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  1. hehehe you made me spit crystal lite. you're hilarious. omg, i'm so sorry for your woes but very glad you've got a working one now. i know all about mean scales that lie :thumbup:
  2. Josephine

    Pork rinds?

    Pork rinds were my first HAPPY PROTEIN find! Only mine are 250 cals, 33g protein for a small 45g bag. These are great for the munchies without feeling guilty. (I have chronic pain as a result of the lapband and take pain pills/medical THC for it)
  3. Josephine


    Add in 200 calories to your diet and start to think positively and tell yourself many times a day that you love yourself and you need to be thin, healthy, happy, and strong to survive in this world of predators.
  4. You have to get it taken care of right away. It will just get worse. Good luck hon.
  5. Josephine

    The noises

    Are you taking acid reducers?
  6. Josephine


    You're supposed to quit 3 months before surgery for optimal results, so I guess.. better put the pack away now. He will be able to tell if you're still smoking from your oxygen rate of absorption, and some surgeons.. most.. will cancel the surgery if that number is not above 95.
  7. I think the biggest thing is to quit stressing. I was counting every morsel that went into my mouth and kept hitting stalls. When I went on vacation, ate just a bit of whatever was served, quit writing everything down, let myself be happy, and kept telling myself that I LOVE ME and this is finally gonna work - the weight started MELTING off. In fact, it's going so fast now, I'm starting to get a bit scared. I've lost 42lbs of the 77 lbs in just the last 6 weeks since I've been on vacation. It works if you stop stressing and just LET it work. =) Your only job is to start telling yourself over and over that THIS IS GOING TO WORK, that you are BEAUTIFUL, that you LOVE yourself, and that you need to be HAPPY, THIN, STRONG, and HEALTHY in order to survive. I do this mental re-programming about 5 times a day, and the weight is just falling off. :thumbup1:
  8. Yes, order only a drink and an appetizer and tell them you're on a diet and watching your weight. If they're friends, they're probably used to you dieting. They will be chowing down and not caring what you aren't eating.
  9. Josephine


    The best thing that worked for me getting rid of all of the gas was to walk walk walk. I walked every night til it went away.
  10. Josephine


    Vitamins are VITAL to WLS patients or anyone on a diet of less than 1800 calories a day. There's no way to get in the nutrients we need on what we eat. Everyone should be taking a Multivitamin every morning with Breakfast and then AT LEAST 500mg Calcium citrate twice a day in addition to the calcium that we get from cheese and milk and yogurt. It doesn't hurt to add in a B12 supplement too. Sleevers especially, because of the acid reducers we take. Any excess B vitamins will be flushed out of your system and not absorbed, so you don't have to worry about getting too much. Don't take calcium with anything else, because the Iron and calcium fight for absorption. I wouldn't take extra Vitamin D, K, or iron unless your labs show a deficiency of them, because too much of those vitamins can cause problems.
  11. I do free weights/cardio at the same time 5 days a week. On the off days I just go for a bikeride or a stroll thru the park. :lol0:
  12. Sounds a lot like my experience only I suffered with pain for FOUR YEARS before I got my revision. I still experience pain since my port is still in. Mine is between my breasts and down and inch or so. They tried for 2 hrs to get it out. :lol0: And I had a LOT of pain there so I know they tried hard. They couldn't tell if it was encased in fat or stuck to my stomach or some adhesions or something but they're gonna look at it again after I lose a lot of weight. I had the lapband since Sept 04 and I've been in TONS of pain since November 05. They believe my body was rejecting and attacking the band and port and the fact they couldn't get the port out.. I'm still in excruciating pain.. it really has ruined my life. I have a masters and can't even work. Can't function without painpills.. :lol0: The lapband really did ruin my life. I feel like the sleeve is saving my life. 14 weeks out and 68lbs down. Can eat plenty, drink lots, and have NEVER PUKED. I feel like I've been saved. I'm sorry if I offend any lapbanders. Maybe it worked for you, but all it did was ruin my life. CONGRATS HON!!! Glad you feel better :lol0:
  13. Josephine

    Tell me the truth.

    I had fish, salad, and protein shakes. I did not cheat. Someone I know followed the diet perfect except for one mishap - eating bacon, eggs, and biscuits a couple days before surgery. Her liver cracked during surgery and she was out of work for 8 weeks recovering!
  14. I'm 14 weeks out from lapband to sleeve conversion and down 68lbs!!! I couldn't be happier!! No complications, except that they couldn't get the port out because the lapband sucks. :scared0: (Sorry to lapbanders, but the lapband ruined my life.)
  15. Just an update. 68lbs down in 14 weeks!!! Things are going great! This sleeve was just the push I needed. I'm drinking tons of water, eating well balanced meals, exercising, and telling myself I'm worth this and I love myself and I need to be lean and strong to survive. I'm trying to change my programming, and it's working!!! I <3 my sleeve!
  16. I went on vacation after I posted this. I haven't had access to a scale cause my mother doesn't allow one in this house. Jumped on one at walmart and I'm down to 306 =) Happy to see the scale moving again! And yes.. my clothes are falling off of me.. luckily I have a lot in smaller sizes too!! Thanks everyone!!!
  17. I literally have tears in my eyes right now and I'm so scared for you. People on this board don't jump on people for their bad food choices. But eating that stuff after just a few days out is so scary, people are really worried about you. I'm REALLY worried because you haven't posted again in this thread. If you're not ready for this surgery that's fine... you can go back to eating that stuff, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wait a few weeks until you're healed. The wrong choices in the first couple weeks can kill you :confused1:
  18. Hey, I'm scheduled to have the VSG on Oct 2, 2009. My surgeon makes a 300ml sleeve. Almost 10 ozs. Does that seem like a lot to you? How big was your sleeve?
  19. Josephine

    Drainage, Leakage and Staples?

    That glue is great. Promotes faster healing, but of course it costs more than stitches so not all hospitals use it.
  20. Josephine

    Hello :)

    Yeah I'm so ready for this amazing journey, but 10 ozs seems like a lot. European surgeons tend me be more conservative. I'll just have to work harder, I guess. But I'm seeing this as a good thing, I'll be able to get in more Protein to fuel my 2-3 hr workouts I have planned daily. =) I'm trying to look at it in perspective, a normal person can easily hold 33 ozs (1 liter).. most can even hold 132 ozs (4 liters, 1 gallon) if they push it (Thanksgiving?).. so 10 ozs I can work with. =) I'll just have to be extra dilgent about keeping away from the naughty carbs and sticking to the good ones (Beans, lentils, veggies, fruit).... after my protein of course =)

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