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  1. glad you are finally home... as a nurse i am surprised that the doctor did not know to do this stitch at the time of surgery.... i guess he/she will not make that mistake again. i guess the extra time with out food helped with the weight loss???? so glad you are doing better

  2. well girls it really is hard to feel your pain... i still long for the day. you are both so encouraging to me. tiffany even last night while i was at work i was looking at you before and after pictures on the computer. i had the after picture up when one of my co workers said who is that... i said one of my online friends... my co worker said "she is hot." sorry that you are frustrated today... but also looking forward to the day i am trying to eat vs trying not to eat. kelly

  3. wonderful update. though i have not had my surgery yet... my mom is about 6 weeks out and i see in her "the down in the dumps" though she is always positive when i ask. the spark is alittle dim. though what i have read is that does get better. congrats on the weight loss. that has to be exciting. i love the thought of lossing 22 lbs. kelly

  4. tiff.. so sorry. i am one of those blessed with a wonderful mother and now am a mother to a beautiful daughter. so sorry that you have hurts from that relationship. cyber hugs. i pray that God will meet you and minister to you and your mom. that some day your relationship will have a testimony of God's grace and healing. in the mean time let those that love you and cherish you hold you up. thanks for all your kind words on this forum. you surely are a ray of sunshine to many of us. we love you!!!

  5. thanks for all your support. i so look forward to the journey. i spend so much time on this forum and looking at before and after photos. i have even dreamed of issues related to the sleeve. so my mind is thinking even when i am sleeping. regarding my baby's birth. i have had infertility issues for the past 13 years. not weight related but related to an autoimmune disease. in the end after years of trying every thing and having multiple miscarries we sought our a gestational carrier for our children. my daughter is now 5 1/2 months old and our new baby will be born the end of august. i am totally in love. when i think about my children i just do not want them to witness my struggle with obesity. i know food will always have to be monitored but my relationship with food will be more normal i think with the sleeve. as for timing. i hope to have the sleeve the first week of august. if all works out i will have surgery about two to three weeks before our new baby arrives and hope to be feeling better by that point. i will then continue my recovery from surgery as i am also on maternity leave from my work. with having surgery i will also be able to use up my big bank of sick time and not use my vacation time on my maternity leave. so i think that is a great plan. at this time i am planning on going to dr aceves for my surgery since i have a bmi of 31.8 and will be self pay. i am a nurse and never thought i would consider mexico. i did talk to a doctor in tucson and he said i would not even qualify for his program. point blank. so for surgery in tucson i would need to wait for several years and more weight gain and more comorbidities..... that just seems crazy!!! i have 70-75 lbs to loose. and i have been on some kind of diet it seems my whole life.... well at least planning some sort of diet. the more i read of dr aceves and his program in mexicalli i get more convinced he is the doctor for me. i love that he has so many patients on this board that highly recommend him and from what i can find on my own research a great reputation and wonderful surgical stats. so that is that. thanks again for your support. kelly

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