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  1. sylvia

    Day 3 post op

    I slept really well last night could even sleep on my side, I got up this morning and felt really weak thought I was going to faint so I decided to have some ready break very wishy washy mind you and real sugar seems to have done the trick I think its time to start the protine shakes as I need some energy. Amazing I have lost 9lbs in the last 5 days thinking that might be a bit too quick as I do not have that much to loose about 56lbs in total. But feeling good about it, by the way I have no pain today as that was a bit of a problem one sleever recommended liquid calpol which tastes nice but haven't really needed it. I'm not sure how much moving around I should be doing but just keep pottering round the house not sure if I'm over doing it.
  2. sylvia

    January 2011 Sleevers

    sameday sleevers let me know how you got on I have been keeping my blog updated maybe I can add you as a friend
  3. sylvia

    January 2011 Sleevers

    Good luck everyone I was sleeved 2 days ago nice to be home I have a full blog if you want to read it about my surgery but nice to be chillin aat home now.
  4. sylvia

    2days post op at home now

    well I slept better last night but keep getting up for the loo. Still had no pain meds as they are fizzy and taste like shit and make me gag so I haven't bothered just feels like a pulled muscle. I had some slimfast for my breakfast and might try some tom soup later. Got on the scales and lost 7lbs amazing so loving it so far. Just gonna take it easy today and chill out but nice to be home.
  5. sylvia

    Day after my op

    Well did n't get much sleep they put these pad things on my legs that pump air in and out to keep the circulation going so I don't get a clot but it was really difficult to sleep, but was up and about walking abit like an old granny had some jelly and broth, the hotter liquids seem to go down easier than cold fluids. When my surgeon came to see me I was actually up and about and said I looked fine and how I felt and I said a bit rough after the anesthetic but ok apart from that so he said do you want to go home I said yes that would be great so I left the hospital about 26hrs after my surgery. I do hate hospitals and couldn't wait to get out. So got to sleep in my own bed and hot milk with a soup spoon it was ok.
  6. sylvia

    Had my op now and in my room

    Hi everyone had my surgery at 1500hrs today, I was quite sick after the anesthetis so it was a bit rough, but slept it off. I had no pain meds just feels like I had pulled a muscle in my tummy not sure if that was from wretching . Been to the loo on my own so 1st step achieved, but no one told me about the green pee !!!!!!!!!!!!! my surgeon told me that when he has stapled the stomach he glues it then sews over it then puts blue dye into my stomach to see if there are any leaks. Guess thats why he doesn't get any leakage from his patients.
  7. sylvia

    Day of my surgery

    Hi Everyon I'm actually in hospital in my own private room just seen my surgeon and signed my consent form, had nothing to eat or drink since yesterday and have a headache but I will be going down in a moment or two. just had blood taken and an injection in my stomach the nurse said it was a blood thinner and I would have to inject myself when I get home OMG never done anything like that to myself but she said they will show me how to do it. Looking all positive now wish me luck. Will blog as soon as I get back when I'm able.
  8. sylvia


    Great question my surgery is in 2 days...............yikes but I never doubted that this is what I wanted it sounds sill but when I was in Dubai about 3 years ago I bought a beautiful dress and just couldn't quite do the zip up and thought if I loose a bit I will get into it..............yeah right..........so every time I look at the dress I think of the insentive of getting into it so taking it with me to hospital and will hang it up where I can see it and it will remindme why I did the surgery and before I know I will be wearing it thats how I will keep my spirits up I know it sounds silly but thats me. There are some very nice supportive people here and thanks for anyone who contacted me please add me as a friend if you want I will be keeping my blog updated the hospital has wifi good luck everyone.
  9. sylvia

    January 2011 Sleevers

    good luck it will be worth every penny I paid myself too
  10. sylvia

    January 2011 Sleevers

    Hi Everyone I'm a January sleever too on the 7th Jan sounds mad but really looking forward to it I know my surgeon has donr over 850 sleeves alone so pretty sure he might have perfected the surgery by now............................lol I don't know how to join your group I'm new here but please let me know and anyone who wants to add me as a friend please do I will keep my blog up to date as the private hospital I'm going to has internet access and hope to put pictures on too.
  11. Good luck too mines on Friday wishing you all the best xxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. Hi I'm from England and if you can't cook I think the best thing to do is buy a blank book and write down a recipie that you would like to cook when you have perfected it write it in the book and method of how you did it and any tips. My book is full of all yummy recipies from the last 20 years. Get your Granny round to your house and get her to show you some simple stuff to cook, maybe you could join a beginners class to learn to do some basic stuff. I would learn firsrt to cook Pasta and just throw in your favourits stuff and bake it in the oven soooooooooooooo easy then learn to cook rice, then bake potatoes and throw all sorts on one of those, when you have mastered that then add stuff chicken or steak you will suprise yourself how easy it gets. Or ask people at work maybe invite them round to show you how to cook their fav meal.
  13. Good Luck Nina my ops on Friday (7/1/2011) so wish me luck too................all the best xxx
  14. new to this site and wanted to share my journey with you I am sgoing to have my Gastric Sleeve op on Friday (7/1/2011) at Manchester Priory Hospital I have been told that Mr Basil Ammori will be performing the operation. I went throught a company called Healthier Weight which has a branch in Birmingham, they were really friendly and understanding to my personal situation even thought my BMI is not that high at the moment it seems that the situation is only going to get worse my BMI is 32 I'm 5' 6" and nearly 14 stone I have put on 4 stone over 5 years and keep very fit down the gym 3-4 times per week still couldn't stop the hungy bear that lives in my stomach. So Friday its bye bye hungry bear. will keep you updated.

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