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  1. Ericka

    Surgery is done

    Hey I got my surgery : ) it went really good the second day they took me off the morphine I was itching my skin off sO later sat night I was getting bad pain where the drain tube was at so they said to walk and I did I made it back to the room I stared sweating thee up dry heaving the pain was so bad they called my dr at 2 am and got me back on morphine with benadryl need I say more lol I was out Sunday I came home and I have been walking a lot I can't wait to sleep in my own bed I went home on day 3 it was kinda scary drinking at first it felt so odd
  2. Ericka

    Today is the day

    At the hosp getting ready surgery is at 8 : )
  3. Ericka

    Today is the day

    Thanks it went well I am home and taking it easy
  4. Well I have been on my liquid diet sence last Friday I got surgery on Friday I can't wait
  5. Ericka

    time off of work?

    Hey i am new and i am getting my sleeve done June 3 i cant wait : ) just kinda wandering how long off of work did everyone have? and what kinda job did u have to do?
  6. Ericka

    6 months post op

    That amazing way to go
  7. Well my per op diet starts in 7 days I went to get tons of stuff and now my bf is kinda pissy at me for spending so much did anyone else have that
  8. Ericka

    Reality sets in...

    Hey good luck and congrats I know how u fill I get mine the 3 of June r u on facebook u can look me up and add me and I can let u know how it went for me Ericka Gardipee
  9. Ericka

    3rd day post op

    I was told to get them twisty straws they have a smaller hole to drink thu so that might help I got them at walmart
  10. Ericka

    First Months Loss

    Sweet that's amazing
  11. Ericka

    Major Complications

    Wow I am so sorry to hear that you sound like u r the best she's lucky to have u and I hope my guy is just as active as u r we wish her the best I hope this will be all up hill from hear out
  12. Ericka

    2nd Day back to Work

    Wow I know what u mean about people not thinking u need it I am in the same boat u are in and I have been tellingy self it's up to u to make that chose. No one else know how u fill what it's like to Carrie xtra lbs with u I look at it as no one fells how my knees fill no one know how I fill when I shop and can't find anything that don't make me look like a cow I Come from a large fam and I am the 2 nd smallest and they look at me like I am a skinny mini and If I was in any other fam I would stick out like a sore thumb so as long as it makes u happy just blow it off work harder so u get great post op body and then look better then they do lol sorry for kinda venting but I know what u mean
  13. Wow my dr is having me due two week liquid two weeks baby food like stuff two weeks soft foods if that help u at all
  14. Hey my dr told me I have to due two weeks liquids, two weeks like baby food type stuff, two weeks soft foods
  15. Ericka


  16. How long wasevery one off of work and what kinda job do or did u due?

  17. Ericka


    Good luck
  18. Just had my pre op two days ago my surgery is June 3 at 8 am I can't wait my start weight is 246.7 my BMI Is 41.5 I will start my liquid deit on the 27 I am starting to think if this Is what I want my family is not all on board with me and that makes me want it more I think my fam is all larger and they look at me as one of the smallest and it's just kinda hard

  19. Thanks still trying to figure it all out

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