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  1. Missmarbe

    200 Pounds To Lose Is Doable

    So I had my 3 month follow up on July 5th.I am 65# down from my starting weight of 440!! :-) he wants me to be 30 more # down by my next appointment in October.
  2. Discovery: Any pill with Iron is disgusting!!

  3. Missmarbe

    200 Pounds To Lose Is Doable

    I was just thinking if I get a scale and see the weight going down, that would be ny motivation. I get what you are saying though. When it doesn't move, I'll be disappointed and throw it out the window !!! Lol
  4. Missmarbe

    200 Pounds To Lose Is Doable

    I know I can do it but right now I feel like I'm failing. Mostly because I don't have a scale and don't track what I eat daily. I have had a lot going on and have not planned well. Hopefully I will get back on track and lose more weight by my birthday. The more I get on VST, the better I feel and the more I lose. I guess I need to make more time for my great support system!!!
  5. Missmarbe

    March Roll Call!

    Hello everyone. I haven't posted because I've been busy. I can't update my weight because I haven't weighed myself since may 7th! I need to purchase a big girl scale. I feel good but I find myself very dizzy Luke dehydrated in the morning since starting my new job. It is more physically demanding (Floor nurse, 12 hour shift) vs my old job sitting at a desk all day.
  6. Missmarbe

    This Bill I Got In The Mail Is Bugging Me

    Sorry I'm replying so late but I just started a new job. I did get pre auth for surgery & I had surgery with this doctor and hospital because it was the only One my insurance would cover. I haven't heard anything and again it is because I haven't had time since my new job. Thanks for all of your help!!!!!
  7. I recieved a bill in the mail and an EOB from my insurance stating I owe $53,000 for my VSG!!!!!! I called the hospital where I had the surgery , also where I worked until May 8th, and they said that called the insurance and they stated they paid their maximum amount. They also said that some of what I had done was denied. My surgeon's office assured me that they will look into this and resolve then call me back. This is so nerve racking because I wouldn't have had VSG at the time I did because I don't want to have to pay this much for it. If anybody has anybody has any pointers to how to fight this, I will welcome your advice. Between this and student loans, I could have purchased a house!!!!!! I love my sleeve but Gee Whiz!!!
  8. I need to re-vamp my whole way of eating!

  9. i want to lose 20lbs by my 3 mo f/u

  10. I'm busy & tired

  11. Thanks for the tip!!!
  12. Got a $53,000 bill in the mail from my surgery. Insurance denied some of it. OH BOY!! They will get paid slowly but surely

  13. 6 week stall?!?!?! And I have busy week of celebrating!!

  14. Missmarbe

    I Hate Veggies

    I'm 5 1/2 weeks out. I have always liked almost ALL foods. i guess that's how I got obese in the first place. My taste have drastically changed. I was a huge sweet eater. I haven't had a thing sweet. I'm not even tempted. They had frsh, hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts at my job and I acted like they weren't even there! I didn't eat bananas before surgery but now, they are fine. I wouldn't say I eat "healthy foods" but I do focus on eating protein more because I can't stand the protein shakes. By the time I eat my meat for protein, i am usually too full for veggies. But I do check the labels and look for callories, carbs and such.
  15. Missmarbe

    Confused With Post Op Diet

    I was on 1 week clear, 3 weeks full liquid with protein shakes and 1 week pureed. I'm 6 weeks out and I am still doing mushies.
  16. I use a straw. I'm 6 weeks post op. I had problems sipping and my friend who was sleeve told me to try the "forbidden" straw. It actually helped me get hydrated!!!!! I think they tell you not to use because of air in the straw and it will cause gas, also you may gulp down to much at a time. I took it very slow and had no problems.
  17. So I can use my regular FB to join?
  18. 51 pounds Down...... yippee!!

  19. I did too much this weekend!

  20. Save me from myself!!!!

  21. Under 400lbs......... I promise I'll never go back there!!!!!!

  22. Hello. I was sleeved on 3/21. We are experiencing the same things also!!! I can make my water goal on some days and some days not. I have yet to partake of 60 grams of protein I try my best though. I agree, a lot of those protein shakes are gross and I have a lot of mixes left because of that fact. Be careful of what protein "shots" you purchased because alot of them have protein that is not absorbed readily in our bodies. Per this site and my nutritionist, look for Whey protein, sot protien, and rice protien.
  23. Missmarbe

    Today Is My 1 Month Surgerversary

    Happy Surgeversary!! Mine was on yesterday. I am glad you feel better and more energized.