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    African American Sleevers

    Hi Ladies, Just making my mark here, I am also so glad for this thread, this whole site is very helpful but it's great that there is all this information from indepth like minded people. I am from South East London in the UK where ever you are from though please feel free to contact me, not that I am much help at the moment . I am 25 Black British born Caribbean and I am currently around the 255lbs mark . I also have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)which makes it very difficult to loose weight, I started off wanting the the band but after research decided on the sleeve. My main concerns are hair loss, excess skin and I also wanted to find out what Vitamins you all take, there are so many different ones but it would be great if anyone had any suggestions on the best ones to take
  2. Hi :wave: I am new to this site and thought I would introduce myself and tell my story, I hope you don't mind? A bit of background I had an appointment about 2 years ago at the obesity clinic where the thought of surgery scared me half to death, and since the only thing that they were offering at the time was either Reductil (When it was still on the market) or Orlistat (Neither one worked for me) I decided that I would try and loose weight myself......Again..... with no luck :thumbup: . Now I decided this year that since I was still the same (Probably a bit more in fact) that I would actually go for the surgery I went back to my GP who referred me and to the obesity clinic again and when I finally got my appointment asked to have surgery. Recently I originally wanted the band, but have decided to have the Sleeve instead, due to myself having pcos, I think that will be the better option for me. I know that I have been referred to Dr Ameet Patel at Kings Hospital in South London as I just received a copy of my referral letter to Dr Patel and I even found the number on-line of his secretary to find out if it has been received! She said it has and I asked her if there was anyway to speed up the process...... she told me no! Now I already sort of knew what the answer would be but I still had a glimmer of hope that maybe I could just be given the test and put on the list for surgery instead of going to this group thing.... I had so many emotions all at the same time, I felt like I could have broken down on the phone. :huh0: :ohmy: :glare: :cursing: :sad0: :crying::svengo: Questions Anywho, I just wondered if anyone else has been funded by the NHS in the London area (Even better at Kings with Mr Patel) and if so how long was the whole process? And also if anyone knows a way that I can speed up the process? Please excuse my impatience but I have been through so much with my weight (Probably like everyone else on here) that I just want it out of the way and if it is going to be the centre of attention, I want it to be positive. I look forward to hearing your experiences Thanks in advance P
  3. pattiecakec

    New here with a questions

    Thanks very much Everyone for you welcomes, replying and advice. Papillon - Congrats on finally getting a surgery date, I hope everything goes well, I look forward to hearing your progress :-) AmelieMCentire- I wish you all the best in your search, sounds like you may have one so I hope everything goes well too and I also look forward to hearing updates on your progress
  4. Hi Bella,


    I hope your surgery went well, I just wanted to find out how long it took you to get a surgery date after being reffered to the surgeon, and also which hospital you went to tget it done

  5. Hi CPFC,


    I just wanted to find out how your surgery went and if you had it done on the NHS, if so, how long did it take for you to get your op date, and what did you have to go through to get it?

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