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  1. Boo found out Miguel is playing on a 8-9 yr old team instead of a 7-8... Back to being the baby on the team again... Oo well its his 3rd season on tackle time to step up his game!!! Practice starts today!!!

  2. Had an amazing night out thanx to my hunny. He took me and kids to rainforest cafe, then we walked along the riverwalk and took a boat tour!! The babies loved it and and it was nice and fresh outside! Perfect.

  3. Really Really Frustrated about my Camera Situation right now!!! I officially need a BRAND NEW CAMERA!! But its OK cause Friday I am getting a Nikon D300 and a 50mm f1.4 lens!!! ( and another speedlight) A local professional photographer is selling me his back up camera real cheap!! Finally a camera that puts me back in the game!!

  4. Photographing a newborn tomorrow!! More in my element for sure!! Everything is completely in my control as far as lighting, settings, and backgrounds are concerned!! At ease and excited!

  5. HAd a good weekend. We had all the Boys this weekend its was a full house but good times! Then I went to a Pampered chef party and visited with my Pal Lindsay. Love my lil family and the good times we have, even if I want to rip my hair out by the end of the day!!!! :-)

  6. 1 month till Mine and Randy Villarreal 4 yr anniversary!!! Need to plan something special for him!! hmmmm...?

  7. Pre-k 3 sign up at Miguels school is next month for Tyler!! My baby is getting BIG. And a side note Miguels report card shows all A's again with the highest at a 98% in Math. GO MIGUEL!!!

  8. So we got a call last night that Spring Football conditioning starts next week!!! woohoo 3 of our boys are playing this season!

  9. Girls trip with 3 of my closest friends and our Babies born in July '10. Getting excited as I have never gone on a trip before and I am only taking 1 kid with me...

  10. Holy crap I cant lift my arms.... I did my normal work out and then realized there was a random class starting so I said what the heck why not!.... OMG I am sore.. it was a great class. It was called body test challenge or something.. but seriously cant lift the arms they are jello!!!

  11. So I just tracked down My moms "dad" and that side of my family. I have been looking for them for years and finally found a site that had their number listed. I called with no hesitation and they remembered my name and everything. I really want to VISIT THEM and know that side of me... Hopefully I can find a way

  12. My 3 yr old acts like a zombie all the time. I'm not going to lie, sometimes it freaks me out at random moments.. Lol

  13. HAd a great time with my family at the park. We had a picnic, we flew kites, and we all laughed as my fat ass went down an 8ft slide.. ( hey I fit atleast, thats a plus!!) :-) Then to top it off when I got home there was flowers waiting for me from my hunny! The Card ended with "...... cant wait to till you share my last name!" LOVE HIM!!!

  14. Barney-Be my Valentines for the babies, and I Hate Valentines Day for ME on Netflix ( Cute movie). Good afternoon so far.

  15. I hate Mornings btw!!! Just figures everyone needed to know that tid bit of info.

  16. OOO Grandma TINA sent over a Giant STAR cake for My little STARS!! or I should say CAKE MONSTERS!!!. ... Thanx grandma

  17. It was soo damn cold last night Randy , Myself, and the babies all cuddled in bed together. Man they give off a lot of heat! Love my little heaters!

  18. I wonder how many people are going to watch the body guard tonight on Netflix..? Rip ms. houstan.

  19. Sorry for my mommy outburst. Im allowed 1-2 outbursts a month....... so we should be good until March..:-)

  20. I sweat some of the STUPID ass pictures that are attached to ads on the right side of the screen are rediculous. LIke the one right now is "get your nutrition degree" then its a pic of a pizza with corndogs all over it. Or the "mothers going back to get your degree" add and yet its a pic of some chic partying in a club...weird...

  21. My first loaf of bread in my Bread machine!!!! YUMMERS!!!!! Thanx to my Mother In Law for passing it down to me!

  22. haha poor JR. I told Tyler if he didnt stop jumping on the couch he would go to his room for a time out... then I looked at JR and said YOU TOO MISTER.... HE put his head down and waddled to his room and sat on his bed....lol ooo my lil guy understood me... such a big boy.

  23. In a nasty mood now! I know I am capable of sooo much more and I feel like I choked. Total let down......

  24. First sports photo shoot done and a success in my book! oye and now comes the editing and such.. sweet!!

  25. Alright- My first Team Basketball pictures are today. I put together some packages, got new bulbs for my lights and charging the battery. I really wish I had a new lens, the NIKON 35mm f/1.8 Af-S DX, but no bueno . my 50 mm will have to do!!!

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