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  1. Heatherr

    The crotch is always the first to go

    ...and for me it was about 170, but like I said, I have always had thighs. Now, I have the gaps I remember of yesteryear.
  2. Heatherr

    ____ years old and never...

    OK, my husband has seen me thin and thick, but if he has seen me poop on a table while giving birth and tearing from hole to hole (sorry for visual, but my pep talk needed it) and he still finds me attractive, you can get naked for your husband. He loves YOU, naked or not, but I'm willing to bet if you got naked for him for the first time ever, he'd love you a little more.
  3. Heatherr

    Just wondering...

    Men have 50% more muscle than women. That alone says they will lose faster. Basic anatomy and physiology.
  4. Heatherr

    i want sex now now now

    Just use a mini and rub one out. You'll feel better, and your wounds won't be compromised. Easy peasy.
  5. Heatherr

    Size 8

    I finally did it. Booya! I don't know if I'll ever see a 6, but that's fine by me.
  6. Heatherr


    I had Blue Moon draught at a tiki hut while on vacation and it was most delicious. Generally the bubbles make it uncomfortable and no way could I do beer straight from the bottle or can.
  7. Heatherr

    Morning Wood

    Hmm, my visual is foggy. I may need pictures....for scientific research and all.
  8. Heatherr


    I woke up catheter and drain free.
  9. Heatherr

    Crock Pot?

    We have 5 kids all in multiple sports and dance and hubby coaches. I live by the crock pot. French dips: I put whatever huge hunk of beef I have in the crock pot. I buy what's on sale, but I prefer chuck for this dish. Pour in a jar of sliced pepperoncinis with juice, an onion sliced and 4-10 cloves of garlic. Cook until you can shred the meat. Depnding on how much broth there is, I'll add some beef broth because we like extra juice for dipping. Scoop mixture onto a bun and top with cheese. Serve with a side of the juice for dipping. I usually put my sandwiches in the over for a bit to melt the cheese and make the bread crusty, but you dont have to. Brown some bone in pork chops. You need the bone for flavor. You don't have to brown them, but this step keeps all the coagulated meat juice from making the dish look not as pretty. Toss in some corn, black Beans and salsa (depends on how many you're serving) and salt and pepper generously. Cook until chops are falling off the bone (depends on thickness) The corn, bean, salsa make a delicious side dish to go with the chops. I throw a whole roast in (beef or whole chicken) with whatever veggies I have on hand. Cook all day and serve. Ham works great in the crok pot, but it's better with the cheaper hams and not the spiral cut. Just get a shoulder or butt ham and put it in the crock pot with green beans. The salty juice from the ham makes the green beans taste so good. I've also made turkey tetrazini with leftover thanksgiving turkey. I found the recipe online and it was very good. I make chili in the crock pot all the time. I toss a whole piece of pork with a little bbq sauce and cook until I can pull it apart. Add more bbq sauce for pulled pork sandwiches. I put boneless chicken thighs in with a bag of broccoli, a can of pineapple chunks, onions, peppers and teriyaki sauce. Cook until done (about 4 hours) and serve over rice. I make baked potatoes in the crock pot in the summer. Sure, they're better in the oven, but I don't have a house that I can turn the oven on for an hour+ during the summer, so I do them in the crock pot. ^^^^^These are all regulars, tried and true, that I make often because we are just so busy in the evenings. These are recipes I make for the family. Clearly I modify what I eat, but usually it's just a matter of not having the starch and I make salads to go with meals 5 nights a week typically.
  10. Heatherr

    Going Out To Eat

    Another example: Texas Roadhouse. If you go before 6pm, you can get petite portions for $7.99. I mean, really, how can I complain when I can get a steak dinner with salad and a side for $7.99? Who cares that I can only eat half of it. I just had a delicious steak dinner for $7.99. My dh doesn't mind helping me with it at all.
  11. Heatherr

    Going Out To Eat

    Order the sides and ask. I've never been out to Breakfast where you couldn't get a side of sausage or 1 or 2 eggs extra. That's how I order because I don't do potatoes. Last time I went to Perkins I got 3 egg whites. It was under $4. Doesn't Friendly's have a 2 egg breakfast for under $3? It's just that we eat out often, and I have never had an issue, I just had to be creative with the menu. Many restaurants also offer "add ons" They are there to increase your check amount. I just get an add on to hubby's meal. Outback, for example, you can add on a skewer of grilled shrimp for...?? can't remember, but $6ish. Boom, that's my meal.
  12. Heatherr

    I found my first "slider" food

    MMMMmmmm. I suddenly want some combos.
  13. Hmmm, even if you can eat 1.5 cups of food, as long as you stick to lean protein, fruits and veggies, it still shouldn't cause a gain. It's just more of a matter of what those 1.5 cups are. Good luck.
  14. Heatherr

    "yes, I Asked For The Side, Not The Large Salad..."

    Methinks it's time to try new restaurants. I've never had an issue and we eat out often. The card is a joke. Just ask politely to order from the kids menu. Usually I get a hesitation then I follow it with "I'm a good tipper" and all is well.
  15. Heatherr

    For The Girls Only

    er...I thought a DDD was an F, it just depended on brand and how they do their sizing.

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