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  1. I will tell you my secret……I don’t obsess over it!! Lol…..I don’t weigh myself every day and when I want something to eat, I eat it. It’s so nice to be lighter on my feet.
  2. Marci

    Before & After Pics

  3. Can you put lemon in your Water? I have a kidney stone and I read on the internet that if I put lemon in my water it helps break it up but I'm not sure if it's good for me. I've had this kidney stone for a week now and can't get it to move. Had a CT scan and it's small enough to pass but nothing is helping. I have drank so much water that I feel like I'm going to float!! :thumbup1: All I want to do is get it to move and if lemon is a way to do it I want to try it but I don't want to upset my stomach either. Arrrgggghhhhh......
  4. Marci

    Staple Removal

    Motherof4, I had my staples removed by Dr. Jay & they took every other one out the 1st week & then the rest of the staples out the following week. You can't feel them. Don't get worked up about it. You'll be fine!!
  5. Marci

    Why am I hungry.

    I have no suggestions for you. I'm right there with you. These past 2 weeks have been the worst 2 weeks ever. My head says I'm hungry but my stomach says no you're not!! It's a constant battle but reading everyone else's post gives me the power I need to get thru this. Hang in there girl.....we can do this!!
  6. I was on a 1 week clear liquid preop diet & after the 2nd day it was fine. My surgeon let me have 4 Protein shakes a day. Hang in there, you can do this!! My surgeon told me that when he gets in & cuts you open & your liver has not shrunk, he sews you back up & sends you on your way without doing the procedure. I also had another lady on here tell me her surgeon did that to her too. Just be careful not to ruin this great gift you've been given to do the surgery. I was once a smoker & I can't even imagine doing both at the same time but hang in there girl. We're all cheering you on!!
  7. Marci

    when is coffee allowed...?

    My doctor told me I could have it 6 weeks after surgery. He said I could have decaf right now but it's not as good. Lol...
  8. Marci

    Protein Ideas......

    Where do you get Chike?
  9. Oh Mini-Me, I'm super excited for you too!! I am sending my prayers. Good luck & keep us posted!!
  10. First off, CONGRATS!! This is exciting. I was sleeved on Jan. 14th & feel great. A little exhausted here & there but doing wonderful. The day of my surgery I woke up @ 4:00am, sat & cried in the bathroom by myself, said a couple of prayers & then that was it. I knew I was doing the right thing. I am so glad that I didn't back out of this. I can already tell the awesome feeling in my step & my husband is already telling me how wonderful I'm looking. (I know, he's only being supporative but it makes me feel better.) Hang in there girl!! It's going to go awesome & you're going to LOVE it. I'm already saying a prayer for you. I'm excited for you & can't wait to hear from you after you're up & running. Keep us posted!!
  11. Well I'm home. Things were not good yesterday but seems to be better today. I am walking every 45 minutes like the doc says & sipping Water too. I think they gave me some hardcore meds for the 3 hour drive home yesterday so it took it awhile to wear off. All is well though. I can feel the gas inside me but nothing to bad. Yesterday my lefter shoulder blade was killing me but now it's a lot better this morning. It's hard to sip because you feel all that gas swirling around but I'm getting it down. I'm just excited to get past this week & feel a lot better. Welcome to the loser bench!!! :thumbup1:
  12. Well, I?m scheduled to be at the hospital at 7:30 tomorrow morning for my surgery. I thought I would be freaking out right now but actually I'm ready to go to bed so we can get going. :ohmy: I can't wait to meet you all on the 'loser bench'. Prayers are ALWAYS excepted!! :001_tongue: ~Marci
  13. Marci


    Welcome & congrats on your surgery date!! I have been on my clear liquid preop diet since last Thursday. Just keep in mind that after the 2nd days it gets better. Did you go directly through the doctor's office to get scheduled? The reason I ask is because I went through TLC Edge and I haven't met my surgeon yet either & I'm scheduled for surgery this Thursday. I meet him tomorrow. (of course I have been obsessive about researching him) Dr. Nicholson was an option for me to us as my surgeon also. Anyway, good luck with your preop diet & your surgery. You are doing the right thing!! You'll be healthier than ever.....hang in there girl.
  14. Marci

    NSV shout outs

    I'm scheduled for surgery next Thursday & this thread makes me want to do this more than ever now!! You all are awesome. I love getting on here every day & reading what you all have to say. All of you are such an inspiration. I cannot wait until I can share something like this!! Congrats to ALL of you for such a great job!!
  15. Marci

    Cravings & Hunger

    I start my preop diet tomorrow and not sure how I'm going to pull this off. I'm already hungry thinking about it...lol....I'm glad that I start it on a Thursday. At least most of it's over the weekend.

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