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  1. Thanx guys!! Im expecting the stall actually, so im OK with that. I didnt lose much at all pre- op ( honestly didnt really try) maybe 3 pounds. So this is all post op lost. Im ok I figured it was a combo of water weight and massive loss fat and "crap" built up from the large amounts of fast food I was eating before. I consider it my DETOX stage...lol
  2. so my tummy is swollen and bloated..... im 5 days post op. Im not in very much pain and I feel great so I know its notan infection.. how long does this last? or long did you have it?
  3. I have the On Q ball catheter inside one of my sutures. They said to remove it on Sunday by myself. I'm afraid it's going to hurt. Anyone pull there's out bythemselves before and did it hurt. Since it's full of lidocaine they said it should be numb but it totally freaks me out.
  4. lol i dont think this is a problem with just the sleeve.. its a combo of loose stools and extra amount of gas.. If you have never in your life heard of it then maybe you should be fine :-)
  5. bahaha... I was actually considering posting something like this..lol (raise my hand) Its when you have gas and you feel like farting but when you push it out there happened to be loose bowels in front and it kinda came out a bit...lol usually effects those with diarrhea
  6. I am very happy to see the weightloss but it seems a bit quick , NO?! can some of you post your weightloss during your first month or so I can compare? I started out at 268 weighed 265 after pre op diet weighed 268 after discharge now 252.6 now 4/5 days later
  7. Its been one scale I have used so far.. and I have my husband and 8 yr old son step on it daily with me to make sure its calibrated..
  8. Man I am jealous...lol Im not going to lie.. I was having some serious Head hunger issues that I took a piece of my husbands chicken yesterday chewed it up savored the taste then spit it out and washed my mouth out.... let me tell you I was sooo embarrassed for myself even if no one knew.. BUT after that i ate some broth and finally had my first FULL feeling. It took me a couple days to understand what it was I was feeling.
  9. Well here is the thing... my MD said for the first week until I see him... I can only drink the Clear liquids,jello, and broth. No Protein drinks arent on the list until stage 2. I thought it was weird too as i'm doing pretty good.. but Honestly I feel great, Im not tired, not dizzy, nothing.... yesterday was the first day I got in a good amount of liquids.. not clearly enough but way better then before..
  10. megannadine

    On Q Ball Removal.. Did It Hurt?

    So I took it out and it didnt hurt... 100% yes it helped.. Im actually sad I took it out... It was supplying pain managment to the BIG incision I NEVER even felt that incision until NOW.. BOO..lol if you have a choice to get one GET IT.. it makes a world of difference. It allowed my first couple of days alittle relief then what it would have been.
  11. if he wasnt up to going to watch you.. why couldn't he just stay at home and put his feet up and relax. I know you probably want him there to see you but it depends on what is more important to you.. Secondly, there are a ton of half marathons all the time. There was 4 in my town this last month and I had no idea until i looked it up. so that might be the option.
  12. megannadine

    December sleevers!

    I'm sleeved and done!! I feel the same way as Deigh. the first 2 days were the worst I'm not going to lie.. I really wasn't prepared for it. but everyday has got better. I too didn't sleep in the bed either just the recliner. I woke up just now with a horrible bout of diarrhea and a gurgly tummy, almost the same feeling as the flu. Is this normal does anyone know? not tooo nauseous but do have the feeling of food in the back of my throat even though I have yet to eat much. Ill probably call the MD tomorrow.
  13. so my Short term went through fine. I actually have been off for all of my PRE OP diet. and will probably take 4 weeks off to fully recover. I work for Medtronic and my short term is through Hartford. Although I do work with people who have diabetes and are on the insulin pump so I have to be focused and not dizzy or weak, or out of it. but in any case I would ask about short term
  14. EEKKK im sooo scared im not going to lie. I have never had surgery before. Anyone else having surgery the same day I am .. maybe if we chat enough we can send text message encouragments to each other..!!:-)
  15. megannadine

    Who Is Getting Sleeved Dec 7th?

    lOVE THE IDEA.. I just got 3 calls today from my surgeons office and they keep moving up the surgery time.. Originally it was at 11am and the last call was for 6:30 now!!! AHHH.. i'll send me phone number to anyonw who wants it and we can text eachother to remember to WALK and SIP if we can!! :-) also dont forget to add me on facebook if you have one cause Im on there more!
  16. megannadine

    Who Is Getting Sleeved Dec 7th?

    Yah i found some people! :-) Ooomy the nervousness as gone down alittle now im soooo excited. did everyone have to have a pre op diet? how long?
  17. Well my Dr has my pre op- diet consisting of liquids during the day and at dinner I can have up to 3 oz of lean meat and salad with very very little dressing if any at all. this has been going on for 2 weeks. Tomorrow is my surgery date so i ate the meat this morning and will do liquids the rest of the day........ Dont beat yourself up over it. :-)
  18. megannadine

    December sleevers!

    OMG you guys .. Originally my surgery was scheduled for NOV 28th BUt it got moved to DEC 7th. 4 DAYS!!!!!!! im so scared.. nervous... knots in stomach.. gahhh...:-) Hey I would really like to have some friends going through this too but I find it hard to get on here all the time using my phone... I have a facebook group that I post my journey in as well as a you tube page.... BUt if anyone wants to be my facebook friends I would love to chat more... my name is Megan Salazar and I live in San Antonio Texas. http://www.facebook.com/groups/216807098391019/ http://www.facebook.com/megan.salazar
  19. Hey guys, I just started me Pre Op diet today and while at work I was so dizzy and shaky I couldn't focus at all. I work with Diabetes patients and thier Insulin Pump Therapy devices, not being focused is not an option for others as well as myself... So I called my Short Term disability people and asked to move my start date to today and then 2 weeks after surgery ( nov 28th is surgery) ... she said it was fine as long as the MD was ok with it... I email the MD and will see what he says. I explained it all to him and hopefully he will put in my records that its up to me what I can handle. has anyone does this before? just curious if your md agreed to it. i dont see how it would hurt him.. plus I will be more successful at home concentrating on changing my life before the surgery and to get my family in order. not to mention the diarreah that comes with drinking only liquids...TMI i know but its real life stuff here...:-)
  20. megannadine

    Short Term Disability while doing pre- op?

    just an update but I got the go ahead from the MD.. he has the nurse tell my short term when THEY suggest i start.. they submitted it and it went through... Its been a nice VACA even though my surgery date got pushed to DEC 7th... BOO but it cause they had me scheduled at the wrong hospital
  21. megannadine

    December sleevers!

    Im taking a pic today.. My appoinment went well and they actually gave me a DATE!! Nov 28th! I started the diet today and NOT loving it at all. I have to drink the protien drinks then for dinner I can have small peice of protien and lots of veggies ( nonstarchy kind). So far I have failed once and its been only 5 hrs. Its lunch time and instead of just the shake I have a grilled piece of chicken ( less then 3 oz) with lemon pepper seasoning... I ate it slowly and chewed alot.. I guess its not cheating it for dinner all I have is protien shake and maybe some veggies. I just need to work at it but I was soooo shaky and needed something and it felt good..:-) OYE this is going to be a long 2 weeks!
  22. megannadine

    December sleevers!

    So this is my first post!! I have been reading and lurking for the last 6 months! I have my Last Nutrition APPT. Tomorrow NOV 14th. She is starting me on the 2 week liquid diet that same day.. SO tomorrow... My friend at work is having the same thing and our ins only took 1 week to reply so my dietician wants me ready as soon as possible. The earlist i can have my surgery is Nov 28th but I suspect the first week in December actually. I have alot of Nay sayers in my life but thats cause they think I am going to do more damage then anything.. ( I told them to do their research before they speak as they are very ill informed) 9 they think its the same as the bypass) anyhoo im scared but the funny thing is that ever sense last week I dont mind looking in the mirror and seeing pictures of myself.. I almost want to engrave this image of myself in my mind cause I know my reality is about to change....... DOnt forget to take lots of pictures.. im going to take 1-2 pictures a week wearing the same thing so that I can make quick slideshows to see the difference as motivation to keep going.... Good luck you all .. im from San Antonio , TX and my dr is DR Seger from BMI of TEXAS BTW I am 265 and wear 2xl shirt and 20/22 pant my lowest ever was 135 lbs ( 8 yrs ago) at age 19/20 my haviest is now.. Pregancy does not do well with me for sure!!

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