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  1. RE:I can only get 3-4 of the drummettes down from Wingstop, I have to peel off the skin before I eat them and I am almost a year out. Fried foods didn't work for me for a long time, and even now I avoid them. But, chicken wings are my downfall. I do have to use ranch or blue cheese to cut the grease. Can you get more ounces of other meats or is this the only time you've had issues getting more dense Protein down? No i can hardly get any meat (or much else) down, my biggest accomplishment has been a two shrimp about two weeks ago.
  2. lil.ole.me

    whats going on

    Stcyt Glad you posted, I too am still swollen but it seems to be getting better by the day. We'll all get through this together, the amount of support on here just kills me! What a wonderful world!
  3. Doing good here too! Thanks to everyone on sending all your good wishes to our 19thrs! (and close to it). I got discharged a day late because they also wanted me to drink more liquids, so here we are ladies WE DID IT! My biggest complaint is being so tired, the pain isnt that bad and the incisions arent that bad just exhausted i guess....I did notice that when i told my husband the smell of his lunch wouldnt bother me it really didnt! I mean it smelled good but i didnt want to eat it...maybe a good sign? Hey still waiting to hear from the ones who havent posted yet?
  4. lil.ole.me

    finally HERE .. :)

    Dalal: Congrats to you!!! Keep us posted, sending my thoughts and prayers! :thumbup1:
  5. Well Friday night was my last night, me and the family went to outback and i had steak, lobster and an Apple Martini-ooo lala! The hubby (and kids) ordered a burger...at Outback REALLY probobaly better for the checkbook! Anyway, on my first day of liquid today...not so bad yet, just super busy at work, maybe thats helping.... Stcyt your gonna do GREAT this week, i can hear the motiviation in your words!! TiffisMajor THANK YOU for posting on You Tube, so many incomplete stories, i am glad you've decided to post the entire experience! We will all be posting on POST OP soon!! Whoo-hoo (doin the dance, doin the dance!)

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