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    So in my many weight loss attempts I bought a big box of Shakeology packets (chocolate). I like them and would like to use them either pre-op or post-op. They weren't intended for bariatric patients, but as a weight loss tool. I am taking a packet Wed to my NUT for his/her input, but wanted to see if anyone here had any thoughts about using them, either during my 7 day liquid diet pre-op, or during my post-op liquid (but not clear) phase. http://www.shakeology.com/web/shakeology/the-science (general info) http://myshakeology.com/uploads/fckeditor/mdbody/File/downloads/ShakeologyCocoa.pdf (nutrutional values)
  2. butterbean

    Im A May Sleever!

    I'm in a stall too and my exercise is starting to slip. Actually I'm not eating or drinking enough either. I've got to get back on track.
  3. butterbean

    May Sleevers

    I still use 1 Protein shake a day, but I eat egg whites, tilipia, chicken, greek yogurt, etc. I walk but I'm not really pushing myself yet. I need to up the intensity some but I'm enjoying it the way it is now.
  4. 2 months out and 40 lbs down since leaving the hospital.
  5. butterbean

    May Sleevers

    I was sleeved on May 30 also. My numbers are below, in my signature. My biggest challenge is eating slowly, taking small bites and getting enough liquid in. I have had no complications, have no problem eating anything (nothing hurts or upsets my stomach), and I don't feel hunger, I just feel really empty and gurgly when it's time to eat.
  6. butterbean

    Sudden Hopelessness.......

    You can get this done without insurance. If you want it, don't let anything stand in your way.
  7. butterbean

    Bald Soon:-(

    Just curious (and scared)...how far out are you?
  8. butterbean

    Hair Lose Please Help

    I'm so scared of this. Is there anything you can do ahead of time to lessen it? I'm getting my protein (60 g minimum), taking biotin (5000 mg a day) and just started using Ovation hair therapy. I'm looking at the link supersweetums posted right now...but is there anything else?
  9. I posted something simiar to this around the same time post op as you. People told me that once you get to solids you feel more restriction. It is very true. I'm about 2 mons P/o now and it's night and day. salmon, steak, chicken, tuna, turkey...so little goes soooo farrrrr!
  10. When my Weight Watchers leader told me the program wasn't working for me and I needed to try something else. I had already tried Nutrisystem, Adipex, Phen Phen, atkins, south beach, cabbage soup, slim fast meals, and the blood type diet. I needed something REALLY different. I found it!
  11. yes...I feel the same way. Lots of health nuts that print out research to give to me saying how awful Crystal Lite is. Really?? They don't have anything better to do???
  12. This is very hard for me too. My coworkers haven't seen me since 8 days before surgery and I'm almost 2 MONTHS postop. I look different! I saw a few today and they asked too many questions...typical conversation... Them: You've lost weight? What are you doing?? Me: Thank you! Portion control, eating lean Protein, lot of Water, exercising...just really committed! Them: Are you taking pills? did you go to the doctor? Me: Just Vitamins. I've seen a nutritonist too. Them: How much have you lost? Me: Since when? Haha! Over a lifetime probably a thousand pounds, this time I'm committed to keeping it off? Them: Good for you! Did you have a bypass??? Me: CRAZY look on my face...No, gastric bypass is not for me. I never lie, but I am not truthful. I feel sleezy and dishonest. I teach so I interact with a lot of women, and they don't let things go easily. I just don't want to be judged.
  13. Also, special K makes a mix you add to water that has 5 g of protein....It's pink lemonade. Taste like crystal lite. http://www.amazon.com/Special-Protein-Water-Lemonade-packs/dp/B001AQ9GEO
  14. i live of of tilipia, egg whites, and greek yogurt. You can get individually frozen 4 oz filets of tilipia at walmart. You can bake them or george foreman them, and I have every kind of of Mrs. Dash available to change up the flavor. Egg whites-I use liquid egg whites. 9 tblsp is 15 g of Protein. I add a little salsa, cheese, spinach, or even hot sauce to change up the taste. I hate greek yogurt too, but i got some sugar free syrup to add to it and it really improved the taste. I also bought one of those little plastic Popsicle maker containers and added my Protein Drink to it to make protein popsicles.
  15. I think the sleeve helps me the most in these decisions. I have limited space, so I have to make every bite count, it's quality...not quantity. whatever I eat, I make it a nutritious as possible. Lean protein, whole grain carbs, no junk. It's easy now (8 weeks out) because there is no extra room and I don't feel hunger.
  16. butterbean

    Goodbye 75 Pounds :)

    Congrats! That is wonderful. I'm almost 8 weeks out and haven't tried crab legs yet. I loved them before surgery, hope they still love me! I'll have to try some soon
  17. I found eating little pieces of ice is easier for me. I run ice through the blender to make it slushy, or even better, get a huge cup of ice from Sonic. They have the best ice.
  18. butterbean

    2 months post Op - side

    You are doing such a great job! Our surgery date is about 2 weeks apart and we look about the same...only you have lost more than me! Keep up the great work! You are inspiring!
  19. butterbean

    Hair Loss

    I'm taking biotin too, and ordered Ovation hair therapy but it has not arrived yet so I I can't comment on how well it works.
  20. I only had that feeling for about 5 days? You could wait it out. It's one way your body makes you take it easy as you heal.
  21. How far post op are you?
  22. butterbean

    Completely Bummed!

    I'm sorry you are frustrated. First, don't discount that 30 lbs. You have lost 30 lbs in 9 or 10 weeks. That's pretty good, ya know! What is your eating/exercise like? Are you on My Fitness Pal? Don't give up. This battle isn't over!
  23. butterbean

    Sleeve Vs Gastric Bybass

    It makes me question a surgeon when they push one surgery over another. Is he/she as confident in his/her ability to do the sleeve as another surgery? If both surgeries are safe for you, it should be your decision.
  24. butterbean

    What Does A Typical Day Look Like For You

    I'm a teacher too and go back August 4 and I've begun making a "plan". 5:00 wake up 5:10 drink protein drink and take meds while reading 5:30 ellipitcal 6:00 make eggs, eat, shower and dress 7:10 wake up kid and hubby and leave for work (he is a teacher too but doesn't have to be at work nearly as early as me) 7:30 arrive at school and start first 20 oz of water 9:00 make sure first 20 oz of water are finished 9:30 snack (during a literacy center but what can you do?) 11:12 lunch time (carry lunch EVERY DAY. Keep a few a few protein drinks in desk just in case). 12:00 start 2nd 20 oz of water 3:30 students leave-I have a little snack 4:00 gym or walking/tennis with coworkers 5:00 pick up child from afterschool and spend time with him 6:00 start dinner 6:30 eat dinner (hubby is a coach so 6:30 is the earliest we can eat as a family) 7:00 keep eating as I clean up or help kid with homework (hubby and I take turns cleaning/doing homework) 7:30 start last 20 oz of water No more food after dinner.

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