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Status Updates posted by Brielle

  1. 22 pounds down!

  2. lost 4 pounds last week... so glad the 3 week stall is DONE!

  3. :) i'm glad to see someone else my age on here! yay!
  4. :) i'm glad to see someone else my age on here! yay!
  5. Thank you :) she's my baby! I love your background!

  6. I'm just not feeling it today. School stinks.

  7. needing inspiration!

  8. thanks... that kitty is my BABY! her name is Ava, and she is sooo spoiled.

  9. great username! love it!

  10. getting slightly addicted to vst, and slightly behind on my homework. better than being "slightly addicted" to food, i guess?

  11. thank you for the inspiration :) it means a lotttt!

  12. thank you for the inspiration!!!! it means more than you know!

  13. little bit frustrated with my weight loss :(

  14. back to exercising today! gotta get ready for the 5k in the fall :) my first one ever!

  15. Don't be scared! Your surgeon and the nurses will take great care of you, and the doctor is always just a call away! And there's enough support on here for a lifetime :) Excited for you!

  16. yyaaayyy! someone my age! your birthday is exactly one week after mine :)

  17. Got to eat her first meat today... canned chicken! Yay! Feeling better every day. Now to just get rid of this cold...

  18. So glad to see someone else from the great state of NC :) Good luck with everything... Dr. Tyner from Cary, NC did my sleeve on 1/26. He was absolutely great, and has been helpful every step of the way. Hope everything comes together for you and your sister!


  19. not feeling so hot.

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