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  1. loving my FAM BAM right now!!! Going to look at new cameras today!! I have completely grown out of my camera and feel like its holding me back BIG TIME!! NIKON users I need a recc for a lower priced DSLR that is above the d3000-d5100 ( these do not have the motor built in the camera for auto focusing) ( always need special lenses). Older models are ok..

  2. doing team pics for a Basketball team on Thursday...... gotta get ready

  3. So after about 10-15 inquires this last two weeks about pictures i have decided to open up my online store front again for easy ordering. Might even so a facebook page again although not sure about that yet. It is still in process but the store front is megannadinephotography@photoreflect.com

  4. This year when taxs come in, except alittle for saved for football season for my 100 kids.... the rest is going to pay off as many bills as POSSIBLE.... I LOVE IT!!! then 2012 taxes will possibly pay off the remaining of my student loan and by 2013 i will be somewhat debt free with no other bill except light water, rent and internet!!! Then the phone begins!!! :-)

  5. First thing Ty asks me today is if we can take more videos of him dancing... Lol lil nut

  6. I want to take dance lesson but unsure what kind.. Did hip hop as a kid but what do adults do for fun?

  7. i am officially 10 pounds away from where I was when Randy met me 4 years ago!

  8. heading to the store for supplies to make lil miss Lexi her surprise b-day present.

  9. I wish people were more kind, loving, sincere, honest, and non backstabbing then they are. I also wish I lived in a world with butterflies, rainbows, and skittle shitting unicorns......

  10. SON OF A FLIPPING $#@!@!!!! does anyone remember what happened to me about 10 months ago, when I blew up like a balloon with massive blisters?!? ill re post some pic.... well slowly but surely I am seeing the signs of it on my cheeks and nose area- exactly where it started before.....PLEASE LORD DONT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!!

  11. SO all night I suffered ugly pain in my right sinus. Like having a BAD headache under my eye.. it made my jaw hurt, eye pain, when i woke up I found bruising all in the area too. anyone heard of this.. I was sick all last week. My running nose did stop but I do still have some mucous in that sinus.. never felt this pain and bruising before..

  12. is there any tanning salons on the southside at all... or anywhere inside loop 410 really preferably westside of I10?

  13. a meteorite just flew through the texas sky ... landing somewhere or not at all.. hopefully someone got a video of it.......

  14. So incredibly tired. Only solution I have is to hit the gym to force energy into my body.

  15. So the focus group was a prototype for some chicken bites Whataburger is going to sell. They are plump and juicy and full of meat. something I would totally get the kids. The first one we tried had too much pepper in it but the second was pretty good.

  16. Went to bingo with my mother and father inlaw yesterday. Tina won 600 dollars , Ray won 175, I won 0. Lol going again tonight it's my turn to win.

  17. 1 more pound until I have 50 pounds of weight loss!!!!! This also marks my first big goal as far as how much I weigh!!! the count down begins baby!!

  18. WHy did I feel the need to wake up and start jumping around singing " Rise and shine and give god your glory glory, rise and shine and give God your glory glory.... RISE AND SHINE AND give got your glory glory , Children of the LORD!!!" MY kids thought I was CRAZY!!!...lol :-)

  19. Super excited. Tyler my 3 yr old is starting to talk in long sentences now that are actually audible..:-) he is pretty behind in talking then most kids his age but we are making progress! he can copy what we say really clearly but when he wants to tell you something or explain a story he cant find his words very well and it sounds like gibberish.. BUT we are making progress..

  20. Going to go back to the park this morning and meet up with Nancy Holt Lansford. Anyone else with little kiddos want to come out please do!! 10 am brackingridge

  21. so got my cabinet doors back from father in law and about to put them back up after I put back 40 hinges and about 120 screws.. SWEETTT!!!

  22. Taking the babies to brackenridge park with the camera if anyone wants to join.. going to whataburgar first

  23. "Aint nothing going to break my stride, aint nothing gonna hold me down... ooo no, I got to keep on moving" song stuck in my head...lol

  24. I hate not knowing what I want to do with my life... I love being creative and I love design... But all kinds of design, graphic, hair styling, makeup, stylist, home interior, art work, crafts, photography............ i just wish someone would give me my big break at an awesome gig.........one day im sure

  25. well so much for sleeping. We are in the middle of one hell of a TEXAS style storm. Stay home if you can DO NOT be stupid and try to drive through a "big puddle".. If your from texas you know what I mean and if you are visiting dont find out the hard way and drown or require a rescue. Good news my honey surprised me by coming home today!!!! Love you baby.

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