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  1. The COUNTDOWN IS ON!!!!!!! Im at 204. 5 more pounds and I will look in the mirror and say F$#K You Obesity!! See my left big toe?! .... SUCK IT!!!! :-) ------ Cross posted from my private weightloss group.

  2. My hunny is on his way home for lunch with me and kids!!!! Most other guys would have gone out with work buddies, not my love, he comes home to us!!!!! Or maybe he is just scared of my wrath.. Lol:)

  3. Super proud of my Miguel. Coaches have him at Defensive Tackle and Center. They said he is one of the best blockers of all the lineman. I knew he would blossom he just needed time to grow!!!

  4. So I vowed this year, NO BIRTHDAY PARTIES for any of the kids. Instead we will have a special day for each one such as Rainforest Cafe outing and a trip to the mall for the older boys for something nice and toys r us for the younger!! They all said they like the idea too. SWEET!

  5. Looking for a sitter on Saturday night from 7ish- 2am.... I have to photograph a live band starting at 10pm but Hubby and I want to take advantage and go to dinner before and enjot the night a bit.. any takers. We can pay $40. If its at our house we can also do pizza and snacks....

  6. Team Mom Megan SCORES!!! no puffy paint bucket for my Rookie boys!! My mom who works for Sew Much More in Austin, has a co worker who offered to custom embroiderer canvas bags for each one of my Rookie boys!! Thanx Team GRANDMA Debbie Lynn Wood!!!...lol

  7. Someone help me!!!! I need some kind of bucket or bad for my Football players. Its for their after game snacks we will fill each week. I want to decorate them. I cant find the black buckets at the dollar store and I dont know what else to use thats under 3 dollars an item... HELP!!

  8. Miguel is with his daddy and I miss him !!:-( Cant wait for him to come home tomorrow right before football practice!! LOVE YOU MIGUEL!!!!! Erik Salazar

  9. Alright doing some newborn pictures in an hour or so. good practice for when little Josiah comes into the world SOON!! Carrie Kittrell Zamora :-)

  10. So good news. Not only am I cleared to go back to school ( loans are all paid off) im also cleared to get my cosmetology liscense!! All I have to do it take the practical exam and VOILA!!! 6 yrs later im good to go and legal...lol only downside... umm its been 6 years since I practiced the dumb practical portion.. I havent touched a perm rod or given a relaxer in god knows how long...

  11. Gosh I love my honey so much I think I might????????? Finish my sentence and let's see what y'all think it might be!

  12. Randy Villarreal where are you? I hate when I cant get ahold of him and I start to worry. His phone just rings and rings... Even his drivers have called me to find him cause he isnt answering the phone. Now its dead cause its going to voicemail.... hope he is alright.....

  13. Thank You to my Step Son Christian for helping me clean the kitchen, Even though I had to pay him $5 to do it!..lol :-) Thanks buddy

  14. I was half asleep and couldn't figure out why JR was crying and sitting up in bed next to me.. after I got up and turned the light on I realized his poor little eyes were fused shut from crustys and he couldn't see...lol poor little guy!!:-)

  15. I think im going to have fun with the camera and remote speedlight today!!!!! im thinking some High Key black and whites with the kiddos

  16. Spent the evening with our new Lobo Family at Jimmys Pizza. Being a team mom for a Football team is harder then I thought..lol :-)

  17. "Strong thunderstorms move in tonight with a 90% chance of rain.. The showers stay with us through Sunday..temperatures will also drop by 30 degrees so winter decided to return in a big way!"..... SWEET cause this 85-90 degree March weather was driving me crazy!!!

  18. ok looks like will be missing Football practice due to Randy not making it home in time and our other car broke down. Not a lucky day for sure.. grrr IT would have been Miguels first day in full pads for this team. Christopher LaQue can you let the rookies know about MIGUEL and the fact that Randy Villarreal wont be there to coach the seniors.. THANK YOU! To top it off my phone is still not working properly and I dont have the phone numbers on this other one.

  19. Randy won't make it home in time for football.... Can someone take him? This 1 car thing blows...

  20. SO I cleaned the house pretty darn good. TODAY is all about getting rid of items that we dont need.... even if I love them... declutter on steroids! Ill post free things under this status update through out the day so check back!!!!!!!

  21. WOhoo Miguel got his football pads today and was fitted for his jersey. Getting more and more excited for this season!!!

  22. Had a nice little walk to Pick up Miguel from school. Now its FOOTBALL TIME!!

  23. It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.~ Gandhi

  24. Going back to the basics to get back on the weightless track. 5 day liquid diet and cleanse. Followed by a high protein low carb diet for 2 weeks. Reducing calories from 1000 back down to 600. ( remember I had gastric surgery before u lecture me on my calories) ( I have different rules then others)... 9 pounds till I say adios to the 200's forever!!!!! Oo yeah p90x and gold gym daily!!!!!

  25. ANYONE want to go to BINGO tonight with me?! Im feeling LUCKY!!!!

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