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    Missmarbe reacted to Shemy-away for a blog entry, Day 3   
    Soooooo it's day 3. It's also the last weekday of my spring break and I've done absolutely NOTHING LOL. Back to the surgery. I'm officially post-op. The surgery went very well. Passed the leak test, started my liquids, discharged yesterday. I thought I was prepared for it all. I've had a c section before, I read the forums, blogs, but nothing prepares you for this. The pain is different. My pain was constant. Its not just the incisional pain, its the gas and acid!
    It was very hard for me to walk my first day. I was on a dilaudid PCA and I would fall asleep at the drop of a hat, but I tried anyway. The walking does help. Walk, walk, walk!
    I overpacked. I couldn't even tell you everything that was in my bag, but I can tell you what I would not have made it without:
    1. My heating pad
    2. Gax-x strips
    3. phone
    4. tampons
    5. wipes for the ladyparts
    6. small pillow to splint your stomach
    I'm trying to get all of my fluids in. It's a full time job I tell ya. I try to remind myself to sip and Keep a bottle of something close to me at all times.
    Slowly but surely i'm getting it in. Whelp, it's time for the good ol' pain meds again, so I will keep you guys posted on my progress!
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    Missmarbe reacted to Smontgomery for a blog entry, Insurance Approval!   
    Insurance came through with approval today. My surgery date is March 19th. I am totally excited and totally freaked out all at once! Looking forward to getting the surgery over with and moving onto the loser's bench. Pre-Op diet starts for real tomorrow!