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    The Color Run

    Oh fun! That will be a great first run! It's coming here this fall and I can't wait! Lisa
  2. momokev

    5K Advice

    Tomorrow will be my 5th 5k, and I am no expert by any means, but speaking from worked from me.... One of your run days needs to be a long run at an easy pace ( you should be able to talk), another run should be a tempo run (you run or walk for 10 min, then crank up the speed until it's strenuous but manageable for 15 to 20 min, then cool down with another 10 min. This is like the interval training), then another day is a recovery run. I think the reason you are stuck is because you haven't pushed out of that 3 mile box. I had the same problem and the tempo runs helped my get past that. I'm up to 6 miles now and have only been running since Jan This is going to take time and as you progress, add in hill work outs and such. There are several websites with great articles. www.active.com and www.runnersworld.com. I also got some free training plans from running.about.com and www.halhigdon.com. I hope this helps! Lisa
  3. momokev


  4. Yesterday, I bought size 12 jeans! Now that's payment!!
  5. Hi Ellie, I am in NC, so yeah, it was a long ride. I didn't get up and walk around. They give you a blood thinner called Lovonox before surgery, so I figured chances of developing a blood clot was pretty low. The worst part of the ride home was running through the airport in Cinncinatti to make my connecting flight. The first plane was late and I only had a 45 min layover. Of course the gate was on the other side of the airport. I wish I had connected in Atlanta instead. Ah well. Oh, and take a pillow to splint your abdomen with. I go back to work next week. They would have written me out for 3 weeks if I had wanted, but I don't have enough PTO time. I understand your nerves. I was a basket case! But now that it's over, I look back and wonder what I was so afraid of. Honestly, the worst past is this clear liquid diet. I'm hating it. I'm hungry and while I think part of it is in my head, I'm still battling it. I think once I hit cream Soups, it will be a little more satisfing. And the nutritionist says I'm not getting enough Protein, which is why I'm hungry. I'm losing at a good pace so I'm happy. I've lost 9 pounds since surgery, 13 pounds total counting the adkins preop diet. Feel free to ask me anything. I'm happy to share Lisa
  6. Hi Ellie, I'm doing very well actually. Only problem I have had is I have felt too good and I have done way too much. I was sore the next day. I forget to be kind to my body sometimes. I want to eat and I am very bored with Clear liquids. I'm really looking forward to Sunday and bumping up to full liquids! When is your surgery? Will you be going to Dr Aceves? Lisa
  7. I am planning to have my surgery in Mexico with Dr Aceves on Nov 5th. I have $5000 on my flex spending card that I plan to use for the procedure. Nina wants me to go ahead and send the card to her to make sure it will work (sometimes they won't "swipe".) I am concerned it will become lost and then I will be up the creek. Has anyone else used a flex spending account to pay for VSG in Mexico? Should I send the card on to Nina? Thanks for helping out a newbie! Lisa
  8. I just got home last night and today I posted several pictures of the hospital. The place is immaculate! Try to find a speck of dirt! House keeping cleaned my room multiple times per day. I was so impressed with the docs. They truly care about you and your needs. I was amazed how quickly my needs were met. And the fact that they gave us a spinal before the general anesthesia, so we would wake up pain free is amazing! I am recovering nicely and couldn't be more thankful to all the people involved in making me a loser! Lisa
  9. Hey, Mel, did you see the pictures I posted? What a trip! Loved spending time with you! Lisa
  10. My first step was to call the flex spending company. They said the procedure was covered and they had no problem with me using it in Mexico. My card looks just like a Visa, says Visa, and they used it at the hospital, just like a Visa. Easy peasy. I did have to pay a 3% terminal fee for swiping the card, so I paid for that separately. No problem what so ever using the card. My flex spending requires an itemized bill that includes the procedure preformed, Surgeon's name, total cost, etc. Good luck with your surgery! Lisa
  11. momokev

    October 27th

    Changed my date! Now Sept 15the with Dr Aceves Lisa
  12. Good luck with your surgery! Lisa
  13. Yes, I am. I arrive in San Diego on the 14th and am scheduled to be sleeved on the 15th Lisa
  14. Where in NC are you? I'm in Statesville, which is north of Charlotte. I know there's a doc in Mooresville that does the sleeve. Probably who I would have gone to if my insurance covered wls Lisa
  15. momokev

    Packing and ready

    Good luck to you! Hope all goes smoothly!! I'll say a prayer for you! Lisa
  16. OMG What a horrible thing! Lisa
  17. Thank you Tizzy! I appreciate the prayers! Lisa
  18. Yep, it's gonna be me and you girl! Lisa
  19. I'm glad you're feeling better today! My surgery's coming up fast and I'm beginning to get so nervous! So day 4 is a better day? Just hold on until then? Lisa
  20. Oh wow, even better! I'd love to get mine over with. I can't wait to be on the other side. sitting on the loser's bench! Keep in touch and let me know how it goes. Lisa
  21. momokev

    Only 15 more days

    In only 15 more days, I will be having the surgery that will change my life. I'm so excited! It is time for me to get a life! There are so many, many things I want to do. Ride my bike down the Virginia Creeper Trail, go hiking with my family, kick the soccer ball around with my son. And I am so sick of being ashamed of my body. I know this surgery is a tool, that this is going to take a lot of hard work on my part. I'm willing to do my part. So I have a stock pile of protein shakes sitting in my dining room. I still need to get some soups, popsicles, and jello. It's coming along Heck, I am even packed for the most part. That's how ready I am to go! I talked to my local doc last night and I was surprised how supportive he was. He asked a few questions, but didn't try to talk me out of having the surgery or going to Mexico for it. And I can plan for him to help with follow up labs, etc. This was the last area that troubled me, wondering what I would do if there was a problem, with Dr Aceves being so far away. Knowing Dr Kepley is there if I need him is very reassuring. I have always believe that God will guide us to the right path. If it's the wrong thing, obstacle after obstacle will be thrown in our paths. I know this is the right path because everything has fallen so easily and perfectly into place. Today is my last day to eat because I'm starting my preop diet tomorrow. I'm going to make today count, LOL! I've been taking a walk daily and drinking tons of water so I'll have some veins on my big day!
  22. Nice to meet you, Lovey! Our dates are coming up fast! I am in 14 days Lisa
  23. momokev

    Today is the day!!!!!!

    Hope it goes well! Will be thinking of you! Lisa

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