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  1. Having the worst day :( First I discover $100 gone from my purse. Disappeared over the weekend, I assume at work since that's the only place I went. Then as I was cooking dinner, I let the pan get too hot. It burst into flames when I put the oil in it and I burned my hand putting the lid on it. So I'm trying to clear out the smoke so the fire alarms will stop screeching and hold my hand under cold water. I was going to go for a run, but I'm afraid of what might happen!

  2. Alright, I'm getting a little tired of the North Carolina bashing. This state is my home and I love it here. If you don't like living here, there are 49 other states for you to choose from. Feel free to pick one.

  3. Great day today! Slept for 4 hours straight without waking up to look at the clock, had a productive session with my awesome trainer, Tara Boyd, then went and ran some intervals. When I got home, my sweet husband had cooked dinner for me! And the best part, I think my body is adjusting to the Prempro.... I'm being to feel like the girl y'all know and love, LOL!!!

  4. Yes! My Garmin Forerunner came! Now for some serious training!!

  5. momokev

    The Color Run

    Oh fun! That will be a great first run! It's coming here this fall and I can't wait! Lisa
  6. momokev

    5K Advice

    Tomorrow will be my 5th 5k, and I am no expert by any means, but speaking from worked from me.... One of your run days needs to be a long run at an easy pace ( you should be able to talk), another run should be a tempo run (you run or walk for 10 min, then crank up the speed until it's strenuous but manageable for 15 to 20 min, then cool down with another 10 min. This is like the interval training), then another day is a recovery run. I think the reason you are stuck is because you haven't pushed out of that 3 mile box. I had the same problem and the tempo runs helped my get past that. I'm up to 6 miles now and have only been running since Jan This is going to take time and as you progress, add in hill work outs and such. There are several websites with great articles. www.active.com and www.runnersworld.com. I also got some free training plans from running.about.com and www.halhigdon.com. I hope this helps! Lisa
  7. Who need the gym when you have a push mower?

  8. Haven't visited site in forever and just saw your before & after pix....you look amazing, just amazing !!

  9. momokev


  10. Brought home an unwanted souvenir from the field trip to Williamsburg. Strep! Please let me feel better for Christmas!

  11. Yesterday, I bought size 12 jeans! Now that's payment!!
  12. Wondering how your doing? love to hear from you.

  13. I now know what jet lag is

  14. Waiting to board my flight to Seattle. Can't wait to hold my grandson!

  15. Still waiting for that grandbaby of mine! Looks like we're getting closer!

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