere!!! I go see Dr Hoen today and I am so going to ask if I can have 1 last meal before surgery!!! lol After I drink the shakes I am full but boy oh boy do I want some real food; and not to mention the shakes are not good at ALL! Just think....we only have 1 week to go, continue to be strong!!! Good luck and I hope everything goes well with surgery.
  11. I am new to the forum with a surgery date of July 2nd and on my 4th day of the liquid diet. Things are going pretty well except I cannot stand the taste of the Protein shakes; I even tried mixing them with crystal light which helped a little but I guess it is what it is. So far within the first 3 days I have lost 9.5lbs, not to bad I don’t think. Husband and kids are being very supportive however it is a little hard to not sit down at the dinner table with them as this is something we make sure we do in our house no matter what. I just keep the big picture in mind. Here's to another day of Protein shakes and crystal light; I did have chicken broth last night and it was amazing! lol Have a great day!

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