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    Hampton Roads/Peninsula thread

    No preop diet here, just liquids the day before surgery. As for gas pains, I only had shoulder pain. As for tummy pain, I had surgery on Monday, came home on Tuesday, and was off meds by Wed, except for a half a pain pill Wed night. ML congrats on the surgery. I did liquids for two weeks, then mushies, then real food. Luv, it has been almost four years, I haven't has a fill since May of 2007, some days I feel like I need one, then the next day, I feel tight as a tick. I don't have plans for another fill any time soon. Good luck with your big day!
  2. HarleyNana

    New Jersey August Chat

    Sherry, I had a hiatal hernia, but it was not as bad as what you have, I didn't have the choking at night, just the pain in the back. Dr. T fixed mine when he installed the band. Hugs girlie, you've been through so much. Hang in there. Betty, we're waiting. Good Morning Kat!
  3. HarleyNana

    New Jersey August Chat

    Betty, just dropped in to let you know I'm thinking about you and the "new" girls :thumbup:. Can't wait to hear from you and know you're ok. Michaele, I'm sorry to hear you've received this disturbing news. Did they tell you what the density may or may not be. Hugs
  4. HarleyNana

    New Jersey August Chat

    I don't know how I missed all of yesterdays posts, but Betty, I'm absolutely thrilled for you. Be sure to take a before picture tonight. What size did you decide on? I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to go back and get the "touch up" part done, as you can relate, I hate being put to sleep. Sherry, you go girl, had to laugh at the formation part, my favorite place to ride is in the rear and on the right side. I hate riding next to the line. Kat, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, dang it I hate that. I just checked the bday list the day before. Belated wishes girlie! OK, gal pals, I'm off to bed. Good Luck Betty, take my phone number and call me if you get bored in the hospital. I'll pm my cell #. Hugs
  5. slcmommy4, I just ran across this thread, I would love to know how you're doing. Please either PM me or drop a line here. Hugs
  6. HarleyNana

    Electric and gas bills

    My electric bill this month was the highest I've EVER received, $538, for one freakin month. That doesn't include the gas bill, which heats my two 75 gallon hot Water heaters or my pool, nor does it include my husbands garage, it's on a separate meter, it was only $20. Thank goodness I'm on the "budget" plan and pay $350.00 every month, so it averages itself out, well it use to any way. I do have to admit, I keep the thermostat in my bedroom on 67 at night, hey, a girl's gotta sleep, LOL. All of my porch lights are those energy saving can flood types, I just can't use those kind of bulbs in my ceiling can-lights inside.
  7. HarleyNana

    Norfolk Surgical Group

    Carla, I'm surprised you still need the cpap machine, you're doing awesome with your weight loss. What do your co-workers think now? I didn't know you slept at your job, that's very interesting.
  8. HarleyNana

    Norfolk Surgical Group

    Heather, I always thought I had Diet Coke in my veins, LOL. There are days I think, boy a Diet Coke would hit the spot, then I think of how sweet they are and I don't think I could do more than a sip now. Now it's either light lemonade or a screwdriver, LOL. Good luck!
  9. HarleyNana

    Hampton Roads/Peninsula thread

    Jefe, that would be an ideal situation if you and your wife could take this journey together. I was self-pay, and I have no regrets, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
  10. HarleyNana

    Norfolk Surgical Group

    Heather, congratulations on your band date. My mom, who will be 77 next month, had her surgery 5 months after me, ours was opposite, plus insurance paid hers, but I was self-pay. It did help I was able to share my experience with her and gave her insight as what to expect. We also have a lot of laughs sharing our embarrassing lapband moments. Good Luck!
  11. HarleyNana

    Betrayal is a BITCH

    Tina, so glad to hear you're healing. Sounds like you're well on your way . I'll bet DH was very touched and WILL cherish that picture forever. Hugs!
  12. HarleyNana

    New Jersey August Chat

    Sherry, I love cucumbers, my favorite veg. Have you tried the cold cucumber Soup? I thought, yuk, cold soup, cucumber on top of that, it was delightful! I so hope we're able to meet someday. Diane, I had to read DH your description of Friday night, you made it sound like a resort :thumbup:. It was so my pleasure having everyone here. Donna, again, we missed you. My fingers are still sore from eating the crabs, one of these days, I'll learn to use the crackers instead of my fingers. I wish you all could have been there. I might be going down to the beach house today, hubby had a pool house built while he was down there this weekend, but he has to match the siding up to the cottage, so he's on a mission. Later girlies,
  13. That is so disgusting.....but so damn funny!
  14. HarleyNana

    New Jersey August Chat

    I adjust the light on a few pictures, thought I'd share.
  15. HarleyNana

    Butterflies getting the best of me!

    I know exactly how you are feeling, I felt that way before my TT, but as for the band, I couldn't get it done soon enough. The surgery is quick and so is the recovery. Just keep thinking about the new healthier, smaller you! Good Luck, just think about the positive and keep looking at those before and after pictures.
  16. HarleyNana

    New Jersey August Chat

    Betty, boy you sure picked up on this quickly. Diane and four other lady friends came over Friday night for a girls night out pool party. We had a blast. My son brought us a couple of dozen of crabs, all cleaned and ready to cook. I'm use to cooking a huge pot of crabs, but this one was like a large Pasta pot. Well, we're sitting on the patio and Diane said she smelled something. I thought, hmmm, smells like burning popcorn, then I looked at the grill and realized the beer had cooked out of the crabs a lot sooner than expected, so I added another can of beer and let them cook a little longer....yep, that can cooked out too. All I can say is around midnight, we're hanging out IN the pool, eating crabs that tasted like burned popcorn. I had turned the heater on in the pool and it was around 93 degrees. I even went down the slide, which I had NEVER done!!! After everyone left, Diane and I sat and talked until 3:15, then got up at 7:30ish. I thought I'd be asleep before my head hit the pillow, but I had a terrible time falling to sleep and staying asleep. Needless to say, we had a great time. I fixed this dip that was debomb, crab and salmon. Oh, and the crabs, that's the only way to eat them, (ommitting the burned taste). I'll probably sit my crab pots back out today, and have my son teach me how to clean them while they're still alive, that way there's not deadman or guts or eggs or nasty stuff, just pick and eat. Donna, I called and left you a message on your answing machine, we missed you. OK, girlies, sorry to have taken up the thread, have a great day all.
  17. HarleyNana

    New Jersey August Chat

    Sherry, 200 miles on a motorcycle, OMG, what a woman! It is more fun with a large group or riders, and it's safer . For some strange reason I'm rather tired tonight, (LOL, Diane), so I'll check back in the morning. Hugs.
  18. HarleyNana

    New Jersey August Chat

    Jetti, I had to laugh, the worst pb I ever had was after I ate a pretzel. Be careful!
  19. HarleyNana

    Evil Landlords!

    I had to share this tidbit, my DH went by one of our rentals yesterday and knocked on the door to let the lady know he was there to check out the deck, because he wanted to send someone over to power-wash and stain it. Being the "nice" old lady that she is, she invited him in. She's been there 6 months, prior to her move in, we had the entire house painted and new carpet installed. My DH almost CHIT, there were two dogs running around, yapping at his heels, the carpet was not only ruined with pee stains, there was dog poop all over the freakin carpet. They're not even her dogs, but her former daughter in law, whose boyfriend won't let her keep them at her house, because they chit everywhere! Needless to say, my DH told her the dogs had to go and called the dog owners and had a few words. Being a landlord has it's ups and downs, I have 9 tenants that are past due for the month of August, and are avoiding my phone calls, hummmm, imagine that! I expect it out of about 2-3 of them, but I guess the economy is taking it's toll on renters as well. I hate to lose a good paying, non complaining tenant, I'll leave their rent the same for years as long as they pay on time and don't nag me. I just rented to a single dad and he calls me almost every day, even on Sundays. I finally told him he's not buying the house, he's renting, it's not brand new, it's not under warranty, to please stop calling me unless it was an emergency. Well Sunday, I get this "emergency" call, his upstairs tub leaked into the downstairs ceiling. I called the plumber who went out and said there was a faulty install of a tub spout. So yesterday, I was reviewing my rental receipts and there was a receipt attached to this guy's check, where he had purchased AND installed a new tub spout! Always something. Just thought I'd give you the "flip" side of the rental industry. I do know in VA there is a department that dictates how rentals are handled, for example I have to pay interest on deposits when I refund them, and there's a rate provided by the state, that I have to use to calculate the interest. You may want to check with your state and see if all regulations were abided by.
  20. I have taken Synthroid for 20 years, I was still banded, but was self-pay.
  21. Sorry, Debski, I'm not going to be as gentle as others. When I read your post, all I could think is OMG! Do you realize the damage you could do to your stomach and your band? You've got to get a grip, you've got a long journey ahead of you and the band is not going to do the work for you, it's a tool to help you make better choices. I realize what's done is done, but you have to respect your band. OK, with that said, today's a new day, take charge and I wish you the best on your journey. YOU CAN DO IT!
  22. HarleyNana


    After reading your post, I'm at a loss for words, that a physician would give you such poor advice. If you really like this doctor, I would ask him if he has been banded and to further explain his "theory". As all have said here, the band is a tool, it does not replace food. I've been banded almost four years and sometimes I look at food wish I could eat it, but I know my band will not tolerate it, so I have to make another choice, but to say food disgusts me....NOT. Also, it does not sound that your doctor is a true advocate for the lapband. Keep us informed.
  23. HarleyNana

    Please, I need advice for my g/f!!!

    I agree with TP, this is NOT normal, please seek medical advice immediately. Your girlfriend is fortunate to have someone like you who cares. Please keep us informed.
  24. HarleyNana

    New Jersey August Chat

    :cool2::eek::w00t: OMG JETTI, I can't believe you've lost all that weight without a fill!!! Donna, I'm having a girl pool party Friday night, I wanted to invite you, when are you leaving for the beach? I'm supposed to go down Saturday and come back on Sunday, still not quite sure I'm going to go though. Trish, I'm thinking about you! Eileen, a honeymoon....WITH, DD, what are you thinking.... Kat, missing PS appt is not like a MD appt, they're tickled to get you in for that selective surgery stuff. I missed my "after" appt 3 times, thought for sure they'd charge me, but they didn't. Sherry, what are you up to? Betty, still waiting on some good news from your PCP. Later girlies!
  25. HarleyNana

    New Lapbander

    Lisa, we all have various pain levels, personally, I was a little uncomfortable, but not in severe pain. Stopped taking pain meds the second day. Maybe my doctor was more gentle, LOL, who knows, but we are all different when it comes to pain. Walking really helps the healing and is good for you too. Good luck to you all of you on your journey to a healthier , happier you! Hugs

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