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  1. Before my surgery, I had gone about 5 months with no period. The month of my surgery, I got it (in January), and then in February I got it, and it's STILL here. I've been on my period for almost 3 weeks now!!! And it's not a light one either, it's heavy and i'm having a lot of pain with it. It's slightly ridiculous. Just wondering if anyone else has been here. I was so used to not having a period, and then BAM!, a three week long period?! Do I need to tell my doctor, or what? I'm 19, by the way... if that helps at all.
  2. I feel like I am constantly hungry. Within an hour after I eat, I feel hungry again. And it's physical signs of hunger, not even mental or emotional. My stomach turns and growls like i'm hungry. I am terrified that i'll stretch my sleeve if I continue to eat when i'm hungry, but I can't just let myself starve! What should I do? Is it okay that i'm eating so much? I know its small portions, but still... is anyone else feeling this way?
  3. 22 pounds down!

  4. lost 4 pounds last week... so glad the 3 week stall is DONE!

  5. I just took 2 tylenol for a headache, not even thinking about it. Its not capsules, it's tablets. Is this okay? I realized the second I swallowed it that I didn't know if I could have it, but it was too late. I feel fine, but I was just wondering if anyone had been told differently. thanks dudes
  6. :) i'm glad to see someone else my age on here! yay!
  7. :) i'm glad to see someone else my age on here! yay!
  8. Thank you :) she's my baby! I love your background!

  9. Brielle

    Smoking Cigarettes

    I'm not saying its okay, but... I am guilty of smoking the morning OF my surgery. And I was fine. I was so worried about not being able to smoke after surgery, too, but honestly it wasnt as bad as I anticipated. For about the first week, the thought of a cigarette disgusts you. And once you get so far without a cigarette, it gets easier and easier.
  10. I'm just not feeling it today. School stinks.

  11. Brielle

    Can you?

    I was also told 2 weeks clear liquids, 2 weeks full liquids, 2 weeks mushies, and then slowly add regular foods. I think all doctors differ, though...
  12. Just curious... how many calories do you guys get a day? I know that everyone's doctors tell them differently.
  13. needing inspiration!

  14. Brielle

    Bowel Prep

    4 people in my family had gastric bypass, and they had to do the bowel prep laxatives. i had VSG, and the only form of bowel prep i had to do was a clear liquid diet the day before surgery. that's it!
  15. Brielle

    Craving for EVERYTHING!!!!

    this is so weird... i have been craving chinese food since my surgery, too! and pizza! right after i got home from surgery, my family had pizza for dinner. it's so hard to tell yourself no when you're used to eating whatever you wanted to. i read someone's post that had chewed and spit a whole piece of pizza, just for the taste. you just have to find ways around it, because you literally CAN'T have it! i'm almost a month out, and i crave everything too, but it has gotten WAYYY better than it was right after surgery. as you can add stuff to your eating list, it gets easier. i still want that chinese food, but i know i just have to wait it out. and it'll be SOOO worth it!
  16. I am getting so frustrated with everything these past few days. I've gained 3 pounds... how is this possible? I feel like i've been banned from everything, yet i'm still gaining weight. It makes me wanna just eat whatever I want. I'm only 3 weeks out... isn't this when i'm supposed to be losing the most weight? I'm 19 years old, and really mature for my age, but it's times like this when it makes me afraid that I was too young to have such a lifechanging surgery. I think i'm just super down tonight. Does this surgery play with our emotions?
  17. thanks... that kitty is my BABY! her name is Ava, and she is sooo spoiled.

  18. you guys are just great!!! truly!
  19. So I’m sitting here feeling all great about my sleeve, reading and replying to posts, planning my awesomely-protein-packed dinner, and a freakin’ cupcake shows up on the top of my VST screen. I’m sure you guys have seen it- the one about “daily deals” or some BS. A freakin’ chocolate cupcake loaded with blue icing and chocolate sprinkles. REALLY? Not cool! Lucky for me, this website is loaded with people that are willing to offer support, recommendations, opinions, and just flat out LOVE. How awesome is that? I’m 19 years old, and trust has been a definite struggle for me my whole life, as my dad has hurt me emotionally over and over again throughout my life- starting at age 2. I think this issue is one that made my food addiction worse over the years. HOWEVER, this website and the wonderful people that fill the pages have provided inspiration and emotional support for me like I have never known. Don’t get me wrong- my family is amazingly supportive. I just mean I’ve never known strangers to be so supportive. Makes me think the world isn’t so cruel J Just wanted to post this as a thanks and a “keep keeping on” to everyone out there. Temptation, frustration, days we just feel we have to give up… it’s all gonna come and hit us like a freight train. But we have each other (and blogs/forums to rant and let off steam!). What I’m saying is- Thank God for VST.com!
  20. great username! love it!

  21. getting slightly addicted to vst, and slightly behind on my homework. better than being "slightly addicted" to food, i guess?

  22. It is! I have definitely found comfort in it. Beginning to get behind on my online classes, as I have found myself slightly addicted to VST! Ha! Watched your vlog today on youtube, by the way. Kudos! It's awesome!
  23. My mom is almost 2 years out from Gastric Bypass, and she keeps at least 2 jugs of OJ in the fridge at all times. My sister is almost 2 years out from GB also, and she drinks OJ every morning. My aunt is like 9 years out from GB, and OJ is the only way she gets her protein- she mixes Isopure in with it. This being said, I don't think orange juice can be so bad for a VSG if gastric bypass patients can tolerate it so well. Honestly I don't know the effects of it, but I just thought i'd let you know what I have seen. Good question, though. I think all doctors say different stuff about everything, but it would be worth asking around!
  24. Sorry, I know its not the most pleasant of topics, but I don't know what to do. I am going on 3 weeks post op. I drank too soon after eating, and I just threw up. I haven't thrown up since I had surgery, and there was blood in it tonight. I don't know if something is wrong, or if this is normal? It's the middle of the night, and I don't want to wake my mom if nothing is wrong. I'm not in pain, i'm just still a little nauseated. Anyone else experience this?
  25. thank you for the inspiration :) it means a lotttt!

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