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    Michael, Haydon and I at the braves game in Atlanta.

    thanks. it has been an amazing journey. one that has been the best journey i have taken since being pregnant.
  2. so today at work we had a celbrate vitamin rep at the new pharmacy that opened up at our hospital. he told me that the vitamins that i am taking are not what my body needs. i am so confused and don't know what to do. we take a multi vites-gummy-by vitafusion that we found at sam's warehouse. i can't swallow a huge capsule. my calcium is also one that has carbonate in them from gnc. i chew up 4 waffers everyday in hopes of getting some calcium in my body. help me get unconfused. also the bariatric coordinator that took over the first one that i had in dec. wants to see me in her office to discuss my vitamins, nutrition and just to seat with me and i guess go over somethings since my surgery. i haven't sat down with anyone except my doctor and his nurse since my surgery. go figure. that is where chattanooga,tn is lacking in there wls program. i don't know how others are feeling about the support in the wls team but we need more in this area. it is great in the beginning when you are trying to get appoved but once the surgery is over, well basically you are on your own. again help me. tell me what you guys are doing for calcium and multi vit.?
  3. lauramomof3

    All of a sudden, I'm a wimp?

    hey girl, haven't seen you on here very much. must be too busy trying to do hubby jobs... lol just kidding. you both want to help each other out. why don't you do it together the chores and all. say to him, i really enjoy mowing the grass. why don't i mow tonight and you weed eat. you probably love to mow because you can't hear anyone say anything to you and you can think about your life and what is different about it. your energy level is high now too. we have had all of that bottled up for so long because we didn't really feel like cleaning, mowing, working, taking care of our families but we did it because we had too. now we feel so good and have so much energy we have to get it out somehow. just try to let it go and put that energy into something else. do the chores together if you can find a happy medium. good luck and talk soon. call me. would love to hear your voice again..
  4. lauramomof3

    100+ Pound Club

    i love my sleeve. i would do it again tomorrow. i have lost 106# pretty slowly but it keeps coming off. don't know how because i still have a battle going on with food. i am worse in the evenings after a long day at work. i eat really good at work, stay on my meals with maybe a container of yogurt after lunchtime, then when i get home i eat things that i shouldn't. i would like to just slap myself silly. oh well so much for the guilt trip down food lane.. some days are better than others. the last few nights when i have wanted something i have reached for a protein shake, tonight i reached for a scoop of ice cream and a few cheeze it. bad laura.. well anyway-good night fellow sleevers. hope you guys are doing better with food than i am..
  5. lauramomof3


    i have had some hair loss. i already had very thin hair but girls at work the other day told me that they couldn't tell that i had lost any of my hair. i have been getting in my protein. taking biotin and using the hair growth shampoo from pretty much 2 months. i also am a hair stylist and found out about aeropur thicket. it is a product you put on wet hair and then blow dry it. ask your hair stylist to get you guys some. it has made all of the difference in my style and making my hair look thick and have volume... good luck and it will come back don't worry. that is the price we have to pay in order to be heathy...
  6. lauramomof3

    Oneder woman!!!

    wow to everyone. that is awesome. Gary your numbers are very impressive. look at you go man. you must be very pleased.. i usually tell the truth about what is happening to me because there might be someone out there that has thought about wls and just don't know anyone or anything about the surgery. if i can help or inspire someone to take the leap of courage off of the diet rollercoaster then so be it. i am a very open book person anyway. i guess that comes with working in the medical field. i wouldn't be able to keep this a secret. i hope you guys that are keeping it a secret can and will. you have more will power than me. good luck to all of you sleevers..
  7. i love this protein powder but i have to mix mine with milk. i usually don't have to add anything else to it unless i just want an added flavor. it is great without anything else added. you should try it. tonight i mixed one scoop of powder with a little of the sf instant breakfast with it. that made it so much more chocalate. i was craving something sweet. good luck
  8. lauramomof3

    Surgery Secrecy

    well i have told just about everyone. when asked on facebook when i post pics some people ask how i have been losing weight and i tell them. i am like the other person on here, if i can inspire someone to have this surgery and help them be healthy then i will. i also have been an inspiration to a co-worker of mine. she just had the surgery this past monday and she is doing fab. good luck to each and everyone of you. there are going to be people that are negative about it because they don't have the courage and the want to give up food. again, good luck..
  9. lauramomof3

    Day 2 post op

    hello there. i am 8 months out and i still experience the gurgle noises. it is very nausating at times but it does get better. just keep doing what you have been and you are going to do great..
  10. Hello to everyone, My name is Laura Phillips, I am from Lafayette, Ga and I was sleeved back in December on the 8 th, 2009. While I didn't plot everyone of my weight losses and I do regret that. If I was to do this over again that would be the only thing that I would do different. I would take a picture and write down how much I weighed and how much I loss in a month. So if you are new and just recently sleeved I would suggest you do this just for your info. Just to see where you progress and where your most losses have been. I am 7 months out and while I didn't loose mine in 4 months, I have officially lost 100# which is just amazing to me. I have gone from a size 24/26 down to a 14/16. I can fit behind the steering wheel without my belly touching it or having to sit so far back that it is hard to reach the pedals!! I am also volunteering for different things at work that I have never done before. I will be competing in a dragon boat race next week to help one of the local children's hospital. I would never have done that 284# ago, just because I would be afraid that I would've sank the boat!!! I am getting use to being able to fit into a size 14/16 again. It has been years sine I wore that size. It has been 20 years to be exact. If there are new ones out there or ones contemplating having the surgery go for it babe. It has been the best thing that I have ever done just for myself. The self confidence is amazing that you get when you loose 100#. I feel so much better. Last year my husband and I went to an Atlanta Braves baseball game and barely fit into the seat. If we had to have gotten up really fast the seat would have went with us!! HaHa. But this year we both fit into the seat and still had room to spare. I have been meaning to post them on here because he had an rny 2 weeks after I had been sleeved so we have been doing this together. Again it has been amazing and I am so sorry that this was long. I also want to say that I have had no problems with my surgery or any major problems. I have had some reflux issues,but with some meds everyday it keeps it under control. I also had some dizziness problems at about 4 months and it just went away at about 6 months. It lasted about 1 1/2 to 2 months. I guess that was just my body getting use to things. The amount of weight I have lost, blood trying to equal out in my body and hormones trying to equal out too.
  11. lauramomof3

    100+ Pound Club

    I am in the 100+ club. I am 7 months out from being sleeved on 12-8-09. The day that has changed my life hopefully for the rest of my life!! It has been up and down's along on this journey that I have been on. I have gone weeks without any weight loss and then wake up one morning and will be down again 3-4 #. This damn sleeve is just amazing!! I have not been exercing like I should've been. It began in March when baseball season started. Then we started a garden during baseball season and then when that was done all of the fresh vegatables started coming in so just about every night since then we have been canning or freezing something. I want in my heart to get back to the gym but just don't have the time to do it for myself. I have 3 boys that keep me very busy when I am home. They are 15,10 and 7. I work 9-5 everyday and there are days I don't feel like doing anything but coming home to spend time with my family. I know poor pittifull me. I should go by the gym and do at least 30min. I know what I should be doing but it isn't happening yet. Well anyway congrats to everyone on here that has lost over 100#. That is such an awesome feeling to loose that much weight in such a small amount of time.. Good luck to everyone!!
  12. i love this shake. the banana cream and cookies and creme is really good too. this particular one is the only one that i can drink. i mkae mine now with skim milk and it is really good. i don't drink them real regular like i should but i drink them off and on. i get tired of them. i do feel better when i do drink one though and usually loose some weight with them!! good luck.
  13. well i love tuna salad, atkins Fiber bars, greek yogurt made by dannon-vanilla, bought some kashi Cereal to put in the yogurt just for some added crunch. grilled chicken with veggies-i can eat just about any veggie. just try a small amount of them. you should be fine to eat some veggies. the hardest thing for me to do is slow down eating. that has been the most difficult for me and my husband to learn. we still have problems with that. wish there was something i could do to stop this horrible habit. if anyone has any suggestions please help me.
  14. lauramomof3


    congrats girl. you have really worked this sleeve good. keeep up the great work.
  15. lauramomof3


    hey when was your surgery? how many days out are you? i pretty much stayed on track with my diet up til i was on soft foods. but i will be honest my doctor advances your diet pretty quickly. he advances alot quicker than some doctors out there. good luck and just try your best. that is all you can do. i wish that i had read this before you had dinner,but take the mashed potatoes and water them down a bit so they will fit into your diet plan right now. you can do this girl..
  16. Does anyone know about a doctor named Chris Sanborn? He is coming to the Chattanooga, Tn area from a military hospital in Kentucky. Please anyone knows about him I need to know asap!! I have already had my surgery ,but I have a friend of mine that is needing surgery. This doctor is coming to the Chattanooga area and we need to know what his surgery results have been. My friend is very scared about the surgery period and then having to use a new doctor over the one that has been doing surgery in the area well over 10 years. So if there is anyone that knows anything about this doctor please let me know..
  17. lauramomof3

    need to know about a physcian?

    thanks guys. he has been in practice since 1997. he got his medical degree in tennessee. i appreciate any and all advice i can't get.
  18. lauramomof3

    need to know about a physcian?

    he is coming from fort campbell in ky.
  19. lauramomof3

    Burp, burp, burp

    i don't burp but i do hic up alot after i eat. my husband had the gastric bypass dont and he does the same thing. i have not figured out what it is but wish someone would tell me.
  20. lauramomof3

    (some pics)proof you have to lift weights!

    thanks nikki for the info. great job on getting your arms to shrink. i haven't been able to go to the gym because my 2 youngest boys have been playing ball, planting and taking care of a garden,but i told my husband i am starting back tomorow. i haven't been since the end of march so i know i will have to build back up. i have been walking and taking the stairs but i am sure it is not like the eliptical trainer that i was able to do for 30 min. i have been really disappointed in me for not making the effort to get there. my gym is not open 24 hours a day!! well wish me luck and you look awesome..
  21. lauramomof3

    Hungry hungry hungry

    well it does get better,but i can snack on lots of different things and stuff i shouldn't be eating at all. i am also for right now losing weight. i am sure it is because of the little amount of food i can eat. i also drink about 64-70 oz of fluids a day. most days i only drink a protein shake or an atkins protein bar for breakfast. a lite lunch and then for dinner a nice size piece of meat with at least 2 veggies on the side. don't know if i am doing all of the right stuff but we will see. i also take some king of prilosec every day for the acid and hunger pains that i was feeling. i managed to loose 2 more pounds from yesterday to today. go figure. good luck girl and keep trying. it does get better..