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  1. My only regret is I didn't do it years ago. I'm 58 years old and now trying to fit in everything I've missed out on for years. My husband says I sometimes wear clothes a little to young for me (my daughter in laws disagree) I say I'm wearing what I want and nothing to revealing or vulgar. Yes, this was tough in the beginning,, the first month or two I wasn't sure if I made the right choice. But after a few months I knew the surgery (sleeve) was so right. I have always lived for food, , it ruled my life, I still feel I revolve around food to much. But the sleeve helps keep me in control. I'm 16 months out and 107 pounds down. I range from 130 to 134. I want to stay here and that is my struggle now. I'm trying to stay away from very much fat and sugar.. Protein first!!! Everyone says I will gain some weight back now.. I don't want that to happen. I've never been a size 5/6 before,, I love it!! I can play with my grand kids,, go to Water parks and keep up at Disney!! I need to do something with the skin hanging problem.. it is a problem!!! For the person that is unhappy and feeling left out.. time will change this.. I go out with people and have a drink and enjoy the food,, but I usually share with my husband or take most of mine home.. esp. if I had a drink... it makes me feel good that I can take some home instead of eating a whole plate of food and feel guilty later,, that is in the past.....

  2. I'm hoping to learn a lesson here.... My weight range is 130 to 135... I try to keep closer to 130,,, well, I'm 135 today so I'm hoping to be smart here and get back on the stick today more exercise ,,, more Protein, ,, cut out the sugar and fat... guide line...from Dr. Gluck... per serving,,, 5 grams or less of fat, 10 grams or less of sugar protein,,protein,, protein.... ok ME,,, DO IT!!!

  3. yes, I agree,, reevaluate what you are eating,, go back to basics..... I am 15 months out and sometimes I get upset because I feel hungry more often... but I have to ask myself is it really hunger,, is it boredom,, is it acid,,, Also I find if I eat dense Protein, like chicken breast, I feel full longer and don't need as much. Love my Kashi Mocha Almond Bars, they have 6 grams of protein but they don't fill me up.....And I know I'm not exercising enough... If I want to stay at this weight I've got to follow the program!! My husband has not had surgery but is following the " get more protein, eat less, exercise more ,, and he is finally losing weight also!!

  4. Don't get discouraged this happens sometimes... stay on track,, keep up the exercise ,,, keep eating what you are suppose to eat and before you know it the scales will start moving again. Our bodies want to hold on to the fat. It says ha she is starving me,, lets hold on... but eventually it has to let go. I also went through many times where the weight didn't budge for a couple of weeks... I would for my own sake look over what I'm eating and make sure it's Protein, , no more then 5 grams of fat and 10 grams of sugar per serving.. that is my Dr.s guide lines and it works very well. I'm 15 months out from surgery and trying to stay at my weight of 130 to 134.. I still need to stay in my guide lines and get the exercise. I've lost 107 pounds but had some weeks of nothing happening.... hang in there

  5. yes, it's great to hear about everyones journey,,,, so many people think we took the easy way out.. We understand it's not and we have a tough road to follow. I still try to make Protein number one and sugar and fat as little as possible. Don't give up!! (I'm talking to myself too!) Keep our heads in the game!! I have found a group near me that meets once a month,, first Thursday of the month,, I think I may check them out!

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