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  1. I read and hear some people and they say the gas after surgery wasnt that bad. Then there are others who's gas was so bad and they are stil having pains. I've noticed that every doctor has a few slight diferances in thier pre op diets. I wonder if there is anything someone could do (pre-op) to help ease the pain of gas after surgery. Surgery Date April 14th Mexico Dr. Mario Almanza
  2. I've been at home now a day and I feel great. I'm still very gassey. Hate that part. Also a bit weak. I'm sure its due to the lack of food and all the running we did over the last 5 days. So far I've lost 11lbs and I'm on liquids. I'm trying to get enough into me, but its very hard because my stomach just wont hold alot. And everytime I drink something it makes me have to burp or fart.lol....

  3. We were picked up from the Jet Blue terminal at 8am by a really nice clean van. There were two other people getting the surgery and thier guests. The van was very professional looking. We loaded up and went to Tijuana! It took no time to cross the boarder going into Mexico. They didnt even look at our passports or ID's. I would be lying if I said I wasnt shocked by the clinic. It was in a strip mall that looked HORRIBLE. I mean, it was so dirty and run down. On one side was a mattress...

  4. Okay, wow... what a adventure it has been! I want to detail my whole trip but I swear I did have a bit of sensory overload while in Tijuana.

  5. You guys are great.. I cant say thank you enough for informing me and helping me figure this stuff out. I'm so excited!
  6. I would wear pants and put those weights that wrap around your ankle's on. Doc will never see it and it will put your weight up there enough to get your surgery!!
  7. I am really new to this site and cant find a thing. But you are the most like me person I have seen on here. I would really like to connect with you. I weigh 207 and will be going on 4-14 to have my surgery in mexico with Dr. Almanza. I love how youve tracked your weighloss.




  8. OH... AutumnLily, you just made all kinds of things clear for me! THank you so much! Dont worry about the double posting, mine has too.

  9. Okay, I'm two weeks from surgery with Dr. Almanza. I really wonder about the "poo poo" thing that I keep reading about. I wonder if I should just have a good ole colon cleansin or should I just take the one laxative for three days prior to surgery??!! If the gas is SUPER painful, then why not get rid of anything and everything in there?

    hmmm... just the most pressing t...

  10. Hello, I am so new to this site and to be honest I cant seem to figure out how to get ANYWHERE! Thank you Butterfly5 for adding me to your friends because at least now I have someone to actually talk to. I'm going to Dr. Almanza and having the sleeve on April 14th. I'm so excited, scared and a bit crazy about the whole thing. I cant wait. Who did you get your surgery by? I've herd a couple of people talking about food getting caught in their throat.

  11. I agree... I'm not telling anyone except my son and husband. I don't care what anyone has to say and I don't want everyone talking about me. Its my business, my choice and I love it! I go on April 14,11 to Dr. Amanza. I cant wait! Weight Loss Center is your best free resource for weight loss
  12. Hello! I'm so excited too! I'm going to Dr. Almanza (he is in the same clinic as Dr. Ponce DrLeon in Tijuana. My surgery is April 14th. When are you going?