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  1. I'm so excited but at the same time nervous, scared but very ready! Have the following questions: 1. I need to start my pre-op diet and was wondering what you ate during yours? 2. What are you able to take with you on the plane? 3. How long before you were able to drive? 4. What can I do to assure I have a speedy recovery? As the date gets closer...it seems I have all kinds of questions I appreciate your assistance! Liz
  2. Thank you Lan...I wish it was tomorrow already but at the same time I'm full of emotions.
  3. I have my surgery scheduled for April the 9th with Dr Almanza. Good luck as we start this new journey in our lives!
  4. FWLizzie

    Clear Liquid Phase

    Tiffy: Can you post something similar for the pre-op diet? I will print it and do the post op, thanks!!!
  5. Hi, I'm scheduled for surgery on 04/09 with Dr Almanza in Tijuana...is anyone else going? I would love to meet someone on this forum that will be there around that time. Question: My sister is going with me, what would she be doing for those 3 days...will she be bored? will I be so out of it to keep her company? If someone traveled with you, what did they while you were recovering? I just realized this afternoon that my date is a bit over three weeks...it is starting to be so real now!
  6. I'm glad to meet someone else that will be there around the same time. I just registered with obesityhelp.com and they have a Mexico Forum....There's another person that will be there the same day as you and another one that will be there the next day. So many Dr. Almanza patients there and they all have great things to say about him, check it out! Liz What is your name? So I'll know to look for you!
  7. Good afternoon everyone, I received my passport today and finally my family has accepted the idea of my surgery. Now, their concern and my as well, I will admit, is the recent violence in Mexico. For those who've had their surgery recently in Tijuana, can you please give me your opinion or experiences when you went there. I know the clinic is close to the border bridge but just wondering if you experience or observed any kind of violence.
  8. Thank you, makes me feel better. My whole family is worried about it and again trying to talk me out of doing it. I'm going regardless of what they say. I am soooo excited! and a bit nervous of course.
  9. FWLizzie

    Help? Fraud going On?

    I felt the same way. It seems that if you don't choose the same doctor as other, for some reason they make you feel like you made the wrong choice. I researched who I'll be going to and feel comfortable with my decision. All the doctor wars are horrible as we are already confused and don't need any more drama. If people are happy with their surgeon, fine but don't go acting as a salesperson in trying to convince everyone else to do the same. The way I look at it...we should all be supportive of the end result...and that's it. Good luck to you, have no idea who your surgeon is but I wish you the best and a speedy recovery.
  10. Anyone else for 04/09? Would love to get to know someone else doing it around the same time so we can be supportive to each other. Please let me know!
  11. Thank you Russell and good luck to you and Sonia!
  12. FWLizzie

    Passport Fears!

    I did, it was a bit expensive but I was afraid it wouldn't get here on time.
  13. FWLizzie

    Passport Fears!

    I applied for mine on 03/08 and received it today! My sister applied for hers last week and the passport system shows that its being processed. Good luck to you!
  14. I decided to go with Dr Almanza but my surgery is not scheduled till 04/09/10. Good luck to you!
  15. I feel the same way as 2be4me...I am Mexican and speak both languages, when I did my research and after speaking to different coordinators I decided to go with Dr Almanza. I know how the system works and in my personal opinion, the surgeons know you will pay more if they make it more comfortable or prettier so they will add a substantial amount to the surgery. They feel we will believe that if it costs more then it means it might be better. Not once have I told any of them that I speak Spanish and everyone has been very nice, informative and helpful. My surgery is scheduled for the 9th of April and feel at peace with my decision to go with Dr Almanza, Good luck to you!
  16. FWLizzie

    Today is the day!

    I'm glad your surgery went well. Mine is 3 weeks away and I am so excited!
  17. FWLizzie

    Passport Fears!

    If you have not received your passport and you are traveling soon, you can contact them and they can help you. You can also check the status on travel.state.gov. I just checked the status of mine and it gave me a date of when mine will be mailed out. My sister went to Mexico last year and she just showed them the receipt; however, they are now asking for the passport as you cross to Mexico so make sure you contact the passport office.
  18. Wow, the most people have to do is 2 weeks. My doctor only said 3 days but I will do it for 2 weeks. I think you will be fine...remember it will also be a month before you can eat after surgery.
  19. I have been praying, saving and researching for so long that I am so ready for the surgery. I have my surgery scheduled for 04/09 with Dr Almanza in Tijuana and am very excited but my family is not as supportive. They're afraid that something will happen to me while there. I am a single parent as my husband passed away 5 years ago and see my surgery as an investment in my life as well as my kids lives....but I also understand why my family feels the way they feel. What can I do or say to make them feel more at ease?
  20. Thank you ladies for your kind words. I know they love me and they are just afraid that something will go wrong. I'm excited and ready to go ahead with it. I'm so glad I found this forum!!!
  21. I will be starting my 2 week pre-op diet in a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone has tried this shakes. It has 0 sugar and trans fats and 260 calories with 40mg of Protein. Is this good? Please give me other suggestions as I am new to this. Will be having surgery at the Tijuana location with Dr Almanza on 04/09...anyone else?
  22. FWLizzie


    I'm getting the sleeve. I've been researching, saving, praying it for a long time and now I'm ready! Good luck!
  23. FWLizzie


    I dont but I will have surgery with him on April 09th...I am so nervous...where in Texas do you live? I live in Fort Worth....When are you having your surgery?

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