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  1. I am just checking in. I haven't been on in quite awhile. I am still at 175 lbs and holding. I stopped loosing on purpose. I was looking like adeflated baggie. My skin is adjusting better now. OR< I am getting used to the "look". hahaha anyway, I am happy and healthy and doing Tai Chi and loviing life. It is very easy for me to maintain my weight loss. the sleeve is still a great tool for me to keep my weight down. When I am ready to loose the next 20, I will start using the p...

  2. hello, ssaw your post about your Mom.

    How much was that procedure?

    Is she happy?

    Was the recovery long?

    Can I E-chat with her?



  3. Hi, I will try to pull some"chat type " meeting together. I do not know how to do it. I will ask Tiffy and get back to ya.

  4. Hey, You look G R E A T !!! working that sleeve. Are you still doing the protein? My weight loss has slowed down considerably. I think it is because I got REAL tired of the protein drinks. I jusst kinda started eating what ever I wanted, in small amounts of course. Plus I have gotten so darn "baggy" looking I think I wanted to stop loosing for awhile and let my skin catch up? A little self sabotage? anyway am back on the protein once a day at least. Just wanted to know what/how you were doig it.

    Thanks, Carolyn

  5. Lady B; I think all diets work. While you are on them. Then~~~~. I have been on almost every diet possible. I loose great. I gain it all back greater. The sleeve is my hope/chance to loose it and keep it off. I believe it is a life long tool for me to live a "normal" life at a "normal" weight, and still be healthy.

  6. Hi, You are in my neck of the woods! Welcome. I will be happy to help you. What do you want to know first?

    I think from reading your posts it is how to make a decision.

    So, I will answer that first.

    Read alot of the threads on here.

    Take your time. Post questions when you have them regarding what you read. Do not dwell on the negatives.

    This operation is major surgery. It is a serious life changing event.

    Make sure you are ready for it. Emotionally mentally physically.

    Do you have a support system? ( Mom Dad Friends?)

    We can be part of your support group. We are all here 24~7.


    I love this board. I love my sleeve.


    Be patient with yourself, don't try to do this all on one day. Give yourself the gift of time to really decide.

    The sleeved stomach is a TOOL for weight loss. Weight loss will not happen like a magic pill. You do have to take some responsibility for USING the tool.

    OK, that is probably too much info for the first effort.:001_rolleyes:




  7. Hi Doris,

    Welcome to VST. You will get lots of info and positive support here. This is a great group.

    Are you just starting your research into VSG, or WLS in general?

    Try cruzing the pre-op threads. Many of your concerns and questions will be answered there.

    There are so many different threads on here now. Can get alittle confusing. If you clik on the forums tab it will take you to a screen where youcan scroll down and find an thread that interests you.

    I am NOT discouraging you in the least for posing your questions. I just want you to get lots of answers back, and if you are in the right thread you will get a much better response.

    PM me any time.

    I do not know how to post pictures or get in the chat room here. I am not real tec savy. Sigh. oh well

    Keep posting


  8. Hey Tiffy, I thought you were going to get a new "short" hair do? I love the attitude in the hat~~just wondering if you got the new cut.


  9. Hi how is it going? are you back/done yet?

  10. how are you doing? are you drinking ---sipping your liquids? Pain ok? walking?

  11. Katrina, I will go tothe WLS meeting at Kaiser Jan 9, 2010. I did not get message intime to go to Dec. (darn) Hope I see you there. It will be interesting! Carolyn

  12. Gingin: I owe you an apology. I went back and re-read your Response and your surgery date. Mine was a month before yours. They most certainly could have changed procedures by then. I am sorry. I will post this apology on the main board if you want.

    Please know, that I was very upset about the NJsleever post. I felt like I had been caught in a fraud and it really pissed me off. I did not mean to include you in that deal. I find when I get angry like that I do not read to clearly or post the most accurately. I need to back off here and just address the "what can I eat type issues". Again I am sorry I included you in my response to NJsleever.

  13. Donna, love to rant with you. anytime!

    I called Medina again, she is still not out of hospt. I do not believe she wants to hear from me anymore. She is so angry. She knows I did not do anything to her, but just the fact I am doing so well and she is not.~~~~ Poor woman. There is nothing I can do.

  14. Tiffy, I think the picture of you in the Christmas party dress is much better than this one. I think it is the clothes. The red sweater makes you look like you are wearing your Mom's clothes. You know, a little too big and a little to old style. I know the sweater is probably new, it is just how it is coming across in the photo. The dress makes you look adorable. Post that one on facebook and see what your Brother sez. I think with you, the extra skin is an issue. Loosing more weight will not loose the extra skin. You may be loosing the muscle tone you have worked so hard to get. Your face is so cute, and your chest/upper neck area are great. Legs are good too. You do not want any more bones showing. Just keep up the good work at the gym. Keep feeling good. As long as you are showing the happy healthy girlie you are~they will get on the program soon enough. You do NOT LOOK SICKLY ! YOU DO LOOK HOT! Now, stop obsessing and go get John and have some fun.

  15. Donna, I am sorry you took the rant I was on about our medical care system possibly changing to "obama" care as a atack on Canidaian Medical care. That was not my intent at all. I do not want our government to go to ONLY the type of care you enjoy. There is no reason to force people into that type of system. That was the point I was so piss~poorly trying to make.

  16. Donna, I made a mistake and posted a message to you on the general board. I am sorry. Here it is again, Please stay at the Hotel and I hope you go to the new Hospital. With your Daughter and Sister. THe infections are rife coming out of TJ. I cannot believe all the posts. Scarey. Dr. B should go back tousing the Hotel and I wish Dr. A would go to using glue and tape like Dr. Aceves. I know cost is a factor, but, for the hassle of having no stiches to remove it would be worth it. anyway I do wish you the best of course. I just forgot about PM.

  17. Shirley, have your read the infection posts? What is Dr. B doing about this? Would he consider going back to using the hotel? Yikes, I cannot refer anyone while this is going on. Please answer on private message.

  18. Hi, Donna haven't heard form you for a while. Just checking in. How are you doing,? I know you hit Onderland. Yea. I am 16 lbs from it in a dogonne stall. I will make it by Christmas. How is your daughter doing? My friend from Saskatoon is here with me in CA right now. I am glad I did not give you her phone number , she is VERY resistant to this, except she is so happy for the results I am getting. She is on a diet now. (sigh) I love her to the ends of the earth. Ijsut hate to see anyone struggle so hard. And, I know the long term results! Anyway, wanted to say Hi.

    Medina has not called me back. I sent a card.

  19. Hi, I just saw this message. Sorry about the delay in responding. I forget to come here to chek messages. I like Dr. Almanza just fine. He is a well qualified Dr. in my opinion. He is certainly the lowest cost surgeon I found in all my research. I think you will have a good experience there. It is a no frills kind of place. The people make it the best caring experience. Are you taking anyone with you? If you are not, please get to know Shirley (by phone) and have her be your personal care advocate. She will gladly help you along and explain things step by step. She is in San Diego but is in touch with the clinic many times daily. Good luck on your journey. I will remembr to come in here more often.

  20. congratulations Bob! Huge milestone. Cool tat. Keep up the good work sleeve buddie!

  21. That is the last time you will see pictures of that girl. You are about to C H A N G E girl! So corageous of you to do thoes picts. I had not that courage, however, I do have a pict on my desk at a graduation I attented in May. Full view shot with my god daughter, and man oh man is it an eye opener. I kinda wanna put on thoes same clothes now and have a shot taken. Before I give thoes clothes away to goodwill. I am only 5 weeks post op. So, keep up the good work. I will be watching for your posts!

  22. Ky.hen, did you meet Donnaincalifornia.at Dr. Aceves? I have not seen any posts from her since she was pre op. Just wondering if she went thru with it and how she is doing.

  23. Hey Donna, I have not seen a post from you since your surgery. How are you doing? I am in Anaheim Ca.

  24. Ruthi,

    I am up for that. Do you get to the O.C. at all? How about Huntington Beach pier! you would look good strutting the pier in a size 10 anything. I am still a size 16/18 so I will make you look tiny. I do not mind, as this is only temporary and I am actually happy to be down to this size. I am gonna celebrate a size 14. We could have some soup and walk the peir and visit the shops? You can probably have wine, I cannot yet. Which is ok with me I am loving my teas. Saturday at 1 P.M. ?

  25. Ruthi, you are in my area! I am in Anaheim.

    Your weight loss slow down could be due to building muscle? I want the weight to just fall off like it did for Susan. LOL anyway I know I am getting smaller even when the scale does not move.