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  1. lauramomof3

    All of a sudden, I'm a wimp?

    hey girl, haven't seen you on here very much. must be too busy trying to do hubby jobs... lol just kidding. you both want to help each other out. why don't you do it together the chores and all. say to him, i really enjoy mowing the grass. why don't i mow tonight and you weed eat. you probably love to mow because you can't hear anyone say anything to you and you can think about your life and what is different about it. your energy level is high now too. we have had all of that bottled up for so long because we didn't really feel like cleaning, mowing, working, taking care of our families but we did it because we had too. now we feel so good and have so much energy we have to get it out somehow. just try to let it go and put that energy into something else. do the chores together if you can find a happy medium. good luck and talk soon. call me. would love to hear your voice again..
  2. lauramomof3


    hey when was your surgery? how many days out are you? i pretty much stayed on track with my diet up til i was on soft foods. but i will be honest my doctor advances your diet pretty quickly. he advances alot quicker than some doctors out there. good luck and just try your best. that is all you can do. i wish that i had read this before you had dinner,but take the mashed potatoes and water them down a bit so they will fit into your diet plan right now. you can do this girl..
  3. lauramomof3


    mine are going south also. life a deflated tire!! they are awfull and so are the legs and tummy!! i hate them so bad and i don't want to have plastic surgery because they say it is so painfull..
  4. good luck girl. keep us posted with how it goes.
  5. congrats wheatthin to making a great decision that will change your life forever and christie good luck in the am. i know you will be so happy in a few weeks or so. keep us posted.
  6. lauramomof3


    yes girl have a safe trip and just remember to breathe!!! take some nice deep breaths while around your mother. if she gets under your skin, go take a long walk. walking is always good...
  7. lauramomof3


    oh my. hope you get to feeling better soon so you can come home to the states. just keep head up and be patient. i am sure they are taking very good care of you.. i will be thinking of you and hoping you get better soon..
  8. that is so funny. girl go buy you some new pants. you deserve to have a new pair of jeans. buy them a little snug so they might last a little longer. good luck finding some in your length.
  9. lauramomof3

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    i am 3 1/2 months out and i weighed 210 this am. which i have been at now for 3 weeks. so i am so sick of these stalls that i keep having. wish i could just keep losing weight but i am afraid that my body is done losing. i eat hardly nothing and i still don't loose!! hw 284, sw 266, cw 210. i wish that my body would make up it's mind. please help...
  10. lauramomof3

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    well for some reason i am just stuck!!! i am only 3 months out and i currently only lose 3-4# a week if that. it is so frustrating. on monday i weighed 214.2# and then this morning i weighed 215. what the hell. i am so sick of this weight loss up and down!!! i can't just seem to figure all of this out and what my body is wanting and not wanting. please help me Lord!!
  11. lauramomof3

    Took Measurements today

    Wow mini me. You are doing great! Keep up the good work..
  12. lauramomof3

    My Journey

    good luck. you will love the sleeve when you have it done. it is the best thing that i have ever done for myself and my family. keep us up dated on your progress.
  13. lauramomof3

    Is chewing gum a problem after sleeve?

    i was also told to avoid chewing gum because of air, but i have chewed some already. usually chew after just having my meals just in case it is true about the air and filling my tummy up with air. i also suck on peppermints. i would probably just do breath mints for quite some time. give that tummy a chance to heal.
  14. lauramomof3

    I'm losing my hair!!!!!

    well i am almost 12 wks out and my hair was already thin and right now it is just getting thinner. can see my scalp in and conditioner from sally's called nioxin. i was using merells vitamins but my hair dresser suggested the bioxin, she said it works better. will try that. right now it is not coming out by chucks. thinking about getting some extension. even asked my husband what he thought about some dreadlocks for fun!!!!
  15. has anyone else experienced being sick so much since surgery!!! i have had a virus about 2 weeks ago- diarhea and vomiting. now i have a head cold/flu that is making me feel so drained. i can't drink hardly anything or eat because my throat is so sore. i am really sabatoging my weight loss. i didn't feel like exercising today due to this cold. i have no energy!! does any one have any ideas. also should i start taking some extra vitamin C? i don't want to keep getting colds and viruses just because my immune system is weak. please help!!:eek::sad0::frown1:
  16. lauramomof3

    have been sickly!@!

    well i am going to the doctor on monday cause my head cold is not any better and mucous is green-yellow. i don't feel good at all. was on the go all day long today so i am really tired tonight.
  17. when i ate pizza a few weeks ago and it just wouldn't go down without hurting me so i just picked the toppings off and just ate that. it was still good and would probably do it again seeing how i can't eat hardly any bread products. go figure. it hurts all the way down..
  18. lauramomof3


    yes snow thanks for the excellent post about all of the differnt plateaus we all are going through. after do many diapointments with weight loss how could you not be dpressed about no loss in weeks!!!
  19. lauramomof3

    3 month pics

    Congrats!! you are looking amazing. keep it up girl!!
  20. I think the biggest thing is to quit stressing. I was counting every morsel that went into my mouth and kept hitting stalls. When I went on vacation, ate just a bit of whatever was served, quit writing everything down, let myself be happy, and kept telling myself that I LOVE ME and this is finally gonna work - the weight started MELTING off. In fact, it's going so fast now, I'm starting to get a bit scared. I've lost 42lbs of the 77 lbs in just the last 6 weeks since I've been on vacation. It works if you stop stressing and just LET it work. =) Your only job is to start telling yourself over and over that THIS IS GOING TO WORK, that you are BEAUTIFUL, that you LOVE yourself, and that you need to be HAPPY, THIN, STRONG, and HEALTHY in order to survive. I do this mental re-programming about 5 times a day, and the weight is just falling off. :thumbup1: __________________ wow that sounds like a really great plan. i stress over every little bite that i put into my mouth. i stress at the grocery store trying to buy food for me. i am really tired of worring over every little morsel!!!! i will just let the sleeve take over and do the work for me.. thanks josephine
  21. lauramomof3

    I am 64 and have lost 100 pounds

    i can tell you right now thinoneday: we will all have set backs. i have eaten sf ice cream. i don't eat it everyday like i use too,but there are days i just need a few bites. today i was so stressed at work today over my 15 yr old son-he got into trouble at school/ that i went out to a .25 cent candy machine a got a handfull of peanut m&m's. i knew afterward i shouldn't have but the head stress go to me. i felt so guilty afterward i wanted to go throw it up,but didn't. just chalked it up as a bad bad day!!!

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