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  1. Randi

    Week 3

    I still go out to eat with my co-workers - I just chose healthy choices. It's really for the company and not for the food.
  2. Randi

    Found My True Friends

    Dexter - don't get too down on yourself (and your friends). People get busy and not everybody wants to be a cheerleader. It sounds like you do a lot for other people and that's great. Not everybody can do that. My husband had back to back brain surgeries in 2010, was in the hospital for almost 6 weeks and only 1 member of his family and 2 of my relatives came to visit him. I was heartbroken but people are people and you have to take them for what they are.
  3. Randi


    They need to start selling serving sizes for WLS people!!
  4. Randi

    Where Are My April 2012 Sleevers?

    I am the exact same way. I was sleeved on April 19. My highest was 262 and now I'm between 202 and 205. i can't seem to make the scale move, although my clothes are looser. I have my 6 month appt next week so i'll see what they say!!
  5. Randi

    Wontons Vs Bread

    There are a ton of things to make with these and they are really good!!! As far as making them in muffin pans, I would go with the regular muffin pan vs. the mini-muffin pan because then you will eat more of the protein than the won tons.
  6. Good Luck with your surgery!!! I'm happy I'm a slow loser.....
  7. Randi

    Smoothie King - Bad

    OK - so I went to Smoothie King and they have this category of smoothies called Trim Down and I thought - GREAT!! A strawberry banana smoothie with extra protein will be great for breakfast. Until I got to work and went on their website and saw it had 84 carbs. Are you kidding me? How can that be categorized as a slim down anything??? Off to the garbage it went. It was soooo yummy, but that many carbs? No way!!!
  8. Randi

    Feeling Blue

    We moved from Seattle to Dallas in 2010 - I had lost my job and needed a good job. I'm a financial controller for engineering and construction companies. I landed a job being the Controller for 2 huge toll road projects in dallas. My hubby is disable and can't work (or drive) because of a head injury so I am the bread winner. I miss Seattle!! We lived in Bonney Lake.
  9. Randi

    Privacy Issues At Work

    I work in a small company and I know that everybody knows. I've lost 50 pounds in 3 1/2 months - what are they going to think? It's kind of hard to get those results without having surgery. I have found that people at work are actually nicer to me and I get lots of compliments. I focus on that and not who told who what at the water cooler.
  10. Randi

    Feeling Blue

    Did not have a good weekend - suffering from normal people food withdrawals again. My husband wants to have date night tomorrow night which means I get to go out and have 4 bites and watch him eat an entire meal. I ate badly over the weekend, fritos and artichoke dip while watching the Seahawks win their first pre-season game. Don't forget the wine that went along with that. And, yep, gained 2 pounds since last week. I'm mad at myself and was a cranky b***h all weekend. I know - get back on the horse and do better today and tomorrow and so on and so on. I'm thrilled with my weight loss, but am thinking that I'm missing out on things. Right, the things that got me overweight in the first place. I hope somebody else out there can relate.
  11. Randi

    April Sleevers Losing Hair?

    I take biotin every day. I am losing some hair, but not a ton (yet anyway).
  12. Randi

    Fried Food

    I have had french fries and those are fine. I really don't have any cravings for fried food other than maybe a grilled cheese sammie. Wait - I did eat some skin off of rotisserie chicken and that was awesome and went down find. Not sure if that qualifies as fried or not.
  13. Randi

    Where Are My April 2012 Sleevers?

    Joni - I'm going to be right with you on the slow award. I started at 262 as my highest weight and have lost 48 pounds so far. I think you are losing less because you had less to lose to begin with. At least you are halfway - YAY! My goal is also 140 so I have 74 pounds to go. Perhaps I haven't been the strictest with my diet but I want to have a little fun along the way. Everybody is different and i'm very pround of you!!!
  14. I have 2 boxes of clothing that I will donate to anybody who wants them. I live in Frisco, TX so please let me know if you are close and interested!
  15. OK - I'm just over 3 months out and happy with my 48 pound weight loss. I work a lot and am getting tired of yogurt for breakfast, fruit for snacks, mostly soup for lunch and eating a tiny portion of what I cook for my husband at night. Is eating 1/2 cup of canned soup a criminal act? How about mac and cheese? I can only buy so many vegies before they go bad as my hubby eats very few. I make a regular meal about once a week and then have left-overs but usually end up throwing part of it away. Lean Cuisines and similar items seem to be too much of a serving - seems wasteful to me as well. I love the people who make their bento boxes and tiny little egg treats and freeze them but I just don't have the time. Is there anybody else out there like me?

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