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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Thinwithin

    I'm In Shock

    Keep up the good work...
  2. Thank you all for your honesty and insight...it truly helps
  3. Thinwithin

    Best Protein Shakes Ever!

    Thanks sooooo much I'm going on the hunt for it tomorrow !!!
  4. Thinwithin

    I Kno This Might Be Sick But

    Three days seemed long because prior to sleeve I was very regular
  5. Ok fellow sleevers... What are you eating or have eaten at this point?

  6. Thinwithin

    So Coffee?

    Great to hear everyone's coffee stories....I too LOVED my first cup of coffee of the day and then maybe one in the afternoon as well. I'm 3weeks out today and I have absolutely no desire for coffee yet? Like so many other things I hope at some point I will want and enjoy a good cup sometime soon !!!
  7. Thinwithin

    Socal Vsg Support Meeting

    Is there any sleevers out there that are "lightweights" like me who did this surgery having a low BMI The 50 lbs I need to lose is just a number the struggle is the same ...
  8. Thinwithin

    11 Days Post Op

    I was and am scared too ! however, everything is working out fine I ate an omelette today really scrambled eggs with some cheese and a slice of avocado Well, about four bites of that and I was soooooo full! I'm 18 days out
  10. Thinwithin

    Sleeved July 18Th

    Good luck on your new journey I'm only 16days out and I'm so happy!!! Keep us posted...
  11. Thinwithin

    Not Wls Or Vsg Related

    sending prayers for all
  12. Thinwithin

    Spinach Omelet

    thank you next week that's going to be my treat!!!
  13. Thinwithin

    My Husband Is Scared

    Thinking of you and your family stay strong! I agree have your Dr. Speak with hi and soon
  14. Thinwithin

    Middle Of Week 3 Post Op

    Happy for you...Keep it going
  15. Thinwithin

    Well, I Just Did It!

    I was sleeved July 5th and darn it I'm hungry too! please forgive yourself and look at this as a journey not a judgement and lets check in tomorrow!!!
  16. Thinwithin


    wow! tina31 in 6 weeks there going to see a truly new you !!!
  17. Thinwithin


    Greetings new sleevers (like me) I'm ten days out today and truly like so many others post... Everyday is a better day so far... no discomfort when drinking now...I still have not made goal as far as my protein and water intake but that's getting better as well I went back to work, I'm feeling good and strong... I'm ready for the challenge of another 5 days on liquids ....oh did I mention I do get hungry especially in the late afternoon...
  18. Thinwithin

    Hair Growin

    Great idea!! where do you buy it?
  19. Thinwithin


    Welcome, I was sleeved on July 5th... so I'm fairly new as well...This site you help you in your journey I check in daily to read new info and gather insight from others who are ahead of us and understand the end goal !!!Good Luck
  20. Thinwithin

    1 Day Post Op

    Had the same thing but not until day two and three, now it's been pretty quiet in there !!! congrats!!!! you did it!!!!!
  21. Thinwithin


    Yes, there are a couple of websites designveronique.com Or spanx.com
  22. wow!! Your doing well with your weightloss Down 16lbs...Can I ask how many oz of water are you able to drink? I know I'm not drinking enough water I am trying
  23. hi, when was your surgery? Today I am 4 days out and today I was hungry ...Yes, I too dread the first sip of any drink ....then to follow I have pain But actually that's the only time I have pain....anyone else?

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