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  1. Hiya Raine...ain't seen you around for a while... hope you're ok or are you just rocking those size 4s!! x

  2. Not sure why you are so surprised! I knew you would make it. I have watched you throughout your journey my friend and from the beginning I saw the strength and determination you had to reach your goal. The NSV's you posted along the way showed how happy and healthy you were getting. You haved encouraged and inspired everyone around you as well. So thank YOU and congratulations on everything. *inserts Rocky sound track and starts to do the happy dance for Pasquini* Good thing this is a computer because me dancing could be a little scary LOL
  3. Meg I still have issues with eggs lol. The taste of them just isn't right to me anymore. Which is sad cause I used to love them! Now I can eat them if they are mixed with something, but by them selves, they do not sit well at all. Congratulations, i would love to be able to eat just eggs so jealous LOL
  4. You look like a brand new person! Great job!
  5. I am so happy for you! That is amazing, you fought the fight now its time to sit back and enjoy all your hard work. I know maintaining will be a breeze for you, if not then you always have us Congratulations!
  6. Thanks everyone! I was really surprised when they actually fit too! They just looked so small I thought no way are they going to fit yet lol. I feel and see it sometimes but sometimes not so much because of all the skin and left over stuff. I am seriously considering the TT or lipo in the mid/bottom belly but that isn't going to be for at least another year and a half. Thanks again for everything
  7. I asked Santa for a size 4 jeans so I could use them as my "goal" jeans. Well I must have been a really good girl this year because they fit perfectly! Merry Christmas everyone! May all your NSV's come true
  8. Absolutely amazing! You look fantastic, but I am sure you already know this lol. Great job!
  9. wooohooo! So happy for you Linda! Screw the fitness pal though, you are doing wonderful at your own pace and that is the only pace you need. Congratulations on Onederland!
  10. Thanks you guys! I did feel great Friday and it showed. I never would have gotten here without the support of all of you.
  11. Thanks, Coops! That is my surgeons goal, I'm still on the fence about if I should go further than where I'm at. I'm thinking maybe 5-10 rather than 14. Its a weird feeling. I like where I'm at but I can see where I can be better or lose more. You know how it is, everyone says you look great, but you tend not to see (most of the time) what they are talking about. I did on Friday though, lol. Stay well my friend!
  12. Thanks, Everyone! It was a weird week to say the least. Felt boated and "fat" all week then yesterday I felt like the cats meow LMAO. Those are my size 6 Old Navy jeans and they are getting baggy on me! I'm almost afraid of buying 4's, I never thought I would get "there".
  13. Now THAT is an NSV! WTG Sharon! I love cords, but for the same reason never wore them. I think I may have to do just that LOL.